PR: Latest Beauchamp Endorsement in Step with Poll


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 10, 2009
Media Contact: Wharton & Wadas, LLC


A new Rasmussen poll, released Tuesday, shows Bradley Beauchamp is the type of candidate that Americans want and the GOP needs. Beauchamp is a popular speaker within the influential Tea Party movement. He became known for speaking out against wasteful government spending and motivating crowds with his strong defense of the Constitution. The Rasmussen Generic Congressional Poll shows Americans largely in favor of Tea Party candidates. “Tea Party Candidates”, like Beauchamp, favor a limited government kept in check by the Constitution as well as United States citizens.

In response to the Rasmussen poll, Beauchamp said, “I know I am the person who can deliver the level of responsibility residents of Arizona’s First Congressional District deserve. However, polls don’t win elections, people do. I’m out here campaigning every day to let my fellow citizens know they will have a voice come 2010.”

Not just Republicans, but conservative Republicans are polling well heading into the next election cycle. With majorities in both chambers of congress, Democrats have been pushing through aggressive spending legislation, at a time when the American deficit is spiraling out of control. As a result, Americans are demanding fiscal responsibility and the assurance that their Constitutional rights will be protected.

“Bradley Beauchamp is a breath of fresh air in a room full of ‘smoke and mirrors!’ As we the people have seen our government grow to a point where we have lost control of those who serve us, along comes a man willing to truly serve the people of the 1st district. Bradley has the background and backbone to stand up for your rights and to uphold the Constitution,” said Michael Hendricks, President of the Prescott Tea Party Organization. Hendricks continued, “Beauchamp stands for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. No more ‘rubber stamp’ politicians – the time for a new direction is now! I support Bradley Beauchamp to be the representative for Arizona’s First Congressional District.”


Bradley Beauchamp is a graduate of Northern Arizona University and a former government and civics teacher in Globe, Arizona. After several years in the classroom, he pursued his desire to study the Constitution in more depth by earning his J.D. at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. He returned to Globe after graduation to practice law in the First Congressional District of Arizona.


  1. Who ever thought of this press release is a genius!

    Okay not really.

  2. Veritas Vincit says

    … but he’ll have to beat that champion of limited government and fiscal responsibility; the Big Mac of the Republican Party – Bill Konopnicki to have a crack at Ann Kirkpatrick come November.

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