PR: Gosar Secures Bryan Martyn Endorsment




Flagstaff, AZ. Dec. 9, 2009: Dr. Paul Gosar’s congressional campaign efforts continue to gain momentum with Pinal County Supervisor Bryan Martyn’s endorsement of the Republican contender to replace Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona’s First Congressional District.

Martyn is the only Republican Supervisor in Pinal County and has been focused on bringing more jobs to the area since being elected in 2008.

“Residents in Arizona’s First Congressional District want to know what their candidates stand for, what they envision for the future of Arizona, and, perhaps most importantly, that they have the best interests of the community at heart. Dr. Gosar embodies all of these things,” Supervisor Martyn said of Gosar, a 25-year resident of Flagstaff with his wife and three children. “He’s a small businessman with a keen grasp on the needs of rural Arizona, and the perfect ‘everyman’ to stand up to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal Congress.”

“I’m honored to have the support of Supervisor Martyn,” said Gosar. “I’ve been a longtime admirer of his policies, his stance on the Second Amendment and his aspirations for Pinal County.”

The 50-year old husband, father of three, hunter and sports enthusiast has been traveling all over Congressional District One for the past several months emphasizing that Congress needs more people from the real world like himself, not the lawyers, lobbyists and politicians currently embodied by Kirkpatrick and the other GOP candidates in the field. Gosar was previously named Arizona’s “Dentist of the Year.”

The pro-life, pro-Second Amendment candidate has also been emphasizing spending restraint and more openness and ethics reform for Congress.

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  1. Veritas Vincit says

    Ok, outside of some quarters of Pinal County (where Sandy Smith is still believed to be a Supervisor), who in CD-1 knows who Bryan Martyn is and more importantly, who outside of Flagstaff in CD-1 knows who Paul Gosar is?

    Bradly-no-funding Beauchamp is everywhere and everyone knows Rusty the-singing-artist Bowers is lumbering down the campaign trail… and lurking like a stealth bomber is that champion of Republicanism, the Big Mac of Arizona Bill Konopnicki!

  2. Isn’t it funny that Gosar, whose network does not go beyond dentists at all (check his donation records–over 90% of his money has come from dentists), forks out some money for a hired political gun, Jason Rose, whose network is very strong in Pinal County and what do you know–Gosar is suddenly getting high-level endorsements there.

  3. This one is laughable at best. Bryan Martyn does not live in nor represent anybody in CD1. The Conservatives on his side of Pinal County are stuck with the ‘Flakey’ arrogance of their “Republican” Congressman and have always been a little covetous of CD 1 – with all of its’ Conservative potential. This is indeed a Jason Rose stew. Check the Gill’s in Gold Canyon and see who they are getting funded by these days? Could be that the AJ/Gold Canyon RHINO mafia wants to push their way into CD1 any which way they can?

  4. Bryan Martyn says

    Just a quick clarification. I do represent over 100,000 citizens who reside within CD1 (San Tan Valley, Queen Creek and Florence). Take a look at Paul Gosar and you’ll see a conservative who can actually beat Kirkpatrick.

  5. Bryan Martyn says

    My bad… Only Florence in CD1; 20k citizens. Nonetheless, Paul Gosar is our best shot in CD1. Don’t get caught up in your anti-Gill/Martyn hype and lose sight of the goal of winning in 2010.

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