PR: Salvino Launches ‘Air War’


Dr. Chris Salvino Launches First TV ad of the Campaign Season; Cable TV Buy Starts this Monday

Scottsdale, AZ – Today, Dr. Chris Salvino, a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s Fifth District, announced the launch of his first television ad for the 2010 campaign cycle. The ad will air on Cox Cable in the Valley beginning Monday.

“The campaign to take back Congress can’t start early enough, and with this television commercial we begin what will be a vigorous effort to show the voters of Arizona the real Harry Mitchell; the Harry Mitchell who supports higher taxes, the Obama healthcare plan, and a career politician who is out of touch with most Arizonans,” said Chad Willems campaign spokesman.



  1. A guy has lived in the state for 2 years knows more about the district than a guy who has represented it in some capacity for 40 and lived there basically his whole life. I am not sure if that’s the comparison Salvino wants to make.

    I understand the anti-incumbant argument but I don’t think salvino is the right guy to make it.

  2. JamminJosie says

    I am as shocked as anybody at the election of Scott Brown in MA. I think something similar could happen here in AZ. Salvino, like Brown, wants to get rid of the “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” crap in congress. He wants to enact legislation that people actually want. I think he is the right person for the job despite only living in AZ for a few years. I believe he is knowledgeable about what it takes to represent people on a federal level in any district.

  3. Josie,

    So the needs of cd-5 are just the same as everyone else? They are not unique in anyway??

    That’s a winning argument? Good luck with that salvino staffer.

  4. AZ Republican says

    Republicans should nominate a non-politician like Salvino to challenge Mitchell. He could school Mitchell on real healthcare reform.

    BitterSmith and Schweikert both have more political losses than Arizona has sunny days. It’s time for fresh ideas if we’re serious about beating Harry.

  5. michael kentland says

    finally looks like CD5 voters have a real choice in this election. a doctor and a pilot?! it’d be nice to have a rep with real world experience (esp. in health care) rather than send same-ol, same-ol Harry Mitchell back for another two years. think about this: Harry Mitchell was first elected to office when Nixon was still president!

  6. johnny,

    you missed the point josie was making entirely. One cannot argue that Scott Brown’s election was not fueled by voter discontent on a national level. So yes, by large part, Brown was elected on national issues.

    The wave that is continually being formed across the country is being focused on the Federal Government and a rejection of the current policies. So although local issues will always be important, voters will be more concerned with the issues that are “the same as everyone else” as you put it.

    Salvino is well placed as an outside candidate. A messy primary fight with the usual suspects won’t help anyone…

  7. So Johnny, you seem to have all the answers. What is right? What will help? Re-electing Mitchell?

    I would love to hear it, Mitchell staffer.

  8. I am glad salvinos staffer or staffers got on here so fast.

    Another self funded candidate with no actual support is not what the district needs. This guy polled at 1% in the poll.

    You look at my previous posts I hate schweikert but he would be about a million times better than this guy.

    You need to know your way around the district. He hasn’t even lived in the state!

    You are just waiting to be pegged as out of touch with the district and arizona.

    Salvino should worry more about his failed businesses in cali and the judgments against him there instead of running for congress.

  9. The message is right: Mitchell is a Do-Nothing.

    The only thing he ever does is take a pay check and cast any vote that will get him elected again so that he can get another paycheck.

  10. Whoa! Did anyone bother to vet this guy? I just Googled him and Cactus Alliance has a piece about how he was central to a big bankruptcy and has some breach of contract problems (

    I’m not sure this guy should be getting into politics let alone run for a congressional office.

  11. Thanks for posting the link marta. Forgot to do that.

    I just don’t get how a guy thinks he is qualified after living in az for a few years and running a business into the ground.

    Did he think after moving states people wouldn’t find out?

  12. All bickering aside, the commercial is good.

  13. Love4Arizona says

    Who is this guy? Never heard of him…

  14. BTW: Chad Willems works for JD Hayworth and Sheriff Joe. I am starting to warm up to this guy.

  15. Boring ad….

    We all know why Mitchell sucks already.

    This ad gives you no reason to vote for Salvino other than that he is a doctor.

  16. Hey Tempest are you Erik WnucK?

    Now that sucked.

  17. The ad is boring, but the anti-incumbency movement this year is strong, so anyone has a chance! I will vote for anyone but Mitchell!

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