PR: The New Decade Kicks Off for the Republican Professionals

Logo - Republican ProfessionalsThe New Decade Kicks Off for the Republican Professionals

Scottsdale, Arizona ­ The Republican Professionals¹ January event was an enthusiastic start for the networking organization in the new decade. More than 170 prominent professionals and politicians were in attendance and enjoyed an elegant setting at Suede Lounge in Old Town Scottsdale. The networking events put on by Republican Professionals are targeted at attracting like-minded conservatives in the Arizona community, where guests have the opportunity to exchange political views as well as business cards.

The highlight of the January event was a key-note presentation from Arizona State Treasurer Dean Martin. Mr. Martin captured the large crowd¹s attention with his impressive insights of the Arizona economic situation. Attendees of the event enjoyed the opportunity to speak to Mr. Martin after his speech to get to know him on a more personal level, as well as ask follow up questions.

The Republican Professionals host networking events on the first Thursday of every month and actively seek to involve more Arizona conservatives at each event. You can visit in the coming days to get the latest news and events for Republican Professionals of Phoenix, and find information about next month¹s free networking event scheduled for February 4th.

The purpose of Republican Professionals is to increase the participation of Republicans in the political process, further the goals of the Republican Party, and bring Republicans together so that they may network, volunteer, organize and communicate with fellow professionals.



  1. I was at your event in December and there were 20-30 people in attendance. Very surprised that you are still holding events at all. Hard to believe there were 170 when there are no pictures of this event.

  2. This group is a spin-off of the original Republican networking group, which is now Politics on the Rocks. I’ve been to events put on by both. As you can see from the slideshow from the last Politics on the Rocks event, everyone is attending Politics on the Rocks now. I don’t know anyone who attends Republican Professionals anymore, they fizzled out. Guess no one gave Dean Martin the memo.

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