PR: Paton: Giffords one thing in Washington; another thing at home


Paton: Giffords does one thing in Washington; says another thing to us back home

The Arizona Republic reports today that Gabrielle Giffords is once again talking out of both sides of her mouth on proposed government health care legislation.

“First she voted for it. Now she’s looking for a way out. Looks like Gabrielle Giffords is a pro at changing more than just tires,” said Jonathan Paton, candidate in Congressional District 8. “Southern Arizonans need a representative who does the right thing the first time, not someone who caves to Nancy Pelosi in Washington and then tries to talk her way out her votes back in Arizona. Fact is, Giffords is on record as voting for the Democrats’ health care bill — which incredibly, exempted members of Congress from enrolling in the government plan. Guess what’s good for the goose isn’t so good for the gander.”

Gabrielle Giffords has tried her best to dodge questions about health care, while supporting Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama’s proposals back in Washington. Last May, 1,000 people showed up at a forum at Sahuaro High School seeking answers to where Giffords stood on the issue. But instead, they were treated to Giffords moderating a discussion of others’ views, without ever actually revealing her own. A month later, Giffords was comparing President Obama’s health care proposal to America landing on the moon. However, in September, an even larger crowd — reportedly 1,300 people — showed up in Sierra Vista to find out how Giffords would vote. Still no answers from Giffords herself. In November, she voted for Nancy Pelosi’s bill back in Washington. But just days later, she was already telling her constituents that the bill “wasn’t perfect.”

“I’m going to make this real easy to understand: It doesn’t matter if a government takeover of health care originates in the House or Senate, I’m against any proposed legislation that threatens our current level of care,” Jonathan Paton said. “We need real solutions to our health care challenges, like competition across state lines, expanded health savings accounts and protections for our seniors. And our main goal needs to be putting Americans back to work, not saddling them with higher taxes and more government interference in their lives.

“Gabrielle Giffords isn’t an independent. She isn’t a moderate. As her votes show, she’s just wrong.”



  1. Jonathan Paton isn’t conservative he is a RINO the likes of McCain who scored a rating of “Friend of Big Government” from AZ Federation of Taxpayer and got low makes from the conservative Goldwater Institution.

    Another career politician trying to ride the wave of real grassroots conservatism. Stop the hoax Sen. Paton and stay and finish the job you were elected to do. So true patriots like Jesse Kelly or Andy Goss can return CD-8 to the people.

  2. How’s Kelly and Goss’s chances looking down there? Yes need to recapture Arizona with true patriots, we need them!

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