PR: Rasmussen Reports Dean Martin Leads Governor’s Race

Rasmussen Reports:
Dean Martin Leads Governor’s Race
Monday, January 25, 2010

Independent research organization Rasmussen Reports released results of a new poll showing a surge by Treasurer Dean Martin into the lead in the race for Governor just one week after his announcement.

“A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely Arizona voters finds Martin with a nine-point lead over Goddard, 44% to 35%. In November, the race was a toss-up, with Goddard up by two.” The release continued, “State Treasurer Dean Martin for now looks like the Republican who’s offering the biggest challenge to likely Democratic candidate Terry Goddard in Arizona’s race for governor.”
In addition “Martin holds a 10-point lead over Goddard [with independent voters]” a double digit lead with males and even with female voters. By contrast Brewer is behind Goddard by 17 points with female voters.

“Thirty-seven percent (37%) approve of the job Brewer is doing as governor, while 60% disapprove. Those numbers include only seven percent (7%) who Strongly Approve versus 29% who Strongly Disapprove. These findings are little changed from November.” Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence

The poll also shows that Treasurer Martin is leading with likely primary voters with very high favorables among likely voters both in the primary and the general election.

“I am pleased to see we have surged into the lead so quickly just one week after my announcement. This proves that our plan for Arizona’s future which focuses on fiscal responsibility, job creation, education achievement, and border security is resonating with voters.” Treasurer Dean Martin said regarding the poll, “We have a long way to go until the race is over, and a lot of work to do, but you can obviously see that voters are tired with the status quo and are ready for a new generation of leadership for Arizona.”
Treasurer Dean Martin is an elected statewide constitutional officer serving as the state’s Chief Financial Officer. Treasurer Martin warned state leaders about impending financial crisis three years ago, in time to avoid the current budget mess, but was ignored as “Chicken Little”. Facing a government that was showing itself to be more out of touch with fiscal sanity and taxpayers, Treasurer Martin announced his candidacy for Governor on January 13th.



  1. I don’t put a lot of faith in this poll. Based on what went on at the State and County meeting, He is much farther ahead. Brewer will change course and try to win back conservatives. It not going to work. We have had enough. Too little, to late Jan.

  2. Ditto, Mole.

  3. PCbutnotPC says

    I think we’re in trouble. The Rep Guv race will fracture the party and we’ll end up with Terry G. Maybe. I’m not impressed any of these candidates have the ability. We need political Viagra just to keep our eyes open much less our hopes up.

  4. You can’t discount this Rasmussen poll and the new JD vs McCain poll but say that the first JD v McCain poll was accurate.

    This poll shows what I think a lot of people were worried about, that Brewer would be able to use the Governors office and the many candidates to stay in this primary and maybe even win it.

    No one should be surprised by this poll, I certainly am not.

    Although it does show that Goddards campaign has been nothing short of a joke. He is losing ground just by the republicans having a primary. In this climate I think even Brewer can beat him and while that is not ideal in my opinion its better than Goddard.

  5. Alfredo_Martinez says

    Not only is Dean Martin clearly more electable than Brewer, he’s also a true fiscal conservative that wants to cut taxes and spending. Sounds like a win/win for conservative Republicans that want to dump RINOs like Brewer.

    Brewer has been an absolute disaster for Republicans. We had a golden opportunity to cut back on all the waste of the Napolitano years, and Brewer blew it.

    Brewer is toast in the Republican primary.

  6. why not just come out and endorse says

    Reading SA I have concluded the following

    You love love Dean Martin
    You Hate Hate Tom Horne
    You love love JD

    Why not just openly endorse..?

  7. Yeah SA! You obviously fixed the Rasmussen Poll. Fess up now.

    And what makes you think credible polls on the Arizona Republican gubernatorial primary are worth reporting on a conservative blog?

    Man…the fix is in SA just admit it why don’t you?

    It’s not Brewer’s fault. It’s all an SA problem. We want to pay higher taxes but Dean Martin and SA have teamed up to deny us.

  8. More Conservative Than The GOP says

    Brewer = McCain

    Tax Tax Tax

    Brewer was a smart woman once. She’s forgot that Big Government is just a big heroin addict, except instead of the poppies it wants the taxes. It will keep scratching that itch and needing more and more until the supply is cut off.

    Time for Brewer to wake up and smell the coffee. She needs to go.

  9. This poll result has got to be eating up the taxer/spender McCainiacs in the GOP.

    I love it! 🙂

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