PR: Jan Brewer Responds to John Munger

Jan Brewer for Governor
For Immediate Release: January 13, 2009
Governor Jan Brewer’s response to John Munger:

Dear John,

Thank you for your invitation to meet next week to review your plan to address the state’s budget crisis. However, due to my ongoing work to resolve our fiscal crisis, I will be unable to attend your media event on Tuesday.

There is no need to wait for a campaign appearance to send along your ideas. I would truly appreciate your thoughts on how to address our budget concerns and would hope you will forward a copy of your plan to me for review immediately.

Likewise, I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with my plan which was delivered earlier today. My plan can be found at As you are aware, my administration has presided over the largest cuts to state government in the history of Arizona.

Today, general fund revenues in Arizona are roughly equivalent to those the State received in FY 2004. Since that time the State has added 146,000 new students, 11,600 new prisoners and over 475,000 new Medicaid enrollees.

To address this structural deficit, I have already signed into law over one billion dollars in cuts and am advocating for roughly an additional billion dollars more in spending reductions;

– Reduce AHCCCS rolls by eliminating 310,000 individuals from coverage
– Eliminate 47,000 children from the KidsCare program
– Reduce services for 17,000 seriously mentally ill adults, approximately half of that population
– Eliminate cash assistance for 10,000 families
– Places a hard cap on day care assistance and eliminates services for more than 10,000 children of low-income working families
– Close the Department of Juvenile Corrections, transitioning the custody of minors to county detention centers and laying off an additional 900 State employees
– An across the board cut in employee pay of 5%
– Re-directs lottery revenue streams to meet the crisis at hand

Finally, you will see I am attempting to maintain 2006 funding levels for K-12 education and our State’s Universities to ensure that we do not eat the seed corn of our economic rebirth.

Again, thank you for your gracious invitation and please accept my apologies for being unable to attend your event. I wish you luck and look forward to reviewing your ideas for moving forward.


Governor Jan Brewer



  1. Kids and the disabled get cut first? Just need to make anyone asking for budget cuts look like Scrooge meanies.

    How about not buying into that tactic?

    How about putting up the current state budget online with a full description of each line item and let the PEOPLE decide what they find useful and what isn’t.

  2. That response from Brewer sounds sincere to me. I wonder about the when as far as closing the Department of Juvenile Corrections goes.

  3. While these cuts are necessary and I agree with downsizing government in all possible areas, the hope is that the non-profits and social support mechanisms of our various religious communities will look to address these government shortcomings and expand their offerings to those within our community that have the greatest need. Government is not the answer to our social ills, we are.

  4. Redman:


    Charitable work and social assistance programs should be left entirely to religious institutions and voluntary non governmental associations.

    This is a huge area where the hand of government intrusion should be removed!

  5. This was not written by the gov. Chucky has written things like this for decades. It will be interesting when we get to candidate debates to see ow she does without staff. I am actually surprised that she even wants to run on the taxpayer dime that REQUIRES her to participate in the debate process.

    I am NOT a Munger supporter, but he called her bluff and she folded like a wet napkin.

  6. Buckeye Bill says

    Brewer neglected to mention she intends to keep the flood gates for illegal aliens wide open. Grant “Amnesty Now” Woods is her campaign manager.

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