PR: Franks Clarifies “Enemy of Humanity” Comment

Congressman Trent Franks Clarifies “Enemy of Humanity” Comment 

September 29, 2009 – Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) issues the following statement today regarding controversy over his remarks made at the “Take Back America” Conference this last weekend in St. Louis, MO: 

“My recent comment regarding President Obama was specifically related to the President’s policies on abortion. For that reason I should certainly have said ‘UNBORN humanity.’ 

“To be clear, my impression of President Obama is that of a man with genuine noble impulses. When I first met him in the White House, he was very warm and civil to me and I certainly tried to genuinely return that civility. I handed him an “Open Letter” at the time, published in Human Events on the day of his inauguration, pleading with him as he was sworn in on the Lincoln Bible to consider the plight of the unborn and to realize, as Lincoln did with slavery, the plight of a forgotten portion of our society even if the Supreme Court has labeled them as less than human, as they did with slaves in the Dred Scott decision. 

“But the fact remains yet today that President Obama has quickly established himself and his Presidency as the most radically pro-abortion Administration in American history.” Franks stated. 

“Since his days in the Illinois State legislature, President Obama has established himself who not only passively, but actively, passionately opposed to protecting the innocent unborn. He even took to the floor of the State Senate to speak against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act — the only Senator to do so — which would have protected living, breathing, crying babies who were born alive as the result of a botched abortion. President Obama fought against a bill that would have given those children medical care instead of leaving them to die in soiled utility rooms. 

“Since then, the now-President Obama has maintained his radical pro-abortion stance. Only three days after taking office, he overturned the Mexico City policy in order to allow taxpayer dollars go to fund overseas abortions. He has subsequently continued to surround himself with the staunchly, overtly pro-choice political appointees, including Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who had deep ties to the infamous late term abortionist George Tiller, and Science Advisor John Holdren, who has written favorably about forced abortions. The President has also increased funding for the UNFPA, the UN population agency that supports the Chinese ‘one-child policy’ including forced abortions and forced sterilizations, and the Obama Administration has promoted an unlimited right to abortion at a United Nations meeting. 

“These are just a few of the items in President Obama’s expanding pro-abortion resume despite his claim that the issue of when life begins is “above his pay grade.” Similarly, the President’s health care plan, as it stands, will also include hidden taxpayer subsidies of abortion, the largest federal expansion of abortion-on-demand in America since Roe vs. Wade. 

“While I absolutely should have made the meaning of my statement more clear, the facts remain that these radical pro-abortion policies do not have place in a government founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights,” and chief among those rights is the right to life. Without that right, no others matter.” 

Note: Congressman Franks’ “open letter” to President Obama was published in Human Events on January 20, 2009, on the day of the President’s inauguration. The article can be accessed here:


  1. Yawn. The right has so diluted the word “Nazi” and “enemy of humanity” or whatever word can be slathered onto a posterboard and taken to the local tea party rally, who the hell cares anymore?

    Put Franks in the bin with the other crazies, and let’s move on to the adults.

    And, to be frank, this would be much more interesting if the story involved hookers somehow.

  2. Said by a man calling himself Klute— how about calling yourself Alfie from now on.

    Oh and by hook or by crook, leave your mom outta this Klute! She can’t help that she needed a job when you were young… 🙂

  3. Gayle,

    Any other person I might take offense, but despite your wildly screwed up political ideology, you’ve got a good heart.

    But let me respond to the assumption that I took the name from the movie with a haiku:

    Didn’t take my name
    From that Jane Fonda movie,
    But thanks for playing.

    If you *can* guess where I got it from (and it is pop-cultural), I’ll be impressed.

  4. “…despite your wildly screwed up political ideology.”

    And I mean that in the nicest way!

  5. Tom Withers? (formerly of The Stupids)

  6. Annie,

    Nope. Also a common assumption for those who are musically literate (not a huge fan of drum n’ bass myself).

  7. Ironically the leftist Sandinistas would (at least in theory) agree with Franks. Their party’s anthem (and former national anthem) refers to the Yankee as the “enemy of humanity” (“el yanqui, enemigo de la humanidad”).

    I’m glad I’m not from the north! 🙂

  8. Somehow, in this twisted world of 1984, a person who believes in killing babies in the womb is considered squared away, and a person who states that the killing of those babies as being anti-human is identifies as being crazy — people who kill babies are labled as compassionate people and those who try to protect both the mother and the baby are called heartless. Orwell was right!

    Thanks Trent for calling it like it is! The majority of Americans agree with you, and that is the mainstream, not right-wing.

  9. MaricopaGOP,
    Beautiful! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  10. I’m really disappointed with Gayle Plato’s comment (number 2 above). I thought she had more class.

    Abortion is a very highly charged issue. Words can be focused on the person or on the issue.

    In today’s NY Times, Thomas Friedman deplores the increasing chorus of toxic rhetoric toward President Obama as a person. Friedman rightly recalls the words used to demonize Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin right before he was assassinated by a right wing fanatic. The rabbis, Likkud politicos and other persons who held ritual dances calling for his death didn’t actually pull the trigger, but they must have known that sooner or later one of their softer headed followers would take things into their own hands and remove the devil from their midst. See:

    I deplored President Bush’s policies but would never set up a Facebook poll asking whether he should be assassinated.

    Rep. Franks’ comments about Obama being an enemy to the unborn don’t use the word “murderer” but it’s fairly implied. It doesn’t take much for a soft headed nutcase to draw his or her own conclusions and take it from there. Rep. Franks is a congressman and should keep the focus on changing the law and electing people who agree with him. What we don’t need are incendiary words that might be reasonably interpreted to mean that it’s God’s will to change the president by whatever means necessary.

  11. Freethinker,

    In regards to comment 2,

    Unlike “antifederalist”, who seems to take a perverse, almost sexual thrill in referring to me as a Nazi, or Veritas Vincit who seems to be a little off, I understood what Gayle was going for… Not that my actual mother was a prostitute, but that I was the son of Jane Fonda, who played a prostitute. A poorly constructed joke, and I’m not offended.

    God knows, I’ve been guilty of that on more than one occasion.

  12. I’m glad you set me right on that Klute. Thank you. I’ve been admiring your posts for quite awhile and appreciate how you help keep this site from being a right-wing echo chamber.

    Gayle – my apologies. Your posts are always well-written and you seem very thoughtful. I have a young child too so we share that in common.

    Issues like abortion are so incredibly difficult. I personally support tightening up access to make it truly “safe legal and rare” with emphasis on the rare. I wish President Obama and the Congress would do more to back up their rhetoric in that regard with action. I know that won’t go far enough for some and that it goes too far for others, but we can’t help the extremes on either side. I think most Americans don’t want it used for casual birth control yet at the same time don’t want us going back to the days where poor girls go to back alley quacks while better off ones fly to Canada or Europe to get it done.

    We’ve survived lots of horrible challenges in our history and I’d still rather live nowhere else. God Bless Our Wonderful Country!

  13. The size and scope of enemy that Obama is to humanity, especially “unborn humanity” as Franks says, is of world-historical significance; this is not just a local-level enemy.

    Who among you supports murdering a baby AFTER it is born?

    And who among you supports a legislator who would make this legal?

  14. @ T$: Abortion will happen whether it is legal or illegal. According to the Guttmacher Institute, the countries with the harshest restrictions on abortion have some of the highest rates. The argument regarding the morality of abortion is a moot concerning the legality of it; either it is legal and therefore safe, or it is illegal and therefore unsafe. Comprehensive sex education and access to contraceptives are the only way to reduce abortion rates, so I sincerely hope you advocate for those issues with your legislators.

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