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PR: Munger announces endorsement by Symington

PR: Munger announces endorsement by Symington



Munger announces endorsement by Symington 

Phoenix, AZ, Former Governor Fife Symington ended speculation about a 2010 run for governor when he endorsed Tucson businessman, John Munger. During a campaign event at the University Club in Phoenix Thursday evening, Symington told supporters that Munger is the right person to lead the state. 

“John’s a leader. As a successful businessman, he brings an outsider’s perspective to the state’s top office. The next governor has to lead this state during difficult economic times. John Munger’s approach is the right approach. Lighten the load on businesses and families. Cut taxes. Reshape and reform government. It’s clear to me this is what the state needs and it’s clear to me that John’s the guy.” 

Munger announced the formation of his gubernatorial committee last Friday in Phoenix and spent this week crisscrossing Arizona and meeting with voters to announce his candidacy. 

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of former Governor Fife Symington. Everywhere I go, people tell me that Fife was truly the best the governor in Arizona history. He cut taxes, cut regulations, and ushered in a period of very strong economic growth. No matter what party you’re in, those facts are indisputable. His advice and counsel will be invaluable to me and my campaign,” said Munger.


  1. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Munger to seek Rob Haney’s endorsement? Haney beat former Governor Symington for District 11 Chairman in ’06, after all. Of course Haney has gone on to higher office since. What has Symington been doing?

  2. Why would someone compare a party “officeholder” to someone elected to a constitutional office?

    It’s one thing to beat a fellow Republican, quite another to beat the Democrat in a general election.

  3. Wolfie:

    I understand your point, but let’s take this discussion a bit further.

    What good is attained by running a Republican who essentially shares the Democratic viewpoint on key issues?

    All too often, this has been the scenario over the past 15 years!

  4. Munger/Symington now that’s a combo! Birds of a feather … Thank the heavens that arrogance travels together, and both of these fools will be long gone by this time next year. This time let’s hope they stay gone. Silver bullets, garlic rings and wooden stakes be damned!

  5. The object of a political party is to attain and hold power. You do that by winning elections. If that’s not pure enough for you, then you have other options: be a perpetual critic, shy away from risk, avoid heroic action at all cost.

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