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Mayor Vernon Parker Says He Would Cut Governor’s Office Budget On Day One; Says Any Serious Gubernatorial Candidates Should Pledge the Same

OCTOBER 5, 2009. With the possibility of an 18 percent state-wide sales tax increase looming, one potential gubernatorial candidate not only thinks that is a bad idea, he is calling for cuts in the budget of the Governor’s Office itself.

“It is only fair to do what you are asking others to do…cut,” Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker said. Parker believes Arizona should instead be talking about phasing out corporate taxes, a remedy for growing the economy. Parker recently formed an exploratory committee to pursue the Governor’s Office in 2010. * (JLBC spending levels for Arizona Governor’s Office referenced below.)

“Many Arizonans are suffering. Many state agencies are cutting. The Governor’s Office should do the same. I will,” Parker said. “Should I be fortunate enough to be elected Governor I would make these necessary cuts on Day One.”

Parker has presided over budget cuts as Mayor of Paradise Valley. Spending has been reduced by 25 percent while the budget for Mayor and Council has been reduced by 54 percent. Parker also fought off a major effort to increase the bed and sales tax in Paradise Valley.

“Republicans willing to raise taxes will not beat a career politician like Terry Goddard. We need a fresh voice, new message and someone who can fight on Terry’s turf rather than he on ours. One career politician will not beat another,” said Parker.

Parker, 49, is the current mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona. He has previously served as a Special Assistant to the first President Bush in The White House, and has served George W. Bush as an Assistant Secretary for the $90 billion United States Department of Agriculture. He is a lawyer and a small businessman.

Parker has the most compelling life story of any candidate emerging for governor. He has overcome many odds, and has pledged to help Arizona overcome some of its most difficult economic times since the Great Depression. “I truly believe it’s going to take someone who has defied the odds to help Arizona overcome the odds now facing it. And we can start with a Governor’s Office that believes in shared sacrifice,” Parker said.

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*NOTE: Spending levels for the Office of the Governor for fiscal year 2010 obtained from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee “Summary of Appropriate Funds,” which can be found at


  1. Shane Wilkfors a/k/a DSW is running Vernon’s campaign for Gov 2010. Vernon thinks having Shane will help. What a joke!

  2. NOTForREAL says

    So what if DSW works for Parker, i don’t hear anybody complaining about McCain’s campaign manager also running Munger’s campaign.

  3. For the record, I am NOT on the payroll nor have been on the payroll for the campaign of Vernon Parker as of October 5th, 2009.

    As a political consultant, I am still considered a “free agent” on all statewide and congressional races. Anyone who is interested in my services may contact me through my website.

  4. Okay so we hear of one place that you will cut. That amounts to about 4 hours worth of the $3-$4 Billion deficit.


    The cuts you proposed won’t cover the broker fee for selling the state assets. Show us the money.

  5. “…as of October 5th, 2009.”

    Oh, how reassuring!

    Still no reason to consider Parker articles on SA anything more than compensated advertising.

  6. If I end up signing on to a campaign, I’ll let you know if you ask. I’ll also be sure to tell you to go get your own blog where you can do your own First Amendment protected advocacy. If you don’t like what you read here, go somewhere else or do your own thing. Would I like to get paid to write and research for Sonoran Alliance all day? You bet! Until I figure out how to monetize this to support my family, it will remain a labor of love.

  7. It would just be nice to know if we are presented with Parker fluff pieces because that is news as you see it or something else. Readers deserve to know if they are tuning into the Parker channel or journalism.

  8. Brewer just keeps adding to her own office budget… even Napolitano didn’t do that.

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