PR: Kelly: Voters reject radical policies that Giffords supports

Jesse KellyFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 20, 2010

TUCSON, AZ. Upon seeing the results in the Massachusetts special election last night, Jesse Kelly said,

“I am absolutely thrilled and amazed how the Founders created a method with which the American people can bring themselves back from the precipice of socialism. I enthusiastically congratulate Senator-elect Scott Brown and the people of Massachusetts for electing a fiscal conservative to fight for their liberties. Just as the first major Revolutionary victory took place at Dorchester Heights, Massachusetts in 1776, the first major victory of the 2010 Conservative Revolution took place in the Bay State. It’s time to open up a “Western Front” in the 2010 Revolution, and I look forward to doing just that in November, when the voters of CD-8 have the opportunity to retake their seat from the radical agenda of Gabrielle Giffords.”

Jesse Kelly is a candidate for Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District in the southeastern region of the state. For more information on the Jesse Kelly campaign please visit You can contact campaign manager Bret Summers at (520) 237-9056 or


  1. “Retake their seat”….I like what I am hearing.

    Thank you for representing we the people.

  2. What process is jesse kelly amazed and thrilled that the founding fathers invented?? Voting?? What is he talking about?

    He better get a better press person than this.

  3. Like who…..Some guy who worked for the liberal Arizona Daily Star????

    And yes….Voting was a great thing established by our Founding Fathers instead of allowing a monarchy.

  4. No andrew… He said invented… The founders did not invent this idea. They did establish it like you say. And that is not the same thing.

    Maybe I am being picky as a lawyer but you need to mean what you say in politics. And what kelly said is wrong…

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