PR: Matthew Jette for Arizona Governor 2010

Another Gubernatorial Announcement…


To: News Director
From: Matthew Jette: Candidate for Arizona Governor 2010
Date January 4, 2010

RE: Press Release to Announce the Republican Candidacy of Matthew Jette for Arizona Governor 2010

No name, no money, no experience: No Matter! I am Matt Jette and I am running for Arizona Governor.

I have been asked why run for Governor when the odds are greatly stacked against me and my response is simple. If we merely do that which we already know we can do, then we will never know what we are truly capable of doing. For example, I have studied American politics and public policy at the highest level, helped begin a non-profit organization, biked across the country, and became a community hero because I was provided an opportunity to rise time and time again after falling.

I humbly admit I do not carry with me the name, money, experience, or associations as others in this campaign. However, I have, in just one day, like most, learned that those with such privileges have little noted nor have they done much to provide real solutions to restore an ailing economy, offered real reform to resolve the immigration dilemma, provided real wisdom with which to approach a failing education system, nor had the desire to provide each resident in Arizona an opportunity to succeed. I do not promise solutions based on the interests these individuals. I promise instead solutions birthed from the ideals and principles found in the traditions of this great country.

It is quite correct to expect a press release to include in it personal information about the candidate in question. But the question we first must ask ourselves is not who I am. Rather, the primary aim is to find what we aspire to be and how best to reach that end. My story is not told by words alone, but by the scars I carry with me. I have overcome illnesses, dyslexia, and economic despair and, as a result I can, with that experience, help lead the great state of Arizona out of its current difficulties.

I am thankful for this opportunity and your time. I hope you desire and are willing to become a catalyst for a new campaign. Please visit my website and I look forward to talking with you soon.


Candidate for Arizona Governor 2010


  1. Thank you, Clean Elections.

  2. That is a good web site.

  3. I spoke too soon, he’s not participating in Clean Elections.

  4. Yah right. says

    Well, finally somebody who knows how to quote Ronald Reagan. Now, we shall see if he has the guts to stand up to the tax cut moron brigade and propose what is necessary.

    Nice to see some honesty for a change from a Candidate for Governor.

  5. Yah right,

    “Nice to see some honesty for a change from a Candidate for Governor.”

    You mean some of the ones who are presently running or who have run in the past are not or have not been honest? I needed a smile this afternoon, thanks.

  6. I Get the Joke says

    This is a joke. They are mocking Vernon Parker. See the V in the middle of the logo? Vernon told Laurie Roberts that his whole life is about overcoming. It’s the typical “I am black. I was poor. I got an education. I deserve to be on a pedastool, now” type of campaign.

    Look through the site again, and you will see this is High Ground mocking Parker:

    Search the AZSOS web site. There is no Matthew Jette running for Governor:

  7. Clever, so clever I Get the Joke must be the idiots at High ground clarifying there ploy because nobody cares, possibly because we are working to hard to defeat out PRO-TAX loser Governor.

    What a waste of time

  8. Matthew Jette has indeed filed as a candidate with the Secretary of State’s Office. According to the report, he is running as a Republican under the traditional campaign finance. A committee was opened on August 17, 2009 but did not designate what office it was seeking. A committee ID was assigned of 201000190 which occurred this year. If that is the case, he is not subject to report a finance report by the January 31st deadline. He will be required to file a report for the June 30th deadline. His press release indicated that he has no money but given the quality of the design and photography of his website, it is reasonable to believe that he has spent some good money to get it up and running. (Maybe in kind donations?) He has a Twitter account and Facebook page as well. And I bet he’s loving the fact that he’s getting some free publicity and linkage here on Sonoran Alliance.

  9. 1. The site is CLEARLY mocking Vernon Parker when it talks about the “life story”. Whether or not one supports Parker, this is a pretty senseless ploy. I could even make the case that it seeks to denigrate another candidate. A well done site, for such a joke. I suppose such a person exists, but the “campaign” is obviously not meant to mount a serious bid for the position of Governor.

    2. The contact address for said candidate is the same as the contact information for “effusion creative solutions”, the cited designer of the site. Maybe this Matthew Jette character looking to build a name for his or a friend’s web design business? That’s all this is ladies and gentlemen!

  10. Just what Arizona needs – a bald John McCain. The KAET Republican gubernatorial debate aired June 15th revealed this “new comer” as just another ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ AMNESTY peddler. To begin with, the media has been referencing “12 million illegal aliens” for a solid 10 years – even though an estimated 10,000 slide across the border every damn day. But then, the media recognizes that John Q. Public is a moron, and believes what ever they say. The fact is, there are well over 30 million in the country. As soon as they are ‘legalized’ by the Obama/McCain criminal cartel, the can legally sponsor dragging in infinate number of ‘relatives’ from Mexico, etc., bolstering the ‘formerly illegal’ population upwards of 100 million within a few short years. If your just dying to PAY for their ACHHHS health care, food stamps, rent assistance, pre-natal and post-natal care, and NEGATIVE tax payments via the Federal Earned Income Credit and Arizona Family Tax Credit, then by all means reelect John McCain and vote for this chrome-domed idiot for governor.

  11. I have been a Republican all my life, but I don’t stand the intolerance, fear and blame politics line that our party is peddling lately. Our party has to get back the basic notions of fairness and humanity that are also an integral part of being American. Maybe It’s time to clean up our act. Arizona and our Republican Party are better than the mess, the image, that our fear and intolerance have created. It’s time to do right. It will be a pleasure to vote Republican for Matt Jette.

  12. I agree with what Mark said. The intolerance and blame game is best used by 3rd world dictators, not Republicans.

  13. cayetano garcia says

    My suggestion is that people listen to what Matt Jette has to say and compare it to what other candidates propose. Unless you have pre-judged, you will find that Jette makes more sense American-wise than the other candidates.
    I would want Mr. Jette to get people behind in the ilk of Tim Bee. I can foresee a great state with these kind of leaders.

  14. cayetano garcia says

    In addition I would want to see more personal history. Political history, family, and career accomplishments. What part of the state he is from would give a clue to his thinking. Does he have connections in Tucson,etc.?

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