PR: Arizona Hispanic Republicans Launch New GOP Group

Arizona Hispanic Republicans Launch New GOP Group

For Immediate Release Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Contact: Communications,

Phoenix, AZ — On the eve of Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month, we are proud to announce the launch of Somos Republicans – a grassroots Hispanic GOP organization in Arizona.

Our mission and goals are simple: Increase Hispanic GOP voter registration; Recruit Hispanic Precinct Committeemen; Promote Hispanic GOP candidates; and get more Republicans involved and elected to office.

For far too long, Hispanic Republicans have been neglected and taken for granted. Somos Republicans has something to say: ?We are Conservative in our beliefs and we will be active in politics and shape the new Republican face!? We share the values and principles of the Republican Party, but our voices in the past have fallen on deaf ears.

When elected and party officials are quoted as saying such outlandish comments as, ?Operation Wetback; Change the Constitution because of too many anchor babies in our country; and all the terrorists are coming through Mexico (knowing full well that the 9-11 terrorists came from Canada when they overstayed their visas)? it is no wonder why Republicans continue to lose elections and registration advantages.

17% of eligible voters in Arizona are Latino. How many elections are determined with a margin of victory or defeat with less than 17%? — Almost all of them. Imagine the impact Latinos would have if all eligible Hispanic voters were registered to vote. Somos Republicans will work tirelessly to ensure that approximately 673,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Arizona are registered to vote, and will explain the Republican values of being pro-family, patriotic, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-religious freedom, pro-life, pro-Capitalism, supportive of the school voucher system, supportive of a strong military and national defense, against tax increases, for smaller government, and for humane immigration reform focusing on legalizing labor that would yield significant income gains for Americans and our households.



  1. I love how the release says when the GOP elected officials make racist comments against hispanics it is no wonder they register as Dems. And then right after that says just think if all latinos were registered to vote what an impact it could have…

    I am pretty sure the GOP has thought of this and decided against registering lations because it still has people calling hispanics wetbacks on on TV…

    I am of course not advocating one way or the other I just thought that press release was hilarious

  2. When/if you listen to the state-run media, you would almost believe that there are NO conservative Hispanics out there. Again the MSM gets it wrong. Welcome to the team, Somos Republicans!

  3. They failed to mention that the press release was issued on the day of Central American independence. I feel like a minority within a minority.

    BTW, we may recognize days like the 15th of Sept (or the 16th for those of Mexican heritage) and still be patriotic just as Irish-Americans recognize Saint Patrick’s day.

    Also, the 16th of September commemorates the events that led to Arizona’s independence from Spain or, rather, from nominal Spanish sovereignty.

  4. Keep Russell Pearce away from them or they will all become Democrats!!

  5. Who are they, and who are their sponsors and what are their guiding principles?

    Is another front for McCain in his re-election bid – that seems to happen every six years?

    Do they support open borders that directly assault our sovereignty?

    Do they support our Party Platform, including the Sanctity of Life?

    I don’t recommend a blanket endorsement of ANY organization until these questions are answered.

  6. MaricopaGOP,

    The principles/values can be found in the last paragraph of the Press Release.


    44% of the Hispanic population voted for George W Bush in 04. 31% of Hispanic population voted for McCain during the 2008 elections.

    It’s not make believe that New Mexico (normally a Red State) turned into a Blue state during 08 elections.

    Arizona is right behind New Mexico with regard to the Hispanic population, and in fact, Arizona has the 4th highest Hispanic population in the States.

    This is a good attempt for Somos Republicans to prevent the State of Arizona from turning blue.

    Liberals are hungry to turn it into a blue state.


  1. says:

    Arizona Hispanic Republicans Launch New GOP Group…

    When you listen to the state-run media, you would have to conclude that there are no Hispanic conservatives, well, anywhere on the planet.  Again the MSM is wrong.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the Somos Republicans.
    On the eve of Mexican Indep…

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