PR: Message from Matt Jette

Here’s another press release from mystery candidate, Matt Jette

Matt Jette


My name is Matt Jette and I am running for Arizona Governor. I am running because I have a belief in the opportunity each of us deserves. Normally, I would spend this time providing the people of Arizona with my ideas on how to fix the crisis with the budget, education, immigration, and healthcare. Unlike other candidates, I have presented to the public ideas and plans but without much attention. In fact, I am considered a “no name” and I am not included in any of the media reports on the current candidates seeking the republican nomination. Perhaps the reason for this rests with the fact I am trying run this campaign without a large sum of money, without a PR firm, and without a political name. I am a common person inspired to make right because of my past, for my family, and because I simply have the opportunity to do so. I have the opportunity to bring to the table the voice of the true heroes of our state…those working hard under extraordinary circumstances to make a better life for themselves or simply surviving. The lack of attention from the media or other candidates is something I am used to, but under these circumstances the people of Arizona want better, need better, and deserve better. I have come to realize what is lacking is not only my name in the debate or those of Arizona, but good ideas!

It is not important that you know about my story; rather, it is important to note I am in the same story you are in, unlike each of the other candidates. And, from where I stand as well as the vast majority of Arizonans, there is something wrong in Arizona politics. What is wrong is what is absent. There is no coverage of different ideas or plans already presented. I am running because there are voices that have long been over looked, ignored, or eradicated. For example, media coverage is generally focusing on what one candidate opposes about another, about how one’s life story can somehow fix the problem of our lives, and about how the lack of leadership in Arizona is to blame for our plight. What I see before me are those candidates claiming that it is the lack of leadership is the chief cause have themselves showed none. Each have had great opportunity to voice their discontent and displeasure and present ideas and plans well before this election, but they each have waited until it made political sense to do so out of self interest, ego, or just plain political ambition. Seriously, is this what we need now in the state of Arizona? These candidates do not care about us, they care about getting elected. After all, I have heard each of them praise themselves or joke about stories written about them. There is certainly something funny taking place today and it is the joke being played on us, yet again.

As a resident, I must ask Dean Martin, why not stand up to spending when you where in the Senate? If you have, what is your record? What deal did you make with Robert Graham to get him to bow out of the race so soon and on the same day you “officially” announced? Why, as a banker and a lawyer, did you Munger, not raise your hand and have us take notice to the economic crisis on the horizon? I ask Vernon Parker, why do we need another million dollar point of view? Why do you spend so much time and money trying to convince us all that eliminating corporate income taxes is an original idea, or spend time complaining about the Governor on twitter, or worse of all, hire a PR firm to sell your story rather than your ideas?

Arizona needs leadership, not those claiming to be leaders. Arizona needs ideas, not candidates complaining that others have none, particularly when they themselves cannot deliver their own. Arizona needs candidates who display noble character, not candidates who display the caricature of character.

I am Matt Jette…a NO NAME for all names!! And, I am running for Governor.


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  2. “As a resident, I must ask Dean Martin, why not stand up to spending when you where in the Senate? If you have, what is your record?”


    What planet is this “candidate” from?

    Where was this “candidate” when he was called “Chicken Little” by Crappy Nappy a year ago?

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