PR: Ron’s Back!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11th Burgundy Channel Features Big Name AZ Celebs, Politicos, Socialites; Big-Time News

What Do………Susan Bitter Smith, David Schweikert, Jim Ward, Doug Wead, Paul Bentz, Chuck Coughlin, Joe Yuhas, Wil Cardon, Cindy Crawford, Robert McGrath, Sea Saw Restaurant, Nathan Sproul, Russell Pearce & Jeanne Herberger………Have in Common?

The Burgundy Channel’s “Fastest News Show in the World ” Releases June 11th Installment Today

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, JUNE 11, 2009- He’s very important. He has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany. And he’s at it again.

He’s loved. He’s hated. He’s kind of a big deal. And so are you, should you find yourself among those featured in this week’s broadcasts.

To access the latest installment, visit and click on the link for “The Burgundy Channel.”


  1. The lady managed to place second with 27.4% in the 2008 primary in a six way race. She offers that she is a Ronald Reagan Republican which is all well and good.

    What does she believe on government overborrowing? What is her take on the Federal Reserve?

    Harry Mitchell just co-sponsored HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve. He isn’t a near-Libertarian by any means but I am not sure I could find much to distinguish Bitter-Smith from a lot of middle of the road Republicans and Democrats such as Harry Mitchell.

    If the Club for Growth found her to be unlikeable, why should I or other CD5 voters consider supporting her?

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