Poll: Will Arizona Voters Approve a Sales Tax Increase?

The good folks over at The Arizona Guardian can thank me later for driving some traffic to their website. I just received a tweet that The Guardian has posted a poll asking its readers to vote on whether they think Arizonans will vote for a One cent sales tax hike should it go to the ballot.

For months, many conservatives have been railing against a Republican agenda of raising taxes. It simply goes against our principles but even more realistically, it would do nothing to close our budget deficit. In fact, we strongly assert that it would actually prolong our recession, shun economic growth and dissuade businesses from starting or coming to Arizona.

Janet Napolitano set us up with the current crisis (sorry liberals, you can’t blame George W. Bush for the Arizona Budget Deficit and state spending!) while she ruled the roost here in Arizona. Unfortunately, Republicans have to clean up the mess and even more unfortunate, our current Governor has been on a tractor beam agenda to up the sales tax.

At this point take a moment to visit The Arizona Guardian website and vote in their poll. We will be watching the results despite their lack of scientific methodology.


  1. The Napolitano Deficit. (D for Democratic Party Deficit).

  2. The squishy lame Republican response is they support the referendum because they know the voters will oppose the tax increase.

    Translated that means, “I don’t have the backbone to cut spending, therefore, I’m going to vote to refer a tax increase to the ballot.”

  3. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    wanumba- owned and made bigger by the Republican Party since 2008- when they knew JaNo was leaving. A special session to address the growing budget deficit should have been called to make the last legislature face the music before they slunk out of office.

    Fully owned since 1/20/2009.

    Everything since then is fully owned and made worse by the lack of leadership in the Republican Party.

    You now own it. Now man up and deal with it, instead of whining about dems.

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