PR: Brewer Announces Bid for Second Term

Jan Brewer for Governor

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, November 5, 2009

Governor Jan Brewer Announces Bid for Second Term

Former Attorney General Grant Woods and Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Mary Peters announced as Campaign Co-Chairs

PHOENIX –– Arizona Governor Jan Brewer today formally announced her candidacy for a second term as the Governor of the State of Arizona. Brewer, who took the helm as Governor last January in the midst of Arizona’s record financial crisis, pledged to continue to make the tough choices and renewed her steadfast commitment to serving the people of Arizona.

“When I took office, I inherited a budget deficit created from years of overspending and living beyond our means. We have worked hard to start fixing this problem, and made some very tough, but necessary decisions,” said Governor Brewer.

She said her decision to run for election next year is based on a simple philosophy. “I have always been a mother first and an elected official second and have made every decision to run for office based on whether I believed I could help people. I have never run for an office because I was looking to move on to some other office.”

Governor Brewer also proudly announced two distinguished supporters as the co-chairs who will help lead her campaign committee: Former Attorney General Grant Woods and Former United States Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters.

Former Attorney General Grant Woods served as Arizona’s chief law enforcement agent and prosecutor from 1991 to 1999. During his time in office, Arizona reinstated the death penalty in Arizona. Woods was known as a populist Attorney General and a staunch consumer protection advocate and was selected by his peers as the nation’s top attorney general in 1995.

Woods said, “I have known Jan for a long time, and I can say that tough times call for a tough leader,” explained Woods, “She understands that the budget isn’t our only policy issue – there are going to be more tough decisions to make, and she has pledged that over the course of her term, she will address the big challenges such as healthcare including mental health, transportation, infrastructure, and protecting our environment.”

Mary Peters, a fourth generation Arizonan, served as the United States Secretary of Transportation under President George W. Bush from 2006 to 2009. Prior to her appointment, Peters served as Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration from 2001 to 2005. She also headed the Arizona Department of Transportation from 1998 to 2001, where she started her career as an administrative assistant 16 years earlier. Throughout her career, Peters, has been a champion for more responsive and smaller government focused on delivering maximum value for taxpayers. She continues to be an advocate for solutions that engage both the public and private sector and shares Governor Brewer’s passion for driving solutions intended to help people.

Peters said, Peters said, “Governor Brewer understands that we must create a business friendly climate to attract high paying jobs and business investment in Arizona. As we prepare Arizona for the next 100 years of economic growth, not only will we need tax reform, but education reform, creating more opportunities and a highly skilled workforce. Jan Brewer is the best candidate to lead Arizona for the next four years.”

Governor Brewer thanked Woods and Peters for their long-time service to the State of Arizona and the United States as well as for their willingness to serve as co-chairs in her bid for a second term. She also thanked all of her supporters for their already overwhelming response.

“There is still a lot of work to be done and it is clear to me to that this is the moment that I was born to serve. I am in this race to win and I expect great things for Arizona,” said Governor Brewer, “I would be honored for your vote.”


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  1. Food for thought:
    What would happen if a known conservative would run against Brewer as an independent. It would be a political suicide mission but, drastic measures could be necessary to save Arizona should Brewer survive the Republican primary.

  2. Scozzafava Recipe says

    Brewer will not survive the primary . . .

  3. If Brewer doesn’t survive the primary it won’t matter because she’s the only one with a chance to beat Goddard.

  4. Johnny he is right. I like Martin and think he is a nice guy. He would lose by double digits to Goddard and it would be ugly.

  5. We have already seen what would happen to Martin- it’s called Len Munsil.

  6. Dean Martin has won a statewide race. He is no Munsil.

    Neither Brewer nor Martin has previously run for governor. Brewer, who was no star as Secretary of State, has demonstrated she is unsuitable for the job while Martin has done a good job as State Treasurer.

    If either has a chance against Goddard, I would say it’s Martin.

  7. What I’m amazed at by this conversation are how many of you are already worried that whoever you pick is the underdog against Goddard. I thought you all were “Grrr! Tea Parties! Secession! John Galt! Grrrr!” and that the conservative movement is an unstoppable killing machine, like a great white shark mounted on tank treads with chainsaws for teeth… And you’re worried about Terry freakin’ Goddard?

  8. Dean Martin, the guy has a history of skimming campaign funds when he was a state senator. Dean Martin is just out for Dean Martin and remember he supported McCain puppet Lisa James for state chairman. Goddard would be better then Martin, in fact my dog would be better then Martin.

  9. Antifederalist says

    Your analysis is so flawed that it’s apparent that you’re a moderate-loving Brewer shill. (Look up my LONG history of leaving comments on this blog, I have NEVER hidden that I’m a friend of both Dean’s and Shane’s.) Len Munsil is no Dean Martin. Dean has legislative experience. Dean has a record of legislative accomplishment. Munsil has neither of these. He was untested and therefore found lacking by the voters. Dean has a proven track record of conservative legislative achievement. Additionally, he turned around the Treasurer’s office after the mess Peterson left. He’s also provided unprecedented transparency to the office. What exactly did Munsil do to let the voters know they could trust him? What record did he have to run on?

    And to RR,
    Let me guess, you’ve been drinking Bob Haran’s kool-aid (or you are that old fool). Dean has never skimmed campaign funds. If he did, why were there no criminal charges brought?

  10. Anti I did not say they were one in the same, just that they would suffer the same fate. Dean would struggle to raise money which would further handicap him. There is always himself he can pay though.

  11. Hey Klute, back away from the Daily Kos, and turn down Keith Olbermann. Seriously man, Joy Behar thinks you’re over the top and silly. “We all” don’t have a particular affinity for growling, secession, or invoking the name of John Galt. So you’re that guy that watches Anderson Cooper 360? I was wondering who that was. What is this unstoppable killing machine you speak of? Oh yeah, Planned Parenthood. Can’t liberals come up with a better candidate than an old, tired, played out Terry Goddard? What, Eddie Basha didn’t want any of that? Maybe in 20 years you guys will come up with a new candidate. It was Terry who said it himself, about wanting to “do for Arizona what Barack Obama is doing for America…” Yikes, bet he wishes he could have that one back.

  12. ““We all” don’t have a particular affinity for growling, secession, or invoking the name of John Galt.”

    Ok, so just the ones driving the party into the ditch then… If you could go ahead and thank the teabaggers for those two extra votes we’re getting in the House today for health care reform? That Doug Hoffman thing really helped us.

    As for Goddard, you’re absolutely right. And what’s hilarious is that “old, tired Goddard” is apparently unbeatable:

    “If Brewer doesn’t survive the primary it won’t matter because she’s the only one with a chance to beat Goddard.” – Jason

    “I like Martin and think he is a nice guy. He would lose by double digits to Goddard and it would be ugly.” – Johnny

    I could dredge up the other comments in the other threads about how Vernon Parker would lose, how JD Hayworth would lose, etc. etc.

    And I find that absolutely hilarious.

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