PR: Parker to Enter CD-3 Race!

Vernon ParkerFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 19, 2010


PARADISE VALLEY, AZ. JANUARY 19, 2010. Vernon Parker is in. Today, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker announced that he will file paperwork this week to succeed Republican John Shadegg.

“Our district has a long history of sending Goldwater conservatives to Congress – public servants who fiercely value liberty, smaller government and personal responsibility,” Parker said. “To follow Congressman Shadegg wouldn’t simply be an honor. It would give me the chance to continue a fight for the hard-working families I have fought for all my life,” he said.

Parker, 50, said that Shadegg’s retirement created a “perfect storm” of opportunity, one he feels duty-bound to embrace. He had spent the past three months exploring the Arizona Governor’s race, which generated enthusiastic support from people across the state.

“The biggest constant in my public life has been the need to serve to the fullest, to use whatever talent God has given me to the utmost degree possible,” said Parker. “I believe my skills, my experience and my passion are made for Congress. I believe I can make the biggest difference for my neighbors and my fellow Arizonans there. Since learning of Congressman Shadegg’s decision my supporters have overwhelmingly encouraged me in this direction.”

Parker said that he will take his message of cutting taxes and creating policies that help the private sector create jobs to the nation’s capital.

Following his filing this week Parker will be hosting a grassroots events on Sunday for 200-300 supporters, followed by a major announcement next week with significant endorsers and a few surprises.

“Like Congressman Shadegg I will do everything I can to roll back the unfunded federal mandates that cripple Arizona and our communities. And I will do everything I can to reform health care that brings real choice to the people and put an end to the insanity that defines America’s immigration policy,” he said.


Parker announced an exploratory committee for Governor on September 23rd and since then raised his seed money faster than Governor Brewer, generated endorsements and excitement across the state and was on track to qualify for Clean Elections funding next month.

However, since the surprising announcement by Congressman John Shadegg that he will not seek re-election Parker has been called by dozens of supporters and state leaders encouraging him to consider a run for the Congressional District Three Republican nomination.

Paradise Valley lies in the heart of the district, where just two years ago Parker garnered a record number of votes in his initial run for office.

Parker, 50, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona. He previously served as General Counsel of the United States Office of Personnel Management, then in the White House as Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush. Later, Parker was nominated by President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed with bipartisan support by the United States Senate, as an Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Agriculture. A small businessman Parker also served as a pastor for two years at a small non-denominational church in Paradise Valley. He is a graduate of Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C., where he met his wife Lisa.

Parker’s life story is compelling. Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood in Long Beach, California Paker was able to escape the drugs and violence through love, education and the commitment of family.

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  1. yeah why not just admit it, I knew I couldnt beat Dean Martin so this was my best chance at doing something…

    This is going to be a very crowded GOP field and another primary where these guys beat each other up just like CD-5 in 08. It will leave the winner bloodied and low on cash, making it easier for a Phil Gordon to win.

    If I was Phil Gordon I would be licking my chops today.

  2. The likelihood of a D winning in this seat in 2010 is remote, at best. It’s a heavily GOP seat in what promises to be a good – if not great – GOP year. Parker may not make it through the primary, but the GOP will field a strong candidate who more closely identifies with CD 3 than Phil Gordon ever will.

  3. Brad Johnson says

    Parker will bring a lot of excitement to this race.

    I always like seeing the liberal stereotype (that the GOP is only the party of affluent white people) thrown back in their faces.

    Parker is a solid conservative that will attract all sorts of new people into the Republican Party.

    Go Parker!

  4. Fantastic! Vernon will remind the RINOs in Congress that conservatism works! He is a leader with great knowledge about how DC works, and how to get things done. He is energetic and willing to stand up for what he believes in. Thank you Mayor Parker for stepping up!

  5. What a flip-flopping opportunist. This is really disappointing to me…it just goes to show that Parker didn’t care what office he ran for, he just wanted one. I knew that he didn’t care about Arizona as a whole. He’s just another carbetbagger that wants to represent a select area and maintain a ‘vacation’ home in Arizona while spending the bulk of his time in D.C. backslapping and hobnobbing his way to the next opportunity. Parker won’t bring anything but banal rhetoric to this race. He offers Arizona nothing…but CD3, maybe. I don’t know. It’s going to be a tough race that I think Waring will eventually win, and if not him, probably Gorman (G-d save us).

    Regardless, Vernon, I’m one Republican you’ve most definitely disappointed.

  6. This is great news!!

    I was sad to see Shadegg go. He stood for many of the strong conservative values that Arizonians identify with.

    Although Parker would have made a great Governor, as a Congressman he’ll be able to use his proven experience dealing with federal government issues to deliver on a number of issues important to the State. He’ll enter Congress ready to make a difference from day one!

    This is great news and I think he has a great shot!

  7. Mayor Vernon Parker is a custom fit to fill Shadegg’s spot..He has the experience and the character. Congressman Parker, I like the sound of that!

  8. I’m curious… off the subject… how old is Dean Martin?

  9. Antifederalist says

    He’s old enough to be President of the United States, but seriously, who cares? He’s been in state government for 10 years. He excelled as a Senator and he was RECRUITED to run for Treasurer. If leadership didn’t believe he was competent enough to clean up Peterson’s mess, they wouldn’t have asked Dean. He also knocked tha ball out of the park as Treasurer. He developed a predictive metric to detect the state’s financial troubles and raised red flags MONTHS before Arizona went into red ink. He’s also been on the mark for predicting the state’s revenues. He runs his office on about half it’s 1991 budget. Every agency should take its clues from Dean. He’s earned about a billion dollars for the state during his tenure and you can verify that through the Board of Investors.

    With a record of excellence like that, Dean could be a newborn for all I care.

  10. Vernon Parker is a good man bottom line. He is also smart and will vote for what the voters want. He is a man of the people. He is not a politican, doing things for others so they will scratch his back. I trust him and am glad to see him run in whatever position he can best serve Arizona. I only wish I lived in that district so I could vote for him.

  11. I think this is wonderful news. Vernon Parker will do an amazing job representing the people of CD3. (I just wish he was in my district so I could vote for him.) Even though I am disappointed that he will not be our next governor, I am extremely glad that he will be representing the people of our state on a national level.

  12. hahahahaha wow Parkers people got on here quickly. You might want to space out your posts a little better next time, its kinda obvious at this point…

    That being said, doesnt it saying about Parkers character that once a big name jumps in the governors race and his chances look bleak he jumps ship on that campaign?

    I dont think we need someone who quits when the going gets tough…

  13. hahahahaha wow says

    “johnny” made the very first comment on the post and then calls out “Parkers people” as getting “on here quickly.” Good one.

    I don’t know Parker’s mind, but I’m guessing that he has weighed out the options and determined that running for congress is the most likely way he can help Arizona out of its current crisis.

    Based on the universally negative comments that “johnny” always has for Parker (whether he’s running for governor or congress), it looks to me like he has some kind of personal problem with Mr. Parker. We can expect that every time he opens his mouth in regard to Parker, some kind of negative bile will come pouring out – I believe the term is “troll”.

  14. Alfredo_Martinez says

    Parker is a breath of fresh air to this race.

    Look at the list of hacks running for this seat and tell me Parker would not be a conservative voice that would resonate far beyond his Congressional district. This is how you build a conservative movement, you expand your base.

    Not only would Parker be a great Congressman for CD-3, he would be a great ambassador for Republicans nationwide.

    I see a future star of the Republican Party.

  15. Mayor Parker, serving in the White House twice already, is the most qualified candidate for this position. We need strength in Congress, and Mayor Parker has the strength we need.

  16. I really like Vernon Parker. I think he’s a great fit for Congress!

    As for switching races – I’m glad he did what he thought was best. Nothing wrong with that. There’s still time to put on a strong race! Go Vernon!

  17. The poster who called Vernon a carpetbagger is ignorant. He lives in CD 3 and has for some time. The Town of Paradise Valley is entirely in CD 3. Vernon would be an outstanding Congressman.

  18. Mike Kelton says

    This is an interesting development. Not sure if switching hurts him. He is perfect for the district and with Jim Waring is a front runner.

  19. Why don’t you leave Vernon alone. I am just happy there is one less person for Dean Martin to eliminate in the primary.

  20. People we will know who the real front runner is when a few people decide who they are supporting:

    Who are Joe, Haney and the big money folks supporting? That will tell us a lot about who is in the first tier and who isn’t.

    My prediction is that this will turn into a battle between Parker and Waring, and then a late surge from a social conservative (like me) will shake things up late in the game. That person is likely either Munsil or Crump. Sorry Gorman, you just don’t seem smart enough to pull it off.

  21. @Antifederalist

    I asked a simple question. I didn’t need a sales pitch. No need to get defensive, but thanks for his resume anyway.

  22. While realizing that Shadegg has his good points, I sincerely hope that his successor doesn’t embrace his Illegal Alien positions!

    Waring is rather suspect on this issue!

  23. Fair enough, he’s lived in CD3 for a few years…my reference to his carpetbagging was to the fact that he hasn’t lived in Arizona that long and his interests are not here. I don’t see it. I never saw it for Governor, and switching to CD3 makes sense, not because he’d be a good congressman, but because he can secure more votes from the conservative upper-class and upper middle-class voters.

    I’ll admit that he’s got an interesting life story, and sure, it’s kind of admirable that he’s got a resume that includes two stints in Washington…but what you, DGN, and the others are failing to realize here is that just because he’s worked for both Bushes and has been Mayor of the most affluent municipality in AZ says nothing about what he would bring to Congress. Congress is a while different machine. If he’s elected, fine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    I know a lot more than you might think, DGN, as I’ve been in the game here for a while. So, next time, be careful as to who you paint ignorant.

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