PR: Brewer Names Director of AZ Homeland Security


Governor Brewer Names Gilbert Orrantia
Director, Arizona Department of Homeland Security

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today named Gilbert Orrantia as the new Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Orrantia will guide the Department in it’s mission to protect Arizona citizens by providing strategic direction for enhancing regional capability and capacity to prevent terrorist attacks within Arizona; reduce Arizona’s vulnerability to all critical hazards; and minimize the damage and recover from all critical hazards that affect the safety, well-being and economic security of the citizens of Arizona.

“I am honored to add Mr. Orrantia to my Cabinet,” stated Brewer. “His extensive background and numerous years with the FBI will be invaluable, particularly during these volatile and dangerous times for our nation. His experience in the areas of counterterrorism, homeland security, drugs and organized crime will be a tremendous asset as we work diligently to keep our great state and citizens safe and secure.”

Most recently, Mr. Orrantia served as Director of Atalert Investigations and Consulting, performing major case investigations involving criminal, counterterrorism and homeland security matters. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and conducted in-depth witness and subject/suspect interviews using both languages. Prior to his time with Atalert, he spent 27 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent in Phoenix, New Mexico, Tennessee and Florida. In these roles, he gained in-depth, hands-on experience conducting and supervising complex investigations involving counterterrorism, drugs and organized crime. He also served as an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force Supervisory Special Agent supervising international and domestic terrorism investigations, which included overseeing special events and airport security matters. He also spent seven years investigating Colombian Drug Trafficking Organizations. Mr. Orrantia received his Bachelor of Arts from Arizona State University. His father, Gilbert Orrantia, Sr., is an Arizona native and a member of the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame.

“I want to thank the outgoing Director, Ms. Leesa Berens Morrison, for her dedication, hard work, and efforts in helping to establish Arizona’s Department of Homeland Security and for her willingness to engage in an effective transition process with the incoming Director,” said Governor Brewer. “She has served the State of Arizona and its citizens very well, and I wish her all the best.”



  1. Hometown guy says

    Who cares? Brett Mecum was arrested and tossed in the slammer for driving 109 on the highway. Way more interesting.

  2. Grumpy Gus says

    Does Jan Brewer really talk like that?

  3. Wow this is incredible! I’ve met Mr. Orrantia and he is quite a guy. He’s accomplished so many things in his life and he is the most capable man they could have choosen for this job. Congrats! And Good luck.

  4. Quit hating on the guy. I’m sure he’ll do amazing. Give him a chance

  5. Mesa, Az says

    That’s why he’s Brett Mecum right?

    And obviously, you care because you took the time to comment AND read this.

  6. I looooooove Gil!
    He’s awesome, and they couldn’t have picked anyone better.

  7. Cecilia says

    My husband and I met Mr. Orrantia as a child. Even then, he was exceptional. He has terrific parents and siblings who were always there for each other. Congratulations on such an outstanding choice. Buena suerte, Gil.

  8. Gilbert Jr. says

    I feel so honored to have my father picked for this job, and I know he feels the same. It humbles our family that he was chosen for the position. Thanks go out to all who have been supportive.

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