PR: Paton: Cook Report: Giffords More Vulnerable!

Over the weekend, the Arizona Daily Star called the Democratic Party’s attempts to downplay Jonathan Paton’s chances of winning in Congressional District 8 “whistling past the graveland.” Apparently, the Cook Political Report agrees.

A week after Paton entered the Congressional District 8 race against Gabrielle Giffords, Cook has downgraded Giffords’ chances of winning reelection, changing their nonpartisan listing of the race from “Likely Dem” to “Leans Dem.” This comes just two months after Giffords voted for Nancy Pelosi’s health care bill, prompting Cook to move the race from “Solid Dem” to “Likely Dem.”

Giffords has already started using Paton’s entry into the race to motivate her supporters to donate more to her wealthy campaign operation. And the consensus that Giffords will have an easy ride to reelection is eroding in other ways, too, after Paton’s announcement. Phoenix’s Channel 3 discussed the race over the weekend, and called Giffords a “vulnerable Democrat.”

Paton was also mentioned by CQ Politics. In a story today titled “Can Democrats Reverse Free Fall,” the publication writes: “Right now, even with huge majorities in the House and Senate and control of the White House, Democrats appear to be in political free-fall.”

And on Friday, Inside Tucson Business said: “… more than any other Republican who has run against (Giffords) before, Paton will fight the fight.”

“Momentum is building for real change in Washington,” Paton said. “The support I’ve seen for new representation in this district just over the last week has been incredible. As I’ve said before, this won’t be easy. We’re challenging one of the richest political machines in the country. But I’m committed to holding Gabrielle Giffords accountable in this election for rubber-stamping one Nancy Pelosi policy after another.”

“Join me and we can end one party dominance in Washington and get this country back on track.”


  1. Motivated Voter says

    Much as I’d love to vote for someone other than Giffords, Paton just did an entire interview with the AZ Daily Star where he failed to give a straight answer to any given question.

    Enough of that brand of politician. Next – ?

  2. He has a pretty extensive interview with the Saddlebrooke Republican Club here where he goes into a lot of depth on all of the issues, certainly more than what the other candidates have offered thus far:

  3. Paton’s positions can be found at his campaign web site. Just kidding. Paton has no campaign web site.

    But he da man!! He can win on press pieces alone. He don’t need no stinking web site! Campaign office? What for? Letting would be supporters know how to contribute or volunteer? Unnecessary.

    That stuff is for wimpy ass nobody’s like Kelly and Goss.

    With an average golf club Paton can send Kelly and Goss to Cleveland with a single stroke. Without campaigning at all he can slap Giffords back into tires.


    Jesse Kelly should stay on track and keep the pedal to the floor.

  4. CD 8 voter says

    I disagree with my fellow voter above… one of the reasons I am most excited about Paton entering the race is that he is actually willing to take a stand on tough issues and pick a fight when necessary. Look what he did with the Tucson city elections and how he fought against TUSD’s racist policies – finally a politician willing to do something and not just talk!

    The Republicans in CD 8 already had my vote. Now with Paton in the race I am excited about the candidate.

  5. downtownGOP says

    Paton is exciting because not only is he smart and experienced and right on all the issues but he can actually WIN! I agree with the previous post but I’ll add to the list. Paton also exposed all the waste with rio nuevo and took on CPS. To me that doesn’t sound like someone afraid to take a stand on the issues. I also never known him to be anything but humble. Go Paton!

  6. What I like about Paton is how he voted in favor of then Gov. Napolitano’s massive spending budget that caused our state’s current financial crisis and how is rated a Friend of Big Government by Americans for Prosperity.

  7. I guess the distinctions of campaign infrastructure no longer apply.

  8. I would just like to point out over the same period of time Mitchel’s race has not changed and this even with there already being negative ads on TV up by Salvino… and this is because the candidates in that primary continue to be a joke and unable to take advantage of their voter ID, we need some new candidates running in CD-%.

  9. More Conservative Than The GOP says

    What is Johnny talking about? You mean CD-5?

    CD-5 is a good district. JD has learned from his mistakes against Mitchell and is ready to move up, and without boatloads of DNC cash behind Mitchell, David Schwiekert is going is going to shred Harry-boy.

  10. More Conservative Than The GOP,

    Obviously I was talking about CD5 if you hold shift on 5 then you get %.

    I mention it because everyone says Mitchell is in trouble but there are no articles like this on Mitchell because the candidates running against him are doing a BAD job.

  11. I think Paton entering the race is great. He has a really good voting record, and he’s definitely the only Republican that can beat Giffords!

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