PR: Robert S. Graham Releases New Campaign Ad

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2009

Robert S. Graham Releases New Campaign Ad

Scottsdale, Ariz. (December 15th, 2009) – Over the years, Robert Graham has proven himself to be a business leader who knows how to bring jobs to the state of Arizona. With his new video campaign, he’s going to have an opportunity to tell voters all about it. On his website,, people will be able to see a new video from Mr. Graham detailing his commitment to the success of Arizona’s economy.

“I want people to be able to look me in the eyes and know I’m looking out for their best interests,” Graham said of the latest campaign video. “Arizonans deserve leaders who will fight to bring jobs to this state – leaders who will create a growing, sustainable economy for future generations.”

With a series of new videos forthcoming, Graham is looking to add a personal touch to his campaign for Governor. However, he also wants voters to know that his commitments go beyond a political calling.

“Arizona has suffered from a vacuum of leadership. I intend to change that. I am here to change the economic landscape of Arizona for the better through public office, just as I’ve done in the private sector by creating jobs through entrepreneurialism,” said Graham, continuing, “Through all of this, I intend to inspire Arizonans to rise up with me, take back control of their government, and put Arizona out front as the opportunity state.”

During the past two decades, Graham has been focused on building and running his successful investment banking consulting, and private wealth management firm, RG Capital. As a business entrepreneur, Graham has worked with and educated thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private clients. Graham is an expert at taxation, innovation, entrepreneurialism, globalization, capital markets and tax efficiencies.

Graham’s fundamentally strong and simple platform is built on three key issues: the economy, education and secure borders. For more information on Robert S. Graham, please visit


  1. and as recent events have clearly shown, no one is more trustworthy, capable of honest leadership and knows how to create jobs than an investment banker.

  2. Issues…at least we now have a candidate focusing on the issue of bringing jobs to AZ. Sick of the same old stuff. Looking forward to hearing more.

  3. todd Says:
    December 16th, 2009 at 10:11 am
    and as recent events have clearly shown, no one is more trustworthy, capable of honest leadership and knows how to create jobs than an investment banker.
    Investment bankers FORCED to follow stupid laws and buraucratic decrees crafted by Democratic Party politicians Barney Frank, Andrew Coumo (HUD) and the like, to mandate them to loan to astoundingly risky borrowers, with completely unsurprising results: high default rates. Freddie Mack and Sallie Mae are at the core of the financial melt-down. Government-run behemouths that torque the entire system out of whack.
    It’s just cheap cover to hide behind blaming bad old bankers when they have to follow rules concocted by politicians who are motivated by political pay-offs to certain potential constituent bases.

    Course, you know that, but are omitting it.

  4. Until and unless Graham dumps some of his considerable wealth into the campaign, he can’t be taken seriously as a candidate.

  5. Seems like media is a big investment. Funny Her? says Graham needs to dump some of his considerable wealth into his campaign to be taken seriously. Promoting big spends seem pretty stupid. I will take him serious if he addresses the issues and brings real solutions to the table.

  6. wanumba – Sallie and Freedie were late into the subprime game. Hitching the blame to them is simply historically inaccurate.

    In fact the Community Reinvestment Act accounted for only a small portion of home loans and those loans have below average default rates. Somehow you conservatives can’t seem to get over your obsession with this program even though it had no impact on what has happened in the housing market.

    I would also point out that if the problem was confined to home mortgages it would be serious but hardly the worldwide failure we have seen. The reason for that is the credit default swaps and derivatives that have nothing to do with government mandates.

    Course, you know that, but are omitting it.

  7. I have to laugh at this mixed metaphor, there’s a lot of “looking” going on: “I want people to be able to look me in the eyes and know I’m looking out for their best interests…”

    I’d rather HE look ME in the eye to convince me, not the other way around.

    Anyway, if he’s an entrepreneur he’s a risk-taker. The question is how much money is he going to risk to turn a young no-name into a young candidate?

  8. My point is that posting campaign videos to YouTube won’t make him a contender in the race, no matter where he stands on the issues. In a year where polling shows outsiders can be much more credible in the past, he has an opporutnity to be a player in the race…but that means he has to invest the money to build a base and become more than just a no-name candidate on the ballot.

  9. “Anyway, if he’s an entrepreneur he’s a risk-taker.”

    Actually, he probably only takes risks with other peoples’ money. That is what the successful investment bankers do.

  10. This video was very well done. Graham deserves kudos for this.

  11. Seems as if Todd has issues with bankers…must have had a bad childhood experience.

    Todd’s quote “…if he is entrepreneur he’s a risk taker.” followed by the comment…”taking risk with other people’s money” does not compute.

    Entrepreneurs take risk with their money, they build jobs and help grow the economy.

    Todd let go of your past

  12. Fred Durst (no, not that one) says

    This blows Parker’s videos out of the water ( He might want to consider spending a little more. The corny fireworks need to go dude.

    Any idea who produced this?

  13. “Entrepreneurs take risk with their money”

    Oh Yeast, aren’t we naive…..

    Hopefully when you grow up you’ll stop believing in fairy tales.

  14. At least he’s not taking tax payer money for his campaign like Brewer and Parker. I’m holding out for Dean Martin.

  15. Todd, I forgot to mention I am an entrepreneur and the money I spend to build my business is my money….better keep your nine to five job.

    …how about the American Dream lives on!

    Would be nice if Dean had experience outside of the political arena

  16. Sure Yeast, whatever you say…

  17. Nice web site with nice words. No mention of what government is going to spend less on in order to balance the budget.

    Border security obviously scores high so that gets a mention although how the state of Arizona is going to pay for any more enforcement of illegal immigrant prohibition is beyond me (and any explanation on his site).

    His education section seems to push charter schools and vouchers – I wonder if that is enough to improve education and balance the budget.

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