PR: Bradley Beauchamp Launches Digital Campaign

Bradley Beauchamp



Bradley Beauchamp, the Republican candidate aiming to take back CD-1 from Ann Kirkpatrick, is launching a new Internet campaign to kick off the New Year. For months, Beauchamp has been gathering support for his campaign in one of Arizona’s largest districts. With his digital campaign in full effect, Beauchamp is now able to connect with voters everyday, no matter where they live.

“The digital campaign will be waged on several fronts, including a new website, online newsletter, blogs, videos, and through social media tools,” said campaign manager Erik Stauber. “People in the district and across the state will be able to connect with Mr. Beauchamp’s mission to defend freedom, defend the Constitution, and defend the American Dream.”

Contacting the campaign has never been easier, and information about Beauchamp’s positions are online. Using his website,, people will be able to sign up for Mr. Beauchamp’s newsletter, make contributions, access his Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, as well as view his upcoming events.

“I travel throughout the district to speak with concerned citizens directly, which is more than I can say for Ann Kirkpatrick,” said Mr. Beauchamp. “Utilizing our strong digital approach, everyone can see what we’re doing to bring jobs and real representation back to Arizona’s first Congressional district.”


Bradley Beauchamp is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and a former government and civics teacher in Globe, Arizona. After several years in the classroom, he pursued his desire to study the Constitution in more depth by earning his J.D. at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He returned to Globe after graduation to practice law in the First Congressional District of Arizona.


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