PR: Robert Graham Appeals for Help with Haiti



Healing Hands for Haiti is on standby to assist

Critical support to Red Cross is urged and needed

A Scottsdale businessman, who has for years been involved in helping Haitian people rebuild their country and develop basic human services infrastructure, is now leading the charge to get vitally needed support for the hundreds of thousands of victims of Tuesday’s earthquake that has devastated this small island country.

Robert Graham, a board member of the nonprofit Healing Hands for Haiti, is calling for all his business associates and partners to help with monetary assistance for those suffering and in great need in Haiti. Graham is calling for crucial support to aid groups – especially the Red Cross – as help is desperately needed.

Healing Hands for Haiti ( is a non-governmental institution with no religious or political ties who work with government and local organizations to help the Haitian people overcome extreme challenges. In the past, these efforts have focused on rehabilitation education, clinical treatment, disability prevention and increasing public awareness of disabilities and rehabilitation.

Now, 100 percent of the focus is on saving lives and getting support to Haiti. “This is a desperate situation and I am asking everyone in my circle of influence – friends, family business associates – for help,” said Graham.

Graham is compiling a video of the people and lives Healing Hands for Haiti has helped over the years to educate and personalize the current reality. The video will be distributed to everyone Graham knows with the hopes that by paying it forward he can help when help is so critically needed. U.S. contingents from Healing Hands are on standby to be deployed as soon as possible – communications with onsite staff in Port-au-Prince have been unsuccessful and their status is unknown.


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