PR: Taxpayer Champion Commends Republican Legislative Leadership

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, June 16th 2009

Senator Ron Gould commends Republican leadership

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – Sen. Ron Gould, R- Lake Havasu City, issued the following statement about legislative leadership.

“I want to commend Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams for their resolve in dealing with the perplexing decisions by Gov. Brewer in her continuing effort to push for a tax increase on Arizonans.

Like many legislators, I continue to be mystified by the governor’s unwillingness to stand up for Arizona taxpayers and join the Republican majority in protecting them from higher taxes.

Gov. Brewer’s decision to file a lawsuit today is nothing more than a media stunt and a complete waste of time. It’s sad that she is so dug in on the idea of higher taxes that she feels the need to bring the judiciary into this battle and in doing so fall back on the tried and true tactics of our liberal friends on the left.

Her lawsuit comes on the heels of her speculation that there may be a government shutdown, which, like the lawsuit, is nothing more than a transparent attempt to generate attention and try to intimidate the Legislature into acquiescing to her wishes.

It’s time for Gov. Brewer to stop playing political gamesmanship and put the interests of Arizona taxpayers first. She knows there is a budget on the table that does not include tax increases, I would encourage her to drop her support for higher taxes and commit to signing that budget into law.”


  1. kralmajales says

    Circular firing squad? Remember, they have not even submitted the budget to her. Even though they wrote it, passed it without Democrat votes, and even though they have almost complete power of the Government of Arizona. They MUST deliver it…and they have not. She cannot veto it if they don’t deliver it and they cannot override that veto if they don’t deliver it. The problem is that THEY WONT DELIVER IT.

    Dont any of you see how irresponsible that is? Do any of you see how bad this makes your party look? Complete control and you can’t function.

  2. kralmajales says

    Hey Ron,

    While you protect me from higher taxes that would amount to about a few hundred dollars a year, while don’t you also protect me from the cuts to the government programs which is costing me and the business community here a WHOLE lot more than that.

    To those of you who are low income republicans…good salt of the earth people…you get more from govt. than you pay and the tax increases to you will be TEENY TINY…almost nothing…in comparison to what our state loses.

    To those of you who are rich and will pay more. You are greedy. Plain and simple. You have yours and you refuse to even pay an extra cent on the dollar out of some kind of principal that protects your monied interests over that of the ability of this state to function.

  3. kralmajales says

    I forgot to add, “shame on you!!!! Shame Shame Shame”. We are in a massive economic crisis and you wont even give a temporary tax increase…to a sales tax…to get us out of it. You pretend that the cuts wont hurt anybody, but they already have and already are. Furloughs are pay cuts…and they much more than that tax increase would be. Lost government jobs means fewer people buying your “chalk banks” or whatever the hell you sell.

    Quit being greedy and pitch in!

  4. kralmajales says

    Off my rant…

    The Gov. has sued…and is about to earn a real chance at reelection.

  5. It's Brewing in here says

    Are you guys for real? Sen. Ron Gould is spot on when he said “Gov. Brewer’s decision to file a lawsuit today is nothing more than a media stunt and a complete waste of time.”

    She is using intimidation and cohesion to get her way in a public temper-tantrum. It’s outrageous. I am completely astonished that any Republican would even get behind her and allow her to create this media circus on the back end of our Republican name.

  6. Kralmajales,

    Let me get this straight, your contention is that a few hundred dollars a year isn’t a big deal so everyone should get on board to stop the furloughs and in your words we can “protect you from the cuts in government programs that are hurting you and business?”

    Typical liberal who thinks he knows better how to spend our money than we do.

    Let me guess, do you have a government job?

  7. How is a lawsuit to make the legislature follow the law a media stunt. The law requires them to send her passed legislation and they are the ones playing games. What is so wrong in letting the people decide if they wawnt a small temp. tax or greatly reduced services and accounting gimmicks that the right gave Janet grief about.

  8. Kenny Jacobs says

    # 5:

    Between Adams, Brewer and Burns there is no shortage of stunts. What’s needed is leadership.

  9. Carl Hay says

    Its really pretty simple.

    The Republicans want to come to an understanding with the Governor, but she won’t compromise, as she wants a major tax increase.

    The legislators (even the Democrats) will reject a major sales tax increase, which is the principal portion of Brewer’s tax increase mania.

    Now, a possible compromise would be to put Brewer’s sales tax increase proposal on the ballot, and let the voters overwhelmingly reject it. Anybody remember California?

    Another compromise would be to extend the sales tax to services (as proposed by the Demorats). This is tempting as such a budget proposal could get adopted over Brewer’s veto.

    Brewer needs to get real, and stop her petty and idiotic support for higher taxes (even Arnold has rejected that role, after the bad reviews from California voters).

  10. I don’t trust (out of hand) any Democrat Party proposal to change the sales tax. It isn’t supposed to increase taxes and lower the tax take – what’s the purpose then?

    I think that if the Governor wants a budget then the legislature should give it to her.

    Any legislator that votes to refer a tax increase to the ballot will be marked at this point as a tax hiker.

    In any case I like the line that AzBlueMeanie takes over on…


    14 days 1 hour until the Arizona state government shuts down (although I still don’t believe any of those guys – who do they think they are – Libertarians?)

  11. Get real says

    Beyond this budget battle, there is the question of if the Senate President and Speaker of the House should be able to hold on to passed bills that should be transmitted to the Governor. It sets a bad prescedent that gives way more power to those roles than was ever intended. What if they oppose a bill that passes overwhelmingly? Do they just hold on to it?

    How long is okay in your book? A week? A month? A year? The Governor is required to take action within a certain amount of time. The legislature should do the same.

  12. kralmajales says

    My point above is clear. We are in a major budget crisis and we are cutting government back to beyond the bone. It is having real and serious effects on this economy. Taxes in this state are low. The revenue side is the problem. With all the blather on waste and the evils of government, you get way more for your tax dollars then you even imagine or ever pay. No one likes to pay taxes, but ours are far too low, far too based on sales and tourism, and we are not suffering for it.

    The money spent by govt. by and large (yes there is some waste) attracts economic development, educates our children, builds our roads, builds our prisons, and YES I am a government employee, just like the police and firefighters, and others who you all bend over backwards to act like you give a damn about. Well, all of us public servants are suffering and you are suffering for it as well…


    a) you have been duped if you are moderate to low income into believing that a small hike in taxes will end your lives…when you benefit far more from govt. than you admit.

    b) you have been duped by wealthy business leaders and wealthy individuals who got theirs…often with the help of govt…and dont want to pay even a cent more to get us out of this crisis…

  13. kralmajales says


    A major tax increase??? Are you kidding me? It is one cent on the dollar. While I definitely prefer income taxes over sales taxes (for many reasons…regressive..etc), this is hardly a major tax increase. Any tax increase is a major one to you all…and…most of you will continue sending your kids and grandkids to public schools, will whine about the high cost of tuition, the high cost of health care, why we are not attracting the best and brightest young men and women into the armed services or as first responders, why people don’t want to work in fields that protect children from harm, work on the ills of poverty, and the like.

    Instead, most here “think”…”think” that you can raise enough money to do all this with charity dollars, but when you find that doesn’t work, you argue that the tax payers should be funding charities and private schools instead. All, again, government funding and based on tax dollars.

    Come on…get your heads out of the sand. This state is in the worst shape of any in the country. It has been largely dominated by republican voters, a republican legislature, and the damn was only held from bursting by a single woman named Janet Napolitano.

    You have complete control folks…you could get what you want with a single set of votes…but the point is, your party is spineless. You know that your philosophy does not work, benefits the wealthy, and that the people will rise up to stop you…and they are now. Some her call them “special interests”. Yes, they are specially interested in a better America.

  14. Mr. Gould is being intellectually dishonest. He states that new taxes are bad but according to a recent article in the Lake Havasu newspaper on June 13 (his hometown which he represents) he is fine with making local communities raise their taxes.

    “Gould said any tax increase approved would not go into effect until the following fiscal year. He said his stance is the same as it always has been, no tax increases.

    Gould said if a sales tax increase were to occur he would prefer it be on the local level, so tax dollars would stay local.”

  15. How do you jump to the conclusion that Gould is being intellectually dishonest with that statement.

    I read the article and am curious as to why you left the first portion of the article where Gould said he supported cutting state taxes so that local communities would have the option to control their own taxes and thus their own money?

    Kind of changes the meaning of the comment you cited now doesn’t it?

    He never said he wanted to “make” local communities raise their taxes anywhere. But of course mentioning the first part of the article would take away from your underlying assertion now wouldn’t it?

  16. Lake Havasu Liberal says

    OMG, that is the oldest, right-wing, conservative trick in the book and you walked right into it! Eyes full open… This is the idea of spinning local control into this issue. In reality, there is no local control. Yes, the right-wing conservatives are going to cut state taxes. No doubt. And where are most of those cuts felt first… in the funds coming back to the cities and towns in the form of revenue sharing. To make up for this loss of revenue, cities and towns have to raise taxes just to keep the same level of service. That is not local control. But hey, the righ-wing conservatives have never had a problem with this, they come out looking good. Why, they cut your taxes while those bad old people on city council raised your taxes again.

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