PR: Brewer Releases Flood of Statements

Straight from the Governor’s Office, here are the press releases issued today:

Governor Brewer’s Statement on the Budget

Governor Brewer’s Call for a Special Session

Governor Brewer’s Statement on House Bill 2643 – “Trailer Bill” to Senate Bill 1188 explaning line item vetoes

Governor Brewer’s Statement on Senate Bill 1188 – The 2009-10 General Appropriations Act explaining line item vetoes

Governor Brewer’s Statments on Budget Reconciliation Bills

Governor Brewer Names John A. Greene as Chairman of State Board of Equalization


  1. kralmajales says

    Wow…she took those budgets apart! Wise, responsible, and great actions on a budget that was cobbled together at great haste by a group of Republicans that agree on little.

    Well done Governor. I know this isn’t over, but you have shown you stand for something.

  2. kralmajales says

    Jan Brewer may have just placed herself as the lead candidate for Governor (of both parties)…the one to beat…in 2010.

    Believe you me…she is the one to beat now. She will pull moderates, independents, some democrats who will remember how she took on her party to save education.

    All of this, yes, if she does not get pulled apart by the “philosophers” in your party.

  3. If Kralmajales is praising it, it's not conservative says

    Tick-tock, tick-tock, it’s like watching a clock run down observing Governor Brewer’s insistence on this tax increase gradually destroy her political future in the GOP. By vetoing the budget, shutting down state government, she’s demonstrated that she will do EVERYTHING possible to keep that tax hike referral in the budget, against GOP principles. She has been such a disappointment as governor. Next, please.

  4. I’m wondering how many special sessions she will call before legislators stop showing up for them.

  5. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Can anyone explain why Jan is so bent on getting the budget passed her way, with a tax increase? Why is she so diametrically opposed to going along with a majority of the Republican legislators? What is going on here? Is she trying to destroy the party? Has this merely come down to good ol’ fashioned pride? I’m serious on this one. Her steadfast opposition to the budget would be comical if it weren’t such a serious issue.

    I would appreciate thoughtful comments from Republicans on this one. I don’t care to read a liberal’s explanation (that means you, kral)

  6. kralmajales says

    Folks…what she is getting at here is that some in your party have gone too far. The way people see you is that we are in a massive budget crisis and that your solution is to cut taxes and cut spending which was already among the lowest in the country per capita. Business leaders, folks, don’t like what the right wing of your party is delivering. She is being responsible and is advocating a temporary tax. You can argue that she is is being stubborn, but look at yourselves???? Just for a second.

    She knows that know one likes taxes, this is a profile in courage. What she also knows is that education, transportation, public safety are things that you just don’t lop off for the sake of a mindless commitment to a theory that just plain doesn’t work.

  7. The Mole says

    She just signed he political death warrant. Brewer is listening to a bunch of has beens and counting on the liberal votes. It’s the “think of the children” argument. There are loud voices around her telling her this is what the people want. Jan is turning out to be short for Janet.

  8. Supporter of Goldwater Institute says

    How gutless is she to not sign HB2324, and allow it to go into law without her signature? It is a bill to allow individuals who are the lone employee of their business buy an insurance policy that is cheaper because it doesn’t have required insurance mandates. Only 10 legislators of the 90 voted against it. Are Paula Aboud and Meg Burton-Cahill her new favorite constituents?

    I will never collect nominating signatures for Liberal Jan Brewer!

  9. BSExpress says

    I just loves me a good Republican fight.

  10. kralmajales says

    The “think of the children” issue is real and not some weak knee’d response. You are stacking your bogus theory of less government is better against people who want their children educated in the best way posssible.

    Theory or reality…and reality with a clear voter interest…

    In a democracy, who loses?


  11. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Actually, in a representative government (which we have kral) you will most likely lose. The Republicans have passed the budget without a tax increase. I’m guessing that the final budget will not have Jan’s precious new tax.

    BTW, “less government is better” is not some bogus theory. We have plenty of examples of socialist, overbearing regimes that failed. Central planning, which is more government, doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure that that is not some bogus theory. You sure are one annoying liberal.

  12. I am very disappointed with the governor. I have helped her get elected in the past and have always liked and respected Jan. This is unforgivable.

  13. As someone who has seen the projections for next year there is no question that more revenue is needed. The budget gap will be much worse next year and the gimmicks the legislature used this year only make it worse. I am a strong conservative but the fact that I believe education is important and that there is only so much you can cut before government fails in its mandate to provide vital services makes me agree with Jan.

  14. Kral,
    Your position on Brewers re election has one hitch, the republican primary voter.

  15. CopperDome says

    Jan Brewer is taking some very risky (many say BAD) political advice. Besides the difficulty she will have in a primary, she has forgotten a fundamental truth that transcends politics.

    No one can serve two masters. This is especially true in politics. Brewer’s advisors are telling her to pander to the education and health/welfare community. They think enough of the Republican base will forgive her and vote for her in the primary, then the “middle” will carry her over the top on the general. Dreamland…

    For now, these people act like her friends because they want her to defend them from the “evil” conservatives who realize that no tax increase big enough to fill the hole we’re in could EVER pass. Nor could it possibly be temporary without creating another financial cliff in a few years. She couldn’t even stick to the conservative part of her “five point plan” that called for $1B in cuts. She said “no gimmicks” but didn’t have the backbone to follow through.

    Don’t forget, the rallying cry for the AEA has consistently been “NO cuts to education!” Some of them even think education funding should be increased immediately! The same is true of the welfare crowd. Brewer’s willingness to agree to any cuts at all precludes their support in 2010.

    Nothing Brewer does will ever be enough for the Left base at the end of the day. Once they’re done with her, they’ll dump her in a heartbeat for Goddard or whoever else wins the Dem primary. They proved in the last election that the truth is not an obstacle for them. They will say that there was another way, that education and/or the “poor” didn’t really need to be cut at all, and dump her.

    No one can serve two masters. And no governor can serve both political bases.

  16. It’s been said but let me emphatically echo:

    The teachers union and education folks will run to Goddard. It wouldn’t have mattered if Brewer had gotten the tax increase or not. They latch onto her now but in 2010 they would have run in droves to Goddard and badmouthed the governor no matter what she did for them.

    Copper Dome is absolutely 100% spot-on correct. None of these people would have been there to support her election bid. To think otherwise is foolish.

  17. What is it about establishment Republicans, that once in office (after campaigning as Conservatives) they kick their political base in the teeth!

    It’s a pity to see Jane morph into Carolyn Allen and worse, Janet!!

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