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Prayers for Sean Noble

Prayers for Sean Noble

Please keep our good friend, Sean Noble, and his family in prayer. Sean was injured and hospitalized over the weekend after a car accident. We are told he suffered some serious injuries but will recover.

According to fellow blogger, Greg Patterson at Espresso Pundit in his daily “Morning Shot,”

“Republican Strategist and former Shadegg Chief of Staff Sean Noble was seriously injured in a car accident on Friday night.

Noble lost control of his car while driving down a mountain late Friday night after a youth conference. His car flipped, and Sean had to crawl back up to the road and flag someone down.

He is scheduled to be released from he ICU today then he’s supposed to be in the hospital for one week, then at home for 6 weeks. Our prayers are with Sean and his family.”

Sean writes for one of ourĀ favorite blogs, Noble Thinking, and is the former Chief of Staff to Congressman John Shadegg. He has also worked on numerous campaigns and is one of a handful of political geniuses in Arizona.

Please pray for Sean’s speedy recovery.


  1. Prayers not only for Sean, but for the continued recovery of his daughter from her recent back surgery.

  2. Joe Gonzales says

    A serious car accident is quite a separate thing from “political geniuse.” We certainly wish Sean a speedy and full recovery. However, Sean and his Wake Up Arizona! crowd faired extremely poorly in the 2008 legislative elections.

    Get well soon Sean! Hurry back and pick some more winners like Kevin Gibbons, Tony Bouie and Doug Spisito. We need your geniuse back in the game.

  3. tiny Elvis says

    Joe –

    You sir, are an ass and a troll. What you fail to recognize is that the 2 campaigns Sean ran – Shadegg and Prop 102 – did extremely well.

    A quick internet search of the WakeUpArizona! board member list shows that Noble is not, nor has ever been a member of the Coalition. He may affiliate with many in that “crowd”, but if you’re going to be an ass you can at least use better logic to justify your comments.

    By the way, the singular form is “genius”, not “geniuse”.

  4. Ricky Maldanado says

    “he may affiliate with many in that crowd…” No, he DOES, not “may.”

    Nobody said anything about Wake Up Arizona! board of directors, nice red herring though. Noble just affiliates with alot of them frequently. Noble has a lot more in common with Wake Up Arizona! then he does with the Republican Platform.
    Noble, Lisa James, John Shadegg, Nathan Sproul, John McCain, Kevin Gibbons, Tony Bouie, the whole open borders crowd is outnumbered by the 75% of Arizona voters who pass anti-illegal alien ballot measures every election day. They aren’t having much success turning the party left, as much as they would like to. What a g-e-n-i-u-s!

    Go Rob Haney and Randy Pullen! Two more winners against Noble endorsements.

  5. Frank Coz says

    DSW – Close this thread for comments.

  6. Ricky Maldanado says

    r-e-a-l man of genuis. I know there’s gotta be a song in there somewhere.

    Oh erase my border….

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