PR: Dana Kennedy, Partisan Charity or Personal Enrichment?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Questions About Personal Enrichment Via Partisan Charity Emerge For Phoenix City Council Candidate Dana Kennedy

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. OCTOBER 20, 2009. While it’s unknown if U2 will sing “Vertigo” at University of Phoenix Stadium tonight, it’s almost certain Phoenix voters will catch a case of political vertigo after learning of council candidate Dana Kennedy’s personal enrichment via a partisan charity.

“Emerge AZ,” a charity run by Kennedy, was founded to train liberals running for political office. But tax records show that it is Kennedy herself who seems to be winning the most.

In the most recent tax filings available over half of the charitable monies raised were used to pay Kennedy herself. Only $1,000 was spent on “training,” the supposed intent of the charity, while some $6,000 were spent on parties.

Additionally, Kennedy appears to have failed to disclose her position as a board member for the same charity, creating even more questions about her conflicts of interest with the charity and reasons for hiding it.

“Creating jobs and providing remedies for the city budget situation are the two biggest challenges facing Phoenix today. But creating a job for one’s self via charitable donations is not effective or appropriate experience for helping Phoenicians getting jobs in this recession. And if Sal Diciccio’s opponent cannot ethically manage a small charitable budget how in the world would she be able to help with the second largest budget in the State of Arizona?” said Sal Diciccio for Council supporter and Phoenix neighborhood leader Alex Tauber.

For copies of the most recent tax records or additional comment please contact Jason Rose.


  1. Jason Rose… Oh please…

  2. ouch, I would never give to a charity that had more than a 5% administrative fee, much less one that is in the 50% range. So for every dollar raised, $.50 goes to her?

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