PR: CD-5 Republican, Jim Ward, Announces


Scottsdale Resident Jim Ward Declares Candidacy For Arizona’s 5th Congressional District

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) June 4, 2009 — Arizona businessman Jim Ward becomes a Republican candidate for Arizona’s 5th Congressional District today with the filing of official papers with the Federal Election Commission.  This district includes the cities of Scottsdale and Tempe, sections of Chandler and Mesa and the Ahwatukee portion of Phoenix.  Representing what he calls “the right kind of change,” Ward vowed to work for prosperity and opportunity for all Arizonans. 

“I’m not a professional politician.  I’m a businessman and I know from experience that there’s the right kind of change and the wrong kind of change.  I’m deeply concerned that this country is making the wrong kind of change,” said Jim Ward, in announcing his candidacy.  “I believe my years of experience in the private sector have prepared me especially well to deal with the unique challenges that face our state, particularly the need to diversify our economy.  The right kind of change is to invest in the free market, not government, particularly in those entities that actually create jobs, like small businesses with the proper tax incentives to do so.” 

Before formally announcing his intention to run, Ward traveled throughout the district and engaged residents to get a sounding as to the viability of his candidacy.

“I’ve been across the district and around the state and the message I keep hearing is clear,” Ward said.  “The people of Arizona want a candidate that represents their diverse backgrounds, a candidate that can win and a candidate that has a unique skill set to take to Congress and they’re ready for the right kind of change.”

Ward has had a successful career spanning over 25 years in advertising, high technology, entertainment media and entrepreneurship.  He is currently a Venture Partner with Alsop Louie Partners.  His primary focus: to grow and attract businesses to Arizona.

Prior to his current role, Ward was President of LucasArts and Senior Vice President of Marketing and Distribution and Online at Lucasfilm, Ltd. where he managed the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.  Ward began his career in advertising and was involved in several major global product introductions including Apple’s PowerBook, Microsoft’s Windows ’95 and Nike’s partnership with Tiger Woods. 

Jim Ward currently serves on the Economic Development and Public Policy Advisory Boards of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce and is an advisor to Arizona State University’s SkySong Innovation Center.  He is a Legislative District 8 Precinct Captain of the Pinnacle South Precinct for the Republican Party.

Ward has been named one of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Marketers and he has earned two prestigious Gold Effies and a Grand Effie award from the American Marketing Association.  He has served as Chairman of the Entertainment Software Association and was nominated for an Emmy in 2007.  He is particularly proud of being named Thunderbird’s Alumnus of the Year with Distinction in Marketing in 2000, and winning Hanover College’s Alumni Achievement Award in 2003. 

A native of Rockford, Ill., Ward received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hanover College and a Master’s degree in International Management from Thunderbird School of  Global Management.  A classically trained pianist, Jim Ward and his wife Dawne have been married 25 years.  They have two children and reside in Scottsdale, AZ.

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  1. Iris Lynch says

    The Chamber of Commerce continues to thwart every effort to reduce illegal workers in our state. To me, society breaks down into unspeakable problems when the basic application of the law is thwarted. And we see the likes of Sheriff Joe Arpaio being hammered for doing the job he is supposed to do. Whether you like his personality or not is truly irrelevant.

    The unemployment figures are just out and they show the efficacy of our state laws. Our state has a slightly lower unemployment rate while the nation’s has increased. There are reasons for these figures. Could it be that the LAWS we have in AZ that limit illegal alien workers and allow our own citizens to have jobs they otherwise would not have be a factor? I believe so.

    Let us be careful that we continue to elect representatives who will actually represent our needs and not the sole needs of ‘business’.

  2. “…where he managed the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.”

    Was he responsible for Jar-Jar Binks?

  3. No way in hell this joker can beat Harry Mitchell. Are we just trying to keep this seat in Democrats hands?

  4. I wonder how long he thinks voters should need to wait for an issues link on his web site?

    And “the right kind of change”? A catchup to last years hip catch phrase. How un-hip.

    He must think that money can buy votes. I can hope that he is wrong.

  5. Jim Ward’s resume is impressive; it is good to see successful businessmen (not educated as a lawyer) have a desire to branch out into politics. I have no idea if he is qualified to represent CD5 or if he has the skills to beat Harry Mitchell, but I certainly plan to give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to what he has to say. Comments to discount him or comments unrelated to the specifics of his political views are misplaced.

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