PR: Joe Jaraczewski Enters CD-1 Race, Tells Rusty Bowers to Go Home

Joe Jaraczewski


Joe Jaraczewski, father of 5, small businessman from Cottonwood, announces his intention to run in the Republican Primary for Arizona Congressional District #1. Asks Phoenix Lobbyist Rusty Bowers to leave race for good of party. Dr. Gosar, Attorney Beauchamp lack the political courage to lead.

Joe’s Army for Congress

My fellow citizens of Arizona’s 1st Congressional District, my name is Joe Jaraczewski, father of 5, small businessman, proud to call Cottonwood, AZ home. What we know as uniquely American is being fundamentally transformed by elite politicians under the direction of lobbyists from big business. Before we return our government to the people, we must return our party to the people. That is why I am forming a homegrown campaign to restore the First District of Arizona to the people. You can rest assured that I will stand up for you in Washington.

Our first order of business will be to ask the mining industry to remove their candidate, Rusty Bowers, from the race. I respect Mr. Bowers as a family man, but in 2001 he crossed the line and became a lobbyist. The silent majority is tired of the lines being blurred. Hard working, red-blooded Americans want their interests represented, not the interests of big business. The Republican Party needs to restore itself as the party of the people. We cannot do that by putting another lobbyist from Phoenix on the ballot this November, just as we had done in the past. We need to gain the trust of the general electorate. In order to do so, another “carpet bagger” cannot be placed on the ballot.

So Rusty, for the good of our district and party, go home to the real Rusty Country. Continue your lucrative lobbying career in Phoenix. We cannot sacrifice the energy and resources of our district for your career.

Dr. Gosar and Attorney Beauchamp, I have watched you stand idle, unable to stand up to Rusty and the special interests. If you cannot stand up to a member of your own party, how can we expect you to stand up to the lobbyists and big government officials in Washington? Please step aside; the people want a politician with conviction, a fighter. You both have demonstrated anything but. As a political party, we must engage in the culture. As we saw in the 2008 presidential elections, culture affects politics. We are losing our youth to the mind-numbing morals and economic idiocy of the elites in Washington. We must seek out our youth and articulate that peace, truth, and justice is the conservative movement. So, to take a line from the skatepark, “Dr. Gosar, Attorney Beauchamp, you are posers. Please move aside.”

The people of the 1st District want a leader that is capable of building the trust to form a coalition that includes not only the LDS and the Tea Partiers, but the Ron Paul Libertarians, Hispanic Republicans, Reagan Democrats, as well as the rank and file Republicans. Also, let us reach out to people who never thought of joining our party. Let’s give them a political home. We can be that coalition. Remember, 1+God is an army. Please join us at

We can restore that shining city on the hill. The time to march is now.


  1. Joe the Plumber says

    What an a%#.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with our good pal the plumber. I checked out this joke of a candidate’s site, and it turns out, you can buy favors from him. I could buy my way to a general by spending more money. This also means I’ll be the campaign chairman for the day, giving me the ability to affect the direction of his campaign. Is this how it’s going to be in Washington, Jaraczewski??? The special interest who gives you more money gets more pull with your vote???? Who has been standing idle? The candidates who have been traveling the state for months on end, or the guy who has sat comfortably in his home? Speaking of carpetbaggers, this guy just moved here a couple of years ago. If this no talent @$$ clown had any scruples whatsoever, he would be focusing his attention on defeating democrats, not making childish remarks read from an Obama-like teleprompter.

    You are a joke.

  3. To clarify, he assigns each donation amount a rank, as if you are in an army. I did not, however, read that this man EVER SERVED IN ANY ARMED SERVICES.

    It is disrespectful to those who have served and worked hard to earn their rank. A rank cannot be purchased. A rank is earned with valor.


  4. See for yourselves and be disgusted.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Ok folks, look at the guy’s logo and site image. Do you see it? Right behind his family picture? The exact color scheme and sunrise of the McCain banner? (The same banner hanging at the GOP meeting hall last Saturday)

    We have all heard McCain is working to influence races where he thinks he can (from state races to federal).

  6. RepublicanSOS says

    This is pretty arrogant, even for a politician.

    Rusty Bowers is a man of integrity and will very well serve the people of CD1.

  7. Stephen Kohut says

    I have met Brad Beauchamp at multiple Tea Party and GOP meetings. Brad is as first class a person and candidate as I have very had the choice of supporting. If this is the best McRINO can do to influence the congressional district races how pathetic.

  8. Mr. Conservative says

    If this fool thinks we’ll all run over & support him over Rusty, he has another thing coming. I find his reference to Rusty Bowers’ religious beliefs to be a low blow & reason enough to tell him to “get out” of the race. If Veritas is correct, I’ll let McCain know how I feel about that. We Republicans need to stop using religion in political contests in such an inappropriate way (like Mike Huckabee did in 2007 & 2008). It’s a loser for us as a party & makes us look small & childish.

  9. He voted for it before he was against it says

    Steve, how did you feel about Renzi? There are reports coming from CD-1 that Bradley is meeting with former Renzi staffers in the district.

  10. He was against it before he was for it says

    How you view the following depends on if you think he’s committed to his cause… or is desperately out on a limb and will do anything to keep from falling.

    Beauchamp took out a $150,000 loan; bought a new truck; walked away from his law partnership and began his Quixotic Quest for the CD-1 Congressional seat.

    Bradly’s got a good stump speech and great theatrics … but does he have the staying power?

  11. Joe the Plumber says

    I am starting to think somebody is pulling a fast one on us. This must be a joke by somebody:

  12. Just spoke with Bradley Beauchamp (yes, I’m a fan). He’s taken 132k for student loans in 1999 to finish law school. He told me that directly. If you have proof, say it. But don’t make accusations to bolster your support of this joke, Jaraczewski. Do your research on this guy.

  13. Joe the Plumber, interesting find! What’s curious is he calls .118 the SLIGHTEST DEGREE. That’s DOUBLE THE LEGAL LIMIT. I’ve lost family to drunk drivers. That’s drunk. Jaraczewski says without driving drunk, he might not be here today. Tell that to my family who is NOT here today because someone like Jaraczewski drove drunk and took a life. However, my issue doesn’t stop there. The man claims he “owned up” to the mistake with his family. What he doesn’t tell you, is he neglected to “own up,” to his legal obligations. Download the PDF from this link. You’ll see my point.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    Brad Beauchamp is working his butt off to get the nomination for CD-1. He is going throughout the district, to small town after small town, to Tea Parties, to GOP clubs, to … If you want it you have to commit and work at it. As Brad put is, he is not married, doesn’t have kids and can put in the effort on our behalf. If you look at the videos of the debates he has been in with the other candidates in the primary he comes off as the one to beat AK.

    To: He was against it before he was for it Says,

    Rather than working hard for our vote in the primary would you have candidates not “go out on a limb” not work as hard as they can to earn our vote? Do you expect armchair candidates or those blessed by “the powers that be” like McRINO to be worthy of our votes without doing the hard work to earn it?

    I have no opinion on Renzi. I never met him. The charges against him are resolved at this time and may prove to be false as were the ones against Alaska Sen. Stevens or real like the ones against Dan Rostenkowski.

  15. This video looks like it was produced and directed by Al-Jazeera. There were threats and demands, and I was waiting for the Arabic to appear at the bottom. No chance!

  16. This guy sounds like a whiner. No place for that in the Republican Part–go join the Dems; they’ve made whining an art.

  17. Looks like Joe isn’t a registered Republican… Could he be a shill for Kirkpatrick?

  18. Cola drinker says

    Love the anti-lobbyist diatribe. Most Americans get better and more honest representation from lobbyists than they do from their elected representatives.

  19. Ditto for Squid-do says

    I agree with Squid-do that this could be a shill to trash the republicans in the primary. It may be illegal in AZ to have voter data on the internet, though.

    I haven’t had much use for Bowers in the past. I am not LDS and he has never been honest to me in conversations.

  20. This guy is the last thing CD1 Republicans need this cycle. We have a real chance to beat Kirkpatrick but that won’t happen if this guy makes the other R’s spend all of their money fighting it out. Joe is definitely the Bitter-Smith of CD1.

    As for now all eyes should be on Dr. Gosar. He has consistently put up good fundraising numbers.

  21. Understandlaw says

    Good fundraising numbers are nice… but I saw a debate where Ken Bennett had to explain to Gosar what the 10th Amendment was so he could answer a question about it. Embarrassing!! He might have money, but he still has no idea what he’s doing.

    Either way, this Joe guy has to go. Gosar’s a constitutional genius by comparison, and that’s saying something.

  22. He was for it before he was against it says

    “He might have money, but he still has no idea what he’s doing.”

    Sounds like so many folks that get elected.

    Steve, re-read my comments. I did not make a judgment call, simply said its up to the reader to decide how they saw it.

    What’s odd about Bradly is how little he’s known in his own hometown of Globe. Visit the hamlet and ask around. Ask about his ex-wife (yes I have been told he was married back when he was a teacher). See if you can find cases (he’s an attorney remember) in Gila County with his name on them. I’m told by folks in Gila that its pretty sketchy.

    On the other hand, Rusty Bowers has a history and a record. Like him or no, he’s known – Bradly isn’t. What we can know of Bradly is what he’s told us, his background is difficult to determine.

    Paul Gosar? Nice guy. Good at raising money which is what attracts the massive funds necessary to beat the DNCs funding of Ann’s defense this year. Money gets you on their radar and money is what is needed.

    As for the guy in this story? Stick a fork in him he’s cooked.

  23. Sierra Mist says

    Joe sounds like a guy with some ideas. Bowers website is blank because the Mining Industry will tell him how to vote. As for Beauchamp, there already is a Constitutional Law professor, with no practical life experience playing President of the United States- how’s that working out for you.

  24. Sedona Sunrise says

    Went to this candidate’s sight and seems to be straight forward about his leadership vision and background. Did not see this on Beuchamp’s site.
    The rest of the comments seem to be synthetic astroturf from the left.
    I’d rather be a general in Joe’s army than a marine grunt in Bower’s/mining industry establishment.
    Go Joe Go!

  25. Prescott Cowboy says

    LOL we have Eric and Bradley writing as who? and now here we have Jimmy as who? Wait Wait Wait and you are talking to Renzi’s staffers about what? Thats funny one of Renzi’s Main guys is RUNNING Bower’s campaign and I believe he has hired most of Renzi’s old crew and all of Jon Kyl’s old Crew to put anne to the test. I would be careful guys! Hey we are the only ones who read these comments anyways.
    If Bowers raises the money I have seen him eyeing everyone else including Joe needs to take a step back and off. Just remember we need some REAL answers here and someone who is one of us. No Mr. Brad bussing tables or looking at copper does not make you suddenly Real. Bowers is the only answer here.

  26. Stephen Kohut says

    Rust had been scheduled for weeks to be the guest speaker at the Pinal 9-12/Tea Party. Two days before the meeting he pulls out. He blew his chance to get known and vetted down here as we are book solid with candidates through May.

  27. Sierra Mist says

    We need some reform in who is running the GOP. The mining industry ran a candidate last time. Whether their name is Rusty Bowers or Sydney Hay,the mining industry is a sure loser in November.

  28. Stephen Kohut says

    Hay, from the Amigos mining industry lobby group, was the GOP candidate running against AK in 2008. Not a bad gal but i think it was a no win scenario for any GOP candidate in CD-1 due to the sentiment of the general electorate in 2008 and Renzi bowing out due to criminal charges.

    As far as reforming the AZ GOP, that will happen by late Jan 2011 when the final leadership elections take place at the state level. More than enough new conservative GOP PC’s have enterred the party to take firm control in most counties and with a vengence at the state level. It will be a wait and see until then to see how things shake out and who ends up in what spot. That is part of what is going on with McCain. There is almost a 50/50 split between moderate and conservative state committeeman with the conservatives having a slight edge. McCain, Brewer, etc. see the handwriting on the wall andknow the party is taking a hard turn to the right.

  29. Beauchamp is definitely the best candidate for CD-1.

    Gosar lacks substance and Bowers will be sure to vote for earmarks that benefit Arizona Rock Products. Perhaps Bowers would be willing ensure that his votes would benefit people who buy his sculptures like he did back when he was in the Arizona House.

    Bowers can say all he wants about not being a carpetbagger, but these “Cowboy Rusty” claims are questionable when you look at his record on the Maricopa County Zoning Board.

    I don’t trust Bowers. Gosar and Jaraczewski have no substance!

  30. AZ 4 Liberty says

    Brad is the candidate that will get my vote. Do your research, Bowers voting record does not impress me! Hay jumped in the race because she said she did a poll and she has name recognition.

    We need a candidate that supports our conservative values and knows our rights as citizens. Vote for Bradley Beauchamp.

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