POLL: Arizona Proposition 204 in Phoenix Business Journal

Phoenix Business Journal has posted a poll on Prop 204, asking “What do you think about the effort to continue a 1-cent sales tax for education?”

As of now, “NO” is winning by a margin of six points, but a strong showing in a survey like this can only help.

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  1. Say YES to a permanent source of education funding that the state legislature can’t steal.

    • Conservative American says

      “The direct appeal to voter emotions says that Proposition 204 will create a stable and permanent source of funding for K-12 classrooms. What it fails to say is that few of the dollars will actually reach the classroom and millions will go to programs that have nothing to do with education.”

      “Glaringly absent from the ad is any mention of the $100 million a year subsidy that will go directly to road building and public transit. Including the construction industry in the taxpayer-funded payout is a clever way to get contractors to help finance the pro 204 campaign.”

      “Also missing is any mention of funds sent to social service programs. Absent too is mention of the millions that will go to databases and monitoring that bypass the classroom.”

    • Say YES to the Arizona Education Association union Costa Nostra!

      K-12 enrollments in Arizona dropped for three straight years: 2008, 2009, 2010.

      In 2008-09, the enrollments dropped by 69,751!

      This was a direct result of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration – which scumbag unionites (teachers) opposed every step of the way.

      For the 2011-2012 year, there are only 79,339 more enrollments than there were in 2005-2006. That is an increase of only 5% in 6 years, but the union goons posing as “teachers” want guaranteed employment for a bloated, over-populated, teaching profession.

      Further, the unionites crafted Prop 204 to include “transportation”, so they could suck in street and road contractor $$$ to pay for their slick TV commercials dupe Arizona voters.

      The “for the children” ploy, which they have used before, is crap. It should say “for the union goons.”

      Tell the union to stick this PERMANENT, ONE BILLION PER YEAR TAX up their rear ends.

      Vote NO and HELL NO! on Proposition 204!

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