PR: Brewer: ‘Where’s Lujan’s Budget Plan?’

Jan Brewer for Governor


Dem opts for rhetoric and outdated website over protecting education and public safety

PHOENIX –– The campaign for Governor Jan Brewer today urged Rep. David Lujan, House Minority Leader in the Arizona Legislature and now a candidate for Attorney General, to either produce a realistic, concrete proposal for solving the state’s present fiscal problems or admit that he does not want to be part of the budget solution.

“Rep. Lujan continues to offer manipulation and political calculation when the people he serves need authentic service,” said former Attorney General Grant Woods, co-chairman to Governor Brewer’s campaign. “Despite his title and his ambition for higher office, his calls for leadership will continue to ring false, until he stops playing games and makes a positive contribution toward resolving the situation that he helped to create.”

Lujan told The Arizona Republic yesterday that his “line-by-line proposals” for balancing the budget can be found at a website — a website which has not been updated since last September and which holds no specific proposal for a budget solution. “He might as well refer us to the Magna Carta,” said Woods. “It probably has more direction for solving the budget crisis than his website.”

During a press conference last Monday, Lujan was pressed by reporters to introduce his ideas as budget bills. Lujan’s response: House Democratic leadership will only put their budget proposals in bill form if they have 31 votes — a majority of the House.

Woods responded, “Governor Brewer has proposed a way forward which has displeased some in her own party; perhaps Reps. Lujan and other Democratic office holders could show their good faith by doing the same, and then we could take them seriously.”

Lujan and other legislative Democrats continue to insist that they have been “frozen out” of budget discussions. “That is nonsense,” concluded Woods. “They have simply decided to put politics ahead of public service and refused to help the current governor protect education and public safety through this downturn. She has done the courageous thing; they continue to do the political thing.”



  1. Stephen Kohut says

    Gotta love Jan. She makes a mess and get mad at the minority oppostion for not cleaning it up for her.

    Dean Martin, the guy who keeps and counts all the state’s beans, has had a plan forever to get the budget balanced. If you have 2006 revenues you spend at 2006 levels. It isn’t rocket science. You can’t tax and spend your way to either a recovery or a balanced budget. jan, please step aside with the other RINO’s and let the fiscal conservatives fix the mess Napolitano made and you continued. Oh, that’s right, Dean is now running against you. What do you intend to do Jan when the state cannot pay back the $1.2 BILLION in short term lending to B of A that has to be paid off by the end of the fiscal year (June 30). Are you going to write them a big IOU?

  2. Deans fuzzy math says

    Dean Martin needs to go back to math class if he is to continue on. Dean forgets all the thousands of people that have moved to the state.
    Is he going to raise taxes to get to those revenue numbers? Those revenue numbers are before big tax cuts we’ve enacted since.

    My biggest concern? How does Deano explain his way out of voting for 3 of those disasterous Nappy budgets?

  3. Wess Roberts says

    What is wrong with you Dean Martin Kool Aid drinkers? Can’t you tell he is a phony? His is driven by blind ambition and cares nothing for Arizona or the Republican party. He will tell you what you want to hear just to get your vote. He says he wont raise taxes but doesn’t have a clue how to get balance the budget. As Lincoln said, you can fool some of the people all of the time.
    Dean Martin is just for Dean Martin.

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