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PR: Wendy Rogers Announces for LD-17 Senate

PR: Wendy Rogers Announces for LD-17 Senate

For Immediate Release: July 24, 2009

Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (retired) announced her run today for State Senate in District 17 which is comprised of most of Tempe and south Scottsdale.

Currently Rogers and her family own a small business in Tempe which has 11 employees and has been in business since 1997. She also owns a commercial office building on Rural Rd with 7 other tenants. Rogers has lived in the Valley for the past 12 years. She came here after retiring from a 20-year career in the Air Force and was one of the first 100 women pilots in the Air Force, having undergone Air Force Pilot Training at Williams AFB AZ which is now Phoenix Gateway Airport. She also served as Development Director for Tempe Preparatory Academy.

Rogers is running on a platform of “Work hard. Follow through”. Her priorities are to

  1. Create jobs
  2. Improve schools
  3. Reduce crime.

As a small business owner she will work hard to reduce government regulation now stifling small business productivity. For schools she believes in follow-through with more local control and better financial stewardship of funds. Rogers says working harder to incentivize small businesses to create more employment opportunity would go a long way to promoting personal responsibility and thus reducing crime.

Rogers and her husband have two children, both ASU scholarship recipients, the older of whom was just commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and will soon be off to Pilot Training.

Her campaign website is www.WendyRogers.org for those interested in getting involved.


  1. Dan Gibson says

    I think the current legislative fiasco proves that Arizona could use a few more common sense driven representatives who have a proven record of getting things done. I’ve known Wendy Rogers for years now, and she’s the person you go to when you want to get things done, correctly and the first time. I couldn’t imagine someone better suited for the job of state Senator.

  2. Laura and Bob Knaperek says

    Wendy is a solid conservative with the drive and initiative needed to win in Dist. 17. She will need support and encouragement. We are blessed to have her in the race!

  3. Cindy Sanders says

    I am so proud of Wendy!!! Finally lets get a real race going on in Tempe. While I understand these campaigns tend to be cookie cutter, is Crime really an issue to run on in Tempe? Crime is so low in Tempe except for the Mill Ave area but that is transients and the cost of business. Here in the south, crime is practically non existent. Lets talk about lowering our property taxes!?

  4. Whoever gets into the LD-17 Senate race against Wendy Rogers, be afraid, be very afraid.

    This woman is the real thing, top quality and does what she says. She has my full endorsement and support.

    Go Wendy!

  5. I won’t dispute the fact that crime in Tempe, Arizona seems low but there is still several dozen rapes in Tempe every single year. I think preventing crime is a fine issue for state or local candidate to address.

    What is the best method to reduce crime – now there is a question to discuss!

  6. This is a great time for a person, such as Wendy, to enter the Senate race! Thank you, Wendy! You will be a great asset, with you astute decision making skills and hard working ethics – you have got our support!

  7. I’ve known Wendy for 10 years, and she’s a go-getter. It’s encouraging to see new people offering their background and experience to serve in our state legislature.

    She’s especially knowledgeable about education issues and has the perspective of a parent trying to obtain the best possible education for her children. Since the education budget is the largest single expenditure of our state, she would bring a wealth of on-the-ground experience to the legislature.

  8. Oberserve says

    Wendy is a pro-choice McCainiac.

  9. Let’s do this. For purely selfish reasons, it’s the middle of Summer and I need to lose a couple of pounds. Secondly, when I see posts like “Oberserve”….what the heck is that? Over serving? A complete lack of spell check?…that looks like a cut and paste from some 14 year old’s MySpace account…or one of Ed’s students…I just know there’s hope for something better than the Ed and Dave Show.

  10. Oberserve says

    Here’s the difference Cary.

    What I posted is a FACTUAL STATEMENT and, hence, not ad hominem by definition. Nor can you demonstrate otherwise!

    What you posted is NOT a factual statement, is ad hominem and is demonstrated to be FALSE by the FACTS!

    So, be an honest human being and either post your facts or go home and shut up.

  11. Danny Meehan says

    All the best for your State Senate District 17 triumph Wendy! We need more military veterans in government leadership positions.

  12. As for the facts, rather than take the word of another, the following is an excerpt from the email Wendy sent today:

    “America is worth fighting for. Children in the state of Arizona are entitled to public schools where drugs, gangs, and bullying are not tolerated . . . where teachers are respected and parents bring up their children to be personally responsible. Our great state celebrates a can-do entrepreneurial spirit in business, which should cultivate start-ups and not hinder established businesses from employing more workers. Finally, we share a culture of life and security, which I believe, should be a safe harbor for the unborn, for foster children, and for those who otherwise have no one to protect them.”

    I’m beginning to think Oberserve is a Dem troll.

    The best to you Wendy!

  13. MaricopaGOP says

    I do not know Wendy, but I generally trust the judgment of DSW. The best reason to support Wendy is to get MBC out of the Senate. MBC makes fingernails on the chalkboard seem pleasant.

    I am interested to know her position on illegal immigration, including employer sanctions, sanctuary cities, and deploying the National Guard on the border – with the ability to actually chamber and use their ammunition, when necessary.

    Also, what areas of the budget would she be willing to reduce in order to balance the budget.

    If elected, she will have to vote on those issues. Again, getting rid of MBC would be a wonderful thing.

  14. Maricopa GOP is correct. I’d like to see specifics regarding the controversial issues at hand

    Who isn’t for education and against crime?

  15. Ann,

    Yep, a non-spelling Dem Troll. Shane, let’s put the last CD-5 race behind us and all of us work together on this campaign. I got great responses from probably the same people you know, so I think we got ourselves a candidate.

  16. You’ve got yourself a strong, conservative, hard-working representative of the people who will understand that her actions are not isolated to what she wants or thinks..but will recognize there may be further implications and research before reacting.

    Then Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers being the deliberate and experienced person she is, will take that research and measure it against the law and her principles as to how a vote should go. Her principles are sound.

    We’ve got ourselves a leader!

  17. MaricopaGOP says

    I went to her website and there is NO information about her stand on the issues that I feel are important. If she is a leader, and I am willing to wait for more info before deciding, she really should be a little more forthright about her position on critical issues. Being fuzzy may reduce criticism, but also eliminates passionate support.

  18. MaricopaGOP – you mean because she doesn’t mention abortion?

  19. Richard Wayne says


    Please read my previous post before jumping off the cliff with assumptions. Since that seems too difficult for you let me cut and paste my original comment.

    “I am interested to know her position on illegal immigration, including employer sanctions, sanctuary cities, and deploying the National Guard on the border – with the ability to actually chamber and use their ammunition, when necessary.

    Also, what areas of the budget would she be willing to reduce in order to balance the budget.

    If elected, she will have to vote on those issues. Again, getting rid of MBC would be a wonderful thing.”

    You will note I never mentioned abortion.

  20. concerned voter says

    So does that mean Pro-life/Pro choice issue is not a concern? Shouldn’t we know where she stands on this issue as well?

  21. Judy Willis says

    I am waiting to see Wendy’s stand on several issues . We haven’t met,but I am interested in knowing more.

  22. S. Vargas, MSW says

    I’m concerned about anyone running with the Republican party… especially when they have a degree in Social Work. It has been the party of abysmal behavior for the past few years.
    I’m also concerned about tax dollars for private schools and schools tax credits which bleeds funds away from a public school system that is already in trouble.
    In addition, I’m interested in views regarding reproductive choice and medically-based sex education in schools.
    We need politicians who value children, families, and education over border hysteria. Improve education & social services = crime reduction!

  23. S. Vargas,

    I suggest you make an effort to meet Wendy Rogers and the other candidates in LD-17 so that your concerns may either be assuaged or confirmed.

  24. Janice Marks says

    I have known Wendy over 5 yrs in Church; She will make one good canidate for this State! Wendy’s an upstanding family kind of girl with morals. But Wendy is not known for standing in the shaddows and not having her voice heard.
    Good Luck Wendy

  25. Hello, I met Wendy on the campaign trail the other week end, but did not get the chance to discuss her position on the social issues. There is really not much posted on the website….and I would like to better understand where she stood on the abortion, and gay marriage issues. Thanks…..

  26. ….and also where Wendy may stand on the “Illegal Alien” issue….

    If any one can point me in the right direction to the answers I would be greatly appreciative….

  27. The integrity of Wendy and the fact she is a doer with passion for others over rides issues for me. Go Wendy!

  28. DB

    Having integrity, being a doer, and having passion for others are very nice attributes.

    However, these are attributes that all elected officials, and constituents, should have, liberal democrat or conservative republican; they are not the basis upon which a person should cast his or her vote!

    For you to state that these attributes over-ride the issues, and may over-ride Ms. Roger’s stance on the issues, is alarming.

    However, what is more alarming to me I think is Ms. Roger’s apparent lack of “integrity”, lack of being a “doer”, and lack of “passion” to post or articulate her positions on the wide variety of issues facing this state and nation, which are in fact the basis upon which constituents will cast their votes.

    If Ms. Rogers would like my vote in 2010, then she had better make her developed positions known, on all issues, very soon.

  29. Ms. Rogers,
    I have no doubt that you are a “go getter”, that you “work hard” and that you “follow through”. However, as I know that you read these posts, and are running as a Republican candidate in my district to represent me in the State Senate, I respectfully request that you take a few moments to state your fully developed positions, either here on this thread or on your website, on each of the following sensitive social issues:

    1) Abortion,
    2) Homosexuality; and
    3) The definition of marriage.

    Thank you.

  30. vicki venhuizen says

    I also noticed that there is nothing posted on her website in
    regards to social issues. Nothing even with her views on

    More info please. Thank you.

  31. What is Wendy’s stand on the environment and climate change?

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