PR: Brenda Burns Files Petitions, Clean Elections Contributions


For Immediate Release: Monday, January 25, 2010

Former Senate President Brenda Burns Files Ballot Petitions Signatures with Secretary of State:
Republican candidate turns in nearly 11,000 signatures; Shows strong support in counties across Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ- Brenda Burns, former Senate President and House Majority Leader, today filed nearly 11,000 petition signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, furthering her campaign for Corporation Commission, and solidifying her position as a frontrunner for the nomination.

“I am proud of the level of support we’ve shown across the board,” said Burns. “From Maricopa to Yavapai, Coconino to Graham, we’ve shown strength in every county of the state.”

Burns was required to turn in just under 6,000 signatures. Her campaign turned in nearly 11,000—an excess of 80%. None of the other announced candidates for Corporation Commission have turned in their signatures to qualify for the 2010 ballot.

In addition to filing above and beyond the requisite signatures needed to secure a place on the ballot, Burns has also turned in just under 2,000 five-dollar contributions in order to qualify as a Clean Elections candidate. She is only the second state-wide office candidate to turn in qualifying contributions and signatures under Clean Elections this year.

Brenda Burns has a strong record of protecting taxpayers from government waste, and she plans to extend that record to the ratepayers of Arizona as their next Corporation Commissioner.

“The Arizona Corporation Commission deals with many issues that affect our state,” said Burns. “These issues affect the availability, affordability, efficiency, and reliability of providing energy to Arizona consumers.” Burns continued, “The rates it sets and the policies that drive those rates will have an increasingly significant impact on the future of all Arizonans. We need also to increase our focus on combating securities fraud, especially in these economic times. ”

Burns credits her vast network of volunteers for her campaign’s early success. “All the credit goes to our many volunteers across the state,” said Burns. “Without them, this would not have been possible, and I am so grateful.” Burns will still be collecting signatures because the Secretary of State will be accepting supplemental signatures sometime in May. “We want to continue to show support through this method,” said Burns.

On top of turning in all qualifying documents for the ballot and Clean Elections, Burns has received the endorsement of many in the conservative Republican movement in Arizona. She has won the support of the entire Republican congressional delegation, and many more leaders from across the state. View the list at



  1. Burns is going to be an excellent commissioner. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do over there.

  2. Brenda Burns will certainly be an asset to that office.

  3. Now that “global warming” has been exposed as the myth it is, the environmental true believer Democrats on the commission can be shown the door before they drive the State of Arizona further into the ditch!

    Brenda Burns is an excellent choice and I heartily congratulate her on this phase of the campaign!

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    Brenda Burns and Gary Pierce were both down at our Pinal 9-12/TP group in Casa Grande on 1/8. They are an impressive pair of candidates. They did an excellent job of Q&A in a room where people ask tough questions. We are not known for giving candidates softballs, most definately not our style. Overall we were impressed with both of them and both did well getting signatures and $5 donation. We have quite a few GOP PC’s in our group and we have been one of the main drivers for new GOP PC’s in Pinal so I think that both candidates should get good support in the GOTV for the primary.

  5. GOP Angler says

    I’m happy to see Brenda qualify for the ballot! She is one of the hardest working candidates out there, and she knows her issues. I hope she keeps up the momentum to maintain Republicans in at the Corporation Commission, we certainly need her there to keep our rates from skyrocketing. Let’s get out and support her!

  6. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Brenda is a brilliant woman, and will be a great addition to the commission.

  7. Brenda Burns is a class act. Smart and knows the process. Excellent choice. (Alright, we can all admit it: she’s easy on the eyes, too.)

  8. I agree with the other commenters … Brenda will make an excellent commissioner at a time when excellence is desperately needed. As others have pointed out, she instinctively has protected taxpayers, and soon she will be protecting utility ratepayers. GO BRENDA!

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