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Eric Wnuck

For Immediate Release: October 13, 2009
Contact: Eric Wnuck

Eric Wnuck in Washington Fighting Baucus Bill

Washington, DC—Scottsdale business owner and District 5 Congressional candidate Eric Wnuck is in Washington D.C. fighting the healthcare bill proposed by Max Baucus and Democrats. Eric is the only Congressional candidate that is proactively lobbying against the government take over of our healthcare system.

Eric Wnuck stated, “I will not idly sit by while Harry Mitchell, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid destroy the best healthcare system in the world. Our current representative, Mr. Mitchell, is out of touch with his constituents in Congressional District 5 and it is time for someone to step up to the plate and stand against the government take over of yet another industry.”

Eric will be battling in Washington D.C. for the next several days against the Democratic movement towards big government. “Americans and Arizonans alike have strong concerns about this legislation. Not only are people concerned about the quality of their care, they are equally concerned about the cost of their health care premiums,” said Wnuck, a small businessman in the healthcare industry.

The outrage of the American public has reached a boiling point with career politicians assuming they know what’s best for the average citizen. “The constituents in CD5 are concerned about the out-of-control spending and the accumulation of a massive deficit, yet Congress is getting ready to saddle us with nearly a trillion dollar government entitlement. This is absolutely unacceptable,” exclaimed Wnuck. Eric will continue to fight against a government mandated system while in Washington and during his entire campaign in Arizona over the next year.

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  1. Finally, a person that will get off their butts and fight for our values! Go Eric!

  2. I like that he is taking the fight to mitchell. But don’t we think its a little hypocritical to say mitchell doesn’t know what they need only I know that. But I’m not even in the district right now finding out what the people think or rallying support behind his ideas. This would be much better served if it was done at mitchells district office. That way he could show harry he is out of touch by getting people to show up to an event. I am not sure going to dc is a good move it looks like a sad gimmick.

  3. NOTForREAL says

    Please, this guy has made millions by charging patients and doctors for MRI’s. He isn’t there fighting for us, he is just covering his own self interests. Shameless.

  4. NOtForREAL: Charging for medical services! How outrageous! What do you do for a living – smoke pot? work in politics? both?

  5. Johnny,

    When did Dem’s start patrolling this site??? Mitchell is a career politician… He is apart of the problem and Republicans will remove Mr. Mitchell in 2010 with REAL leadership.

  6. Truegop,

    2 things… Maybe you did not read the first sentence where I say I like that he is taking the fight to mitchell. I am far from a drmocrat I just do not think he went about this the right way. 2nd I have been posting in this site for iover a year you can go back and check.

    I think mitchell along with about 60 other dem house seats are winnable but not by this guy.

  7. Alien Illegal Socialist says

    I hate to break the news to you, but. . .

    The GOP fight against health care reform will be over and lost by November 2010. Olympia Snowe jumped ship yesterday and Susan Collins let it be known today that she will probably follow. That leaves the Republican party with 38 votes in the United States Senate, along with their 177 votes in the House. With Snowe and Collins gone, Voinovich, Lugar, even Lamar Alexander might follow. The boiling point has not been reached. It’s the melting point.

    Perhaps it’s time to sit down and think. The strategy of shouting and disruption, gun toting, assassination threats, and obstructionism is failing. Perhaps a different strategy would have worked better. If the plan was to just obstruct any effort to pass health care reform, it would have been nice if you had enough votes to carry out the plan. 177 falls a bit short in the House. Collins and Snowe bolted the party on the economic stimulus package and joined seven others bolting the party on the Sotomayor nomination. Meaning that 38 votes was really all the GOP could count on from the beginning. Life sucks when you lose elections badly.

    I guess the alternative would have been to actually embrace the idea of bipartisanship and participate in the process. Obama has done everything but beg you to do so. Some of us on the left would rather see him take a different approach. We control the White House and both houses of Congress by large majorities. Why not just tell the Repugs to sit down and shut up, and we’ll invite you to participate if and when you have enough votes to make a difference. I guess you’re fortunate Obama is such a nice guy.

    Wnuck will get buried in 2010. But please keep up all the bold talk about a repeat of 1994 and winning it all back in 2010. It keeps me amused.

  8. Johnny,

    You are right, I did misread your initial post. Too much coffee in the morning blurs my vision! Granted, Wnuck has alot to prove, but I believe he is starting off on the right foot by being an ACTIVE candidate. Time will tell if he is viable or not, but until them, lets support our fellow Republicans.

  9. Really, this video pretty much says it all about obstructionism.

    Oh, you dumb……

  10. This guy is a real loser. He went to washington to fight the democrats on healthcare. The day after he gets there, the Democrats actually pass it.

    Democrats 1, Wnuck 0

    This guy is officially a tier 3 candidate with lame stunts like this. If you’re gonna do them, at least make sure you can actually win.

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