PR: Maricopa County Republicans confirm Jim Deakin is the front runner to defeat John McCain

Jim DeakinThe results of the GOP Straw Poll performed Saturday January 16, 2010 prove Jim Deakin is leading all registered candidates. Jim Deakin may have been unknown to GOP politics in 2009, but is in a great position to perform probably the biggest upset in Arizona politics.

Jim Deakin has exceeded the signature requirement listed on the website and will be included on the August 24, 2010 ballot.

Jim Deakin is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy where he served aboard the USS Reuben James FFG-57, worked as a manager for a Fortune 100 company for 5 years until he started his own businesses in 2000 and 2001.

Many Americans feel politicians have lost touch with the people. Jim Deakin’s real world experience has earned him the support of TEA Party groups, and and

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  1. LD11 Rules says

    That is the funniest press release I’ve ever read. He finishes 50 points behind JD Hayworth and then claims that the MCRC voters CONFIRMED him as the front runner? Confirmed him, like lots of people already knew it but now it has been confirmed? The man is completely unknown outside of some district meetings, he’s raised less than $10,000 in a year and had something like $800 in the bank at the last reporting period, and he thinks he’s going to beat JD or McCain with the endorsement of The Good Egg Club? This dude is hilarious!

    You wait, after JD cleans up on Election Day, Deakin will claim that JD stole his victory away from him and that he had it “in the bag” until JD came along. HILARIOUS!

  2. Who?

  3. If you notice, the article referred to “registered candidates”

    If anything, Chris Simcox might be in an “introspective” mood!

  4. JD Hayworth is a speculative candidate. He may or may not enter the race.

    Deakin is a declared candidate and he garnered more votes than John McCain on yesterday’s ballot. I think Deakin deserves due recognition for that accomplishment.

    His foreign policy position isn’t distinct from John McCain so he really doesn’t excite me as a candidate.

  5. Are we getting the picture on the legitimacy of this fundraising effort?

  6. I talked to Deakin at a gun show. He is a good guy so let’s not beat up on him. It’s true when JD enters the race the other candidates will statistically disappear. Deakin included. He got in the race because he is fed up with McCain like most of us. He decided to do something about it. Like Simcox and the others, applaud their effort and intent if not their chances of winning.

  7. Well said Roger. Both of those guys are great Patriots, with their hearts in the right place. If JD gets into the race it will be between JD and McCain and I hope Chris Simcox and Jim Deakin will work with JD. If the grassroots Republicans who want an A+ candidate on 2nd Amendment, true commitment to Free Speech, and a secure border with no Amnesty for law breakers as was voted on by 1400 PC’s at our Maricopa County Republican meeting on Saturday – NO Amnesty no exceptions and strict enforcement of our laws. Then we are going to have to unite behind one candidate. One who can help take back America and true Tea Party/912 committed and passionate committed .

  8. Be gentle. Jim is one of us – a solid patriot and conservative and someone who came out of this glorious tea party movement. Give him a chance to compete and let’s see if he can muster the support he needs to move forward.

  9. That straw poll was slanted joke.

  10. I would be gentle, but Mr. Deakin has been dumping on JD since his candidacy became a real thing, and he has declared JD and McCain to be two birds of the same feather. His mission is not to get rid of McCain, but to advance Jim Deakin and yes, his campaign team really does think that they are winning this race and that JD is “messing it up for them.”

    Now, that is delusional, but he’s going to end up madder at JD than McCain by the time the campaign is over and he is ultimately going to hurt our chances of beating McCain.

    DSW – He has had a chance to compete. He can’t compete. Again, how do you win a statewide race with zero name id and zero money? You don’t. He can get votes for being “Not John McCain” but he thinks those are votes for “Jim Deakin”. It has been a year. If he was competitive, we wouldn’t need JD Hayworth to step up and get the job done.

    We need JD Hayworth! Run JD Run!

    And if Mr. Deakin and Mr. Simcox are really team players and goal oriented and they want to help us get the job done, then kudos to them both and let’s help them to enjoy future success as well. But if all they do is snipe at JD and take a few thousand votes away that we could well need in a close race? Then a pox on ’em!

  11. I wonder if Jim Deakin could be elected to the Arizona State Senate, let alone the United States Senate.

  12. My Humble opinion says

    Your choice people is quite simply politics as usual with a different face the lazy way with a big name or do you really want to fight socialism? Do your own research or see what Jim Deakin has found! Votes matter more then words on a radio.

  13. Iris Lynch says

    Being alphabetically first on a list does not make you a winner!

  14. Ann:

    That poll is giving me an idea of the true status of John McCain as far as the party’s working rank and file is concerned!

    Obviously your “establishment” ears are closed to any message no matter how pertinent!

    September will shatter the RINO glass slippers!

  15. Buckeye Bill says


  16. My Humble opinion says

    Everybody misses the point of the movement behind the TEA PARTIES and Grassroots NO MORE POLITICIANS! Plain and simple. Focus on what brought us to todays woes. 1999 VOTE that JD and MCCAIN voted yes on.
    S. 900 Title: AKA the Mortgage Act :An Act to enhance competition in the financial services industry by providing a prudential framework for the affiliation of banks, securities firms, and other financial service providers, and for other purposes.

  17. While I’m definitely in J.D.’s camp should he decide to enter the fray, Jim Deakin or Chris Simcox will receive my vote and support if he passes it up!

    John McCain is a walking, talkting advertisement for the repeal of the 17th Amendment!

  18. Calamity June says

    Do you of you ever talk to anyone who is outside the party? McCain is going to be beat by someone who people KNOW. Maybe JD Hayworth can do it, but I doubt it! Surely not someone who no one knows about!

  19. AZ Truth Squad says

    Agreed Calamity June. First, McCain won’t be beat by JD, even if he does run. Second, nobody has a louder voice in Washington to fight against Obama. Even if you don’t agree with McCain about all of his decisions, you can’t argue that his voice is the loudest on our side. If we were to lose that voice, we on the right would be excessively hosed.

  20. AZ Truth:

    Wake up Pal!

    McCain’s voice is only heard on our side when he’s running for re-election. His actions in office are something else!

    More and more are wise to this “shtick”

    Get your head out of the sand!

  21. Stephen Kohut says

    The only voice from McCain’s mouth is that of an arrogant braying ass. RINO = Democrat. Duh! For those who missed the results at the Maricopa GOP elections on 1/16 the conservatives are firmly in charge and the McCainiacs are badly ournumbered. The same is happening throughout the PC rolls in the other counties . If you think all these new, conservative PC’s are going to get out the vote for McCain in the primary I’ve got some nice AZ swamp land to sell you. The grassroots will be working their butts off to send McRINO packing so he can help Cindy sell more beer.

  22. Think Scott Brown. He was an unknown and look what he did. JD is a politician, McCain is a politician, we need someone that represents the People. I’ll be doing more research on Deakin before I make my decision but I can tell you I don’t like the alternatives.

  23. In the event that our medicinal system had been governed by ethical people hoping to cure ailments instead than make bankroll.

  24. Royal Seed says

    The usual politicians = politics as usual! You say that the citizen candidate for senate Jim Deakin has no name recognition? Then tell me how you heard the name and then tell someone else the same way and send them to Tell everyone you know or meet on the street about all the candidates and let the primary decide. Give all candidates a chance and leave it to WE THE PEOPLE this Nov. If the motive and objective is right, I respect every candidate for office because it is more than you or I are doing because our name is not on the ballot! I support the Arizona citizen for Senate Jim Deakin, and believe that he has a chance to win the primary. Thankfully any of the Republican candidates will certainly win the general over the progressive, liberal, democrats. Who seemingly surround them selves with socialist and Marxist leaning folks that tout politically correct ideology that has no foundation in truth nor reality.

  25. Royal Seed says

    By the way. When I seen Jim Deakin’s website before I met him, he was just another candidate. After meeting the man and hearing his introduction at the Pinal County 912 Project tea party a few weeks ago (which meets every other Friday at CAC building (I) second floor) it made the difference. If you can make it happen Jim is willing to debate any of the candidates or meet with your group. Just visit and fill out the form or call the contact number at the site. \o/

  26. Shouldn’t JD Hayworth be running away with this race hands down? How is there even any competition? If JD was a “consistent conservative”, wouldn’t the electorate of Arizona be beating a path to his door?

    Maybe promising to run for two terms, then running for seven, or voting for unconstitutional programs like No Child and the Patriot Act along with Senator McCain leave a nagging doubt in many minds?

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