PR: Goddard & Dems Choose Partisanship Over Statesmanship

Jan Brewer for Governor


Goddard & Dems Choose Partisanship Over Statesmanship
Goddard Patronizes Women in Public Service and Remains Unwilling to Help Solve State’s Challenges

PHOENIX –– Attorney General Terry Goddard was disappointed in Governor Brewer’s State of the State speech yesterday. One of his biggest concerns? Brewer’s speech didn’t identify state and legislative leaders by their party label or focus on their differences in ideology.

According to the Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet Report, Goddard is quoted saying, “I was waiting for the words, ‘bipartisan effort’ and they never came out… I found that very surprising given the extraordinary challenges we have.”

What is more surprising is that Goddard missed Brewer’s call for everyone to “gather in the field” and to “be honest with each other and worthy of the trust” that all elected officials have been granted by the voters.

“Statesmen solve problems, politicians call for bipartisanship,” replied former Attorney General Grant Woods, “Who did he think the Governor was referring to when she said ‘we’ 74 times and ‘us’ 19 times throughout the speech? Ignoring the rallying cry for everyone to work together is just playing politics. As his party’s presumptive gubernatorial nominee, Terry needs to come out of his shell and productively engage by offering solutions, not tired political rhetoric.”

In today’s Arizona Republic, Goddard personally insulted the Governor and her office as “That poor lady” and was reportedly disappointed with the Governor’s “tone.”

“As a woman who has dedicated a significant portion of my life to public service, I take offense to Goddard’s condescending tone,” said former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters. “The Governor has 28 years of experience in serving the public has shown strong leadership and strength in guiding the state through one of the toughest times in its history. Instead of recognizing that, Goddard dismisses and disrespects her and the office she holds.”

While Brewer did not mention political party a single time in her speech, Democratic leadership felt compelled to make partisanship front and center in their response referring to “Republicans” and “Democrats” nearly a dozen times in their press conference after the Governor’s address.

“Last year, Democratic leaders failed to provide a single vote for Arizona’s needed budget cuts after ratcheting up the spending and have stood silent on federal unfunded mandates and federal attempts to violate state’s rights protected by the Constitution,” said Doug Cole, spokesman for the Brewer Campaign, “Now they are hiding behind partisan rhetoric to shift the blame for the problem they caused while failing to be part of the solution. It is not acceptable leadership at this critical time in our state’s history to wait in the weeds until its safe to come out. Where’s his plan?”

As is customary, the Governor will release her detailed budget plan this Friday.

Arizona Democratic legislative leadership and Goddard watched as former Governor Napolitano rapidly expanded government and drove the state to near collapse and did nothing about it. Now that the problem must be solved, they are decrying cuts to the Government they have worked so hard to grow.

In their press conference, House Assistant Minority Leader Kyrsten Sinema spoke out against the Governor’s proposal for a voter-approved rollback of the Prop 204 Medicaid expansion. She proceeded to called Prop 204–with a price tag of $1 billion to Arizona’s deficit–a “middle class entitlement.” Sinema also admitted that “the cost of healthcare is too high for businesses and employees,” but offered no solution as to how Arizona should cover the short-fall to Medicaid or the additional burden that Obama’s healthcare plan would place on Arizona.

Brewer made an open request to all in her State of the State speech: “Tell us clearly how you would solve a $5 billion problem over the next 17 months. The suggestion box is wide open.”

When asked by reporters yesterday why no Democrats’ plan was ever introduced as a bill last year, House Democrat Leader David Lujan stated that they do not put their budget ideas into legislation until they have a majority–a convenient response for why the untenable plan they offered last session never saw the legislative light of day.

“What has to be done for the state of Arizona is beyond partisanship rhetoric. As Jan Brewer said, this is about doing what is right. If Goddard or any of the other Democrats have a solution, I recommend they take up the Governor’s offer and draft their ideas now and put them in legislation,” concluded Mary Peters. “We don’t need more insults and a ‘wait and see’ attitude. I encourage them to replace rhetoric with an actual plan on paper instead of having to wait for their opinion until after something is passed like their solution for Obamacare. Otherwise, all of the complaining will continue to ring false.”



  1. While I think thos attack piece is pretty good and hard hitting I think her playing the gender card is pathetic.

    He was not attacking her because she is a woman he would say the same types of things if vernon parker or dean martin were governor. When she does that it is a big turn off.

    Also she says goddard should present his budget for legislation… He is not a member of the legislature so he can’t exactly do that…

    But finally someone is throwing punches at the other side in this race and not just other fellow gop candidates.

  2. Still shucking that tax increase?

    Why not pony up, get the waiver from the feds, so you can still cut the budget and keep the federal matching dollars?


    You do NOT have to “spend a dollar to get two.”

    All our good governor has to do is her job, asserting Arizona’s interests to the feds, and BRING ARIZONA DOLLARS HOME TO ARIZONA.

    No state spending needed to do it and no tax increase!

  3. Antifederalist says

    Brewer wants Dem help on the budget, then when they snipe at her a little she attacks them? Is she nuts? You don’t attack those you want help from. More proof that the woman is just incapable of working with the lege…EITHER side of the aisle.

    Also, she’s releasing her budget plan in a Friday dump at the end of a news cycle? What clown is running her operation? This suggests to me that she has no plan, or at least one with few details or doesn’t work. Likely, it’s going to be the same rehash of the same tax increase shes been peddling unsuccessfully all along. Great recipe for success! If she REALLY had a workable solution or WANTED her plan to get scrutiny, she’d release it on a Monday or a Tuesday.

    This riposte is more proof that Brewer needs to just retire gracefully. Brewer didn’t need to respond to the Dims’ inane responses. Their solution is simple and it’s the same as the Dims on the national level to boot: spend, spend, spend and waste while you’re in the red. The Dims are hanging themselves and Brewer only alienated them by attacking back. Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

    Finally, her claim that Goddard is being misogynistic is just weak. Smells of desperation. What she should be smelling is her own political demise.

  4. Antifederalist says

    If, as some have suggested, she wants to peel off Dims to vote for her budget, they’ll be relevant. So, again, if she wants to peel Dems, why upset them by attacking them? It’s counterproductive.

  5. Oberserve – why do you think the feds will give the state a waiver? Guess what – the state won’t be eligible for a waiver if it lowers the percentage of the budget being spent on education from what the percentage was the year before.

  6. todd, you are incorrect that the state will not be eligible for a waiver if it lowers its % of the budget being spent on education.

    That’s the POINT of a WAIVER, the elimination of the requirement to spend the required % to get the match.

    Other states have done it and were given IMMEDIATE, INSTANTANEOUS waivers.

    Brewer hasn’t even tried because the 1% TAX INCREASE is more important to her (and her investors) than representing Arizona and Arizonans.

  7. I notice that Brewer is attacking Goddard from a p.c. position much in the same manner as Mike Steele is attacking Harry Reid.

    This trait among Establishment GOPPERS surrendering long term creditability to score short term points is ridiculous.

    But then we’re not dubbed “The Stupid Party” for nothing!

  8. Did she just place the gender card? I thought we left that to the Demowhiner paraty and their leftist feminazis?

  9. Oberserve, I think you don’t understand what the maintenance of effort requirement is. It requires the same spending in total dollars as in 2006 or the same spending per pupil ( the state had a choice over which to use and AZ choose total spending). I am talking about the same percentage of the budget. This is the requirement to get an education waiver.

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