PR: Senate Passes 2010 Budget

For Immediate Release: Thursday June 4, 2009

Senate passes 2010 budget

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – The Senate passed an $8.2 billion 2010 budget early Thursday that takes necessary action to reduce the size of government without raising taxes in this historic economic crisis.

“There have been no easy choices in this process. What was clear, however, was that we had to tackle our structural deficit primarily by reducing spending,” Burns said. “Failing to do so would doom Arizona to continuously correct ongoing budget shortfalls caused by increased expenditures and declining state revenues.”

Ten bills balance the budget with a combination of spending reductions and delays, fund transfers, federal stimulus funding and additional non-tax revenue. View the budget bills at (All fact sheets may not yet be updated.)

The legislative Majority budget demonstrates measured steps taken toward significant tax reform and improved our state’s potential for recovery by addressing prospectively excessive commercial and agricultural property taxes.

The budget avoids a property tax increase that was intentionally programmed to reappear on taxpayers’ property tax statements this fall.

“Increasing taxes not only does not solve the problem, but it exacerbates the state’s economic woes,” Senate President Bob Burns, R-Peoria, said. “Unless you want to move from a recession into a depression, raising taxes is the worst possible budget solution right now.”

President Burns thanked Senate members who persevered through the challenges of balancing this budget and who rallied together to pass what is best for Arizona in the current economic circumstances.

“It wasn’t fun, but that major effort is behind us and we are prepared to start hearing bills next week,” Burns said.

The Natural Resources and Rural Affairs and Judiciary committees will meet on Monday.


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