PR: House & Senate Joint Statement Regarding Brewer Legal Threat

For Immediate Release: June 15, 2009

Senate President and House Speaker issue joint statement in response to the governor’s threat of legal action on budget bills

“It is regrettable that we now have another delay in negotiations. It is unfortunate the governor is seeking to involve the courts in an ongoing budget negotiation while the Legislature is still in session. It delays and obstructs the process.”

Senate President Bob Burns
House Speaker Kirk Adams


  1. I had dinner last night with a couple from California who were personal friends with the Reagan’s and she worked in his Presidential administration. Of course, the political aspect of our two states and the budget came up.

    After getting over their dismay that we had a GOP majority that allowed this situation to occur, they were first somewhat taken aback that a GOP Governor would go to the courts against a GOP legislature. Then they said taking this stand-off to the courts is what should be done. Take the posturing out of things and force those who have been elected to get the job done. This budget mess is no big surprise…how long have the charts and graphs been out there? How many months, or years, have gone by since this decline began?

    The lege can hold off and try to find magic money somewhere else…it ain’t there! The mandatory spending increases, voter approved and protected mind you, cannot be undone without lawsuits…the state will lose and it will cost even more to defend it. The gap is too big. No amount of deferred payments, roll-overs, sweeps, and cuts will get you there unless we close every prison, shut down CPS, and totally abrogate the Constitutional obligation to a “as free as possible” public education.

    Keep your fingers in your ears and sing la-la-la-I can’t hear you-la-la-la…it isn’t going to change the fact that between the voters and the weak kneed legislature we have a deficit that cannot be made up in the budget alone.

    Go Jan!

  2. Having a slick budget and watching what you spend would help alot of places out this year for sure.

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