PR: Statement by Eric Wnuck on Passage of HR 3962

Eric Wnuck

For Immediate Release: November 7, 2009

Pelosi and Mitchell out of touch; Vote to further destroy personal healthcare choice

Scottsdale , AZ (November 7, 2009) – The Affordable Healthcare for America Act, HR 3962 passed 220-215 this evening. In the late hours of the day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Harry Mitchell were successful in taking necessary steps to ‘reform’ healthcare. Eric Wnuck, candidate in Arizona ’s Fifth Congressional District, made the following comments regarding the passage of HR 3962 by the US House of Representatives:

“Tonight marks an ominous and frightening time in the history of our country. The government, once again, has overstepped its bounds and further devastated our personal liberties and freedoms. I am fearful, not only for the residents of my district, but for all Americans. The successful passage of HR 3962 will not only negatively impact every American today, but will resonate for generations. The bill, as passed, will add an additional $730 billion in new taxes, $500 billion in cuts to Medicare services, and $150 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage. Once again, Nancy Pelosi has called Harry Mitchell into her office to vote for a bill that negatively impacts all residents of Congressional District 5. Representative Mitchell lost touch with his district long ago, and unfortunately, the only people he is properly representing are the special interests of the big insurance companies and the desperate wishes of Speaker Pelosi.”

“This is the final wake up call to all Americans to call your elected officials and make your voice heard. We need immediate action: further government mandates are not the answer to our current healthcare dilemma. Our country is walking down a dangerous path, and if residents in our district do not act today, we will forever suffer the irreversible consequences of our inaction. HR 3962, as voted on by Speaker Pelosi and Representative Mitchell, will cripple small business, eradicate any existing private accessibility, and further alienate the individual from their personal healthcare choices. The taxes and debt that will be added to the middle and lower income brackets will devastate the American entrepreneurial spirit. HR 3962 will solidify our resident’s reliance on government programs and expand the reach of our government into every American’s private lives. Tonight, the United States Government took a dangerous and inalterable step in the wrong direction: if this bill passes, healthcare will be controlled, portioned, and regulated by the US government and any hope of individual choice and freedom will be forever eliminated. The House’s action tonight strengthens my resolve and demonstrates that we need new representation in Congress. Rep. Mitchell has not heard the plea of Arizonans because he has not been available to listen – the phones in his office ring unanswered because he is busy catering to Speaker Pelosi and her wishes”.

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  1. GOP Faithful says

    Mitchell just signed his own political death warrant with his recent “Yes” vote. Poor guy….

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