Poll this.

Arizona 8th covers a new Rasmussen poll on the senate immigration bill.

The Hill has an article on what awaits the senate bill once it gets to the house.

The proponents of the senate immigration bill chide people for being on the sidelines. NO! We are not on the sidelines. We are on the front lines of working to pay our mortgage, pay our taxes (80% of us pay more in social security than in income tax,) raise our children. Again the elites get it wrong. We are on the front line every day.

(I am listening to Laura Ingraham. Sounds like George W. has lost one more former ally.)


  1. Sounds like the effort to contact House members with our concerns should start now. A concerted effort in the House would stimulate Senators to rethink the possibility of being shut down by the lower house. The political fallout of complicity in a bill that is perceived as “bad’ then only to have us saved by someone who might challenge your seat, would not be a good thing.

    There is sufficient time to get this thing to be workable or go away. Any correspondence to House members should be cc’d to our Senators. Ownership of the solution is much more beneficial than to be merely viewed as an obstructionist.

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