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Scottsdale, Ariz. (January 7, 2010) – Robert S. Graham knows the fastest route to economic recovery is through free market principles. His experience as a business leader has provided him with the understanding that cutting taxes and reducing burdens placed on Arizona citizens and small businesses are the keys to stimulating job creation. These jobs are critical to economic growth. Robert Graham released another video today to forward his efforts in telling Arizonans what he is focused on in 2010. The latest production displays Graham’s focus on conservative fiscal policy.

The video can be found on Graham’s website, The site also features Graham’s ongoing series of videos highlighting his stance on state and national policy. As someone who has been creating jobs in the state for nearly two decades, Graham knows exactly what Arizona needs to get back on track financially.

“In times like these, how can we expect everyday Arizonans to tighten their budgets if their own government refuses to do so? Arizona needs to be a state that is favorable to businesses big and small. I want an economic climate where people can find employment and businesses can create jobs. That must be the first step towards recovery.”

During the past two decades, Graham has been focused on building and running his successful investment banking consulting, and private wealth management firm, RG Capital. As a business entrepreneur, Graham has worked with and educated thousands of individuals and organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to private clients. Graham is an expert at taxation, innovation, entrepreneurialism, globalization, capital markets and tax efficiencies.

Graham’s fundamentally strong and simple platform is built on three key issues: the economy, education and secure borders. For more information on Robert S. Graham, please visit

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  1. Mr. Graham has a nice 40 second video but all the highfalutin process is worthless without specific commitments. There are plenty of people who though Jan Brewer was an advocate of limited spending and low taxes until she became governor.

  2. Mr. Graham seems like a good guy with a good philosophy. That alone will not garner enough support for a serious run for the office of chief executive of the state. I would like to see him first make a run for the state legislature in some capacity and see what he does.

  3. Yah right. says

    Obviously, Rob Graham has failed to educate himself on Arizona’s budget debacle.

    If we deserve better, and you have educated soooo many on sound financial principles, then how have you managed to avoid educating our lobbyslature on how to manage to get to a balanced budget when we are not bringing in enough revenue to fund a federal minimum state government.

    How about selling the buildings to pay today’s bills? How does that not equal a tax increase in the near future to pay that 5% annual interest payment?

    I think that after Fife and his “business” experience of going broke while in office, I question anybody who thinks business experience is worthwhile. Government isn’t business, and looting the taxpayers to give your friends tax cuts should be grounds for running out of town on a rail.

    Close all the loopholes and raise taxes until the budget is balanced. By waiting soooooo long, the Republican party has ensured they now own this debacle.

  4. WOW…Yah wakes up smoking a fat one. Not knowing Mr. Graham personally it is hard to say what the final outcome will be. However, I am certain he had nothing to do with the current state of affairs. Additionally, if you go to you can see his comments about the budget.

    Furthermore, Fife didn’t make the state go broke. If anything, in his short stay, he added more jobs than Nappy and Brewer.

    Lastly, it is very apparent you do not have an economic fiber in your brain. Raising taxes will slow our states recovery, lower our competitiveness and deter business growth. Your comments about business friends…do you work? Who do you work for???? A business??? Bone head…go back to bed.

    Mr. Graham is the only candidate addressing the real issues.

  5. Yah right. says

    Yeast, nice try.

    but hey, look at the structural deficit that the GOP refuses to deal with and tell me I have no economic fiber in my brain?

    Raising taxes will keep us from sucking from the feds with all the strings attached.

    Once again, looking for a personal angle to attack me? Nice. Fife set the stage for the eternal tax cutting Grover Norquist idiot strategy that is destroying the Republican party.

    Wait, instead of is, has. This party has nothing left be idiots who can’t add.

  6. Yah is presuming that raising taxes is going to increase revenue.

    “Short stay”? Symington was governor from 1991 to 1997. Napolitano from 2003 to 2008. Both served a four year term and part of a second.

  7. Move over Munger and Parker, we have another “ringer”!

  8. Dragster…right on! Historically if you look at a state attempts to raise taxes to increase revenue it usually fails in the short run and almost always fails. Maryland, doubled their cigarette tax with the hope of closing the loop on their $140MM deficit. The result was a 25% reduction in revenue and a reduction in sale of 30MM cigs.

    Taxes are a cost to the consumer and they are a cost to a business affecting profitability. Profits mean sustainable economic growth. With growth comes jobs.

    Look at Texas. No corporate tax, no income tax. Texas has had 46 publicly traded companies migrate to their state within the last two years. They have added over 1,000 manufacturing plants. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!!

    Yah right..needs to take a look at Art Laffer’s research. Oh yeah…he is an economist with a proven track record and statistical evidence.

    We as a state are currently in the mid range as it relates to corporate taxes. If we raise sales tax we will see consumption migration to the web or neighboring states. We will more then likely lower total revenue.

    Yah’s equation of higher taxes = higher revenue is flawed and historically disproved.

    I love how you say the party is full of idiots. I do not see any party proposing economic solutions that will contribute to a better Arizona or for that matter a better US. Time for new people with real solutions.

    Hope you can find someone you can support. Not sure they will have a chance with a big tax, spend platform. (trying to be nice :))

  9. Forgot one thing…Happy Birthday Elvis!

  10. I’d like to add a point about whether someone should be on a city council or serve in the legislature before, say, running for US Senate or Governor.

    It is an odd thing to ask that an experienced businessman or seasoned attorney who leaves his job to go work in the mail room at the company that just hired him.

  11. Dragster…long day…Can you please clarify your comments? I would like to better understand.

  12. Yeast,
    better understand?
    do you understand the Laffer curve at all?
    Show me some research that says we are on the top half wrt to state taxation, and I would agree. Since we are on the bottom half, with a code riddled with giveaways, any tax increases would raise additional revenue.

    Or are you saying that the tax revenues would increase if we cut taxes, a fact that is currently not manifest in spite of nearly two decades of tax cuts?

    Excuse me, but I have actually read Laffer, something which you have not- so spare the polemical without content.

  13. Dragster, how do you figure that? Serving in congress or as Governor is a full time gig. Serving in the state legislature is a part time one which would allow someone to make a difference for their state and still keep their day job. How much does someone care about their state if they view serving in such a capacity as being “beneath” them?

    With that being said, I like Mr. Graham’s philosophy. I am aware that he is self-financing his campaign, so it will be interesting to see how much he puts into this race.

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