PR: Brewer Spokesman on Dean Martin

Jan Brewer for Governor

Statement by Brewer Campaign Spokesman Douglas Cole Regarding State Treasurer Dean Martin

“The campaign welcomes Dean Martin into the race.

“Over the next year, Arizona voters will learn that there is only one candidate who has a proven record of consistent conservative leadership: Governor Jan Brewer.

“As Governor Brewer said in her State of the State speech, she will release her fiscal blueprint for Arizona’s future on Friday.

“Within the next few days, Arizonans should expect five other substantive, realistic proposals from these potential gubernatorial candidates on how they plan to fix the state’s fiscal crisis. The clock is ticking.”



  1. So far I haven’t made up my mind on which Republican candidate I will support in the primary, but I have made up my mind on which candidate I will not support, that candidate is Jan Brewer.

  2. Jefferson Smith says

    catsclaw: I was going to make some snarky remark about “The clock is ticking.” but I guess your post says it all: time’s up on Brewer. I think you are in the majority of Arizona Republicans.

    Our accidental governor is just that, an accident. Brewer doesn’t accidentally or automatically deserve Republican primary voter support. Let the campaign of ideas begin.

  3. Dean Martin earned my vote for Governor in 2006 when he authored Prop. 300. No more taxpayer college tuition subsidies for illegals claiming “in-state” student status.

    Until Martin authored and sponsored Prop. 300 the taxpayers picked up $15,000 of the $20,000 total for illegal aliens to attend Arizona Universities. A subsidy our American Citizen relatives were not eligible for.

    Martin knows what needs done and knows how to get it done. Brewer has failed to get a budget from a majority Republican legislature.

    Oh yeah. It’s a great day for Arizona. Dean Martin for Governor. Now.

  4. Her plan is a bad plan. And after a lifetime holding office she still wants us to wait even longer to get the details.

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    Over the nest year “… only one candidate who has a proven record of”

    Insisting on a tax increases
    Not getting along with her own Legislature
    Not being able to govern

    Yeah, real leadership. Stick a fork in her she’s done…

  6. Any plan is better than no plan?

    Your house is on fire, and your plan is to douse it with the nearest bucket of liquid.

    The bucket is full of gasoline.

  7. Brewer’s team must think if you say something that people are going to believe it.

    They must not have heard of a little concept called skepticism. Most of the media seems to believe that the legislature can be persuaded inch by inch to support an increased tax burden and yet even Randy Camacho admits that voters do not like higher taxes. The closer we get to election day the less likely a legislator is to vote for higher taxes.

    There are going to be further reductions in government spending.

  8. This part is funny:
    ““Over the next year, Arizona voters will learn that there is only one candidate who has a proven record of consistent conservative leadership: Governor Jan Brewer.”


  9. The best part is the “realistic proposal” line. Come on, Cole and these idiots have tried to pass a tax increase how many times? Is that realistic?


    When will Governor Brewer put out a “realistic” plan that has not been voted down repeatedly?

    On a side note, I can’t believe this guy is working for the governor and getting paid for these lame one liners. How about Brewer go and get some players from a varsity team and permanently bench these kids who don’t know shine from shinola.

  10. Calamity June says

    Sometimes it’s embarassing to live in AZ.

  11. Good luck Gov Brewer. You’ve got a tough primary. Right now my vote is with John Munger but I like Dean Martin a lot.

    I think the crowded primary may actually benefit Brewer–something I’m sure that Woods and Coughlin have already considered.

    She can do a lot for herself by doing a good job these next several months. The leg put forth some good business tax reforms last year that she wouldn’t go for. They also enacted cuts that she ultimately signed up for only spending continued at higher levels well into the current FY which worsened the budget situation. Brewer and Gould played a game of chicken that made things worse for the state and made both the legislature and the governor look bad in the eyes of many.

    It was bad enough that the Leg used to have to fight Napolitano but that they have to fight Brewer is absurd. I doubt things will go any better this year but I hope she surprises me.


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