Politics on the Rocks Networking Event Featuring Dean Martin at the W Hotel

Thursday, March 11, 2010
6:00pm – 8:00pm
The W Hotel Scottsdale
7277 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ


Special note: Grover Norquist has sent us 100 hard back copies of his book “Leave Us Alone” to give to the first 100 guests at this event.”

Politics on the Rocks is honored to host State Treasurer & Gubernatorial Candidate Dean Martin at our networking event on Thursday, March 11th 6:00 PM at the W Hotel Scottsdale. We have the entire roof reserved for this very special event. Treasurer Martin was recognized by the Business Journal in 2004 as one of Arizona’s top community leaders. Dean has also been recognized nationally as “Hero of the Taxpayer.”

Dean Martin was elected in 2006 as State Treasurer, Arizona’s Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the prudent custody and management of state and local monies. The Treasurer also serves as the Chairman of the State Board of Investment, and State Loan Commission, as the State Surveyor General and on the State Land Selection Board. Treasurer Martin is currently second in line of succession to the Governor.

In January, Treasurer Martin officially announced his candidacy for Governor. Come hear Treasurer Martin speak about his plans to make Arizona one of the greatest states in the nation.

To view video from his official announcement please click this link: http://www.azfamily.com/news/politics/Dean-Martin-announcement-to-clarify-Arizona-govs-race-81313782.html

Politics on the Rocks had 400-500 people at our last event making us the largest Republican and Conservative networking group in the state. We are officially teaming up with Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform to take Politics on the Rocks to all 50 states. This month we are opening up our Colorado chapter of POTR.

We look forward to seeing everyone at one of our most important events of the year on Thursday, March 11th 6:00 PM at the W Hotel Scottsdale!

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Politics on the Rocks Executive Board

Evite RSVP: http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/THGZJCVYYLMOIKUYZXJA/DeanMartin


  1. Jonothan says

    I would rather vote for Montgomery Burns than Dean Martin. mostly because he’s a big part of the crisis arizona is in now? Yes. Because he voted for Janet’s budget 70 times? Yes, that too. Oh and that guy doesn’t have a clue.

  2. The Mole says

    Dean will make a great Governor. He warned loud and clear the State was getting into trouble back when Nappy was here. Guess what people, the sky did fall!

    I have heard talk about Transparency in government from all our elected officials. Dean got tired of the “talk” and did something about it. He put the Treasurer’s office records online for all to see. Dean understands it out money and we the people have a right to know how and where it is spent.

    The sea hag and her minion pushing the tax increase will soon be gone. She doesn’t get we want smaller government.

    Thanks Dean and I’m coming to this event! Great opportunity to meet the next Gov so we can get AZ back on track

  3. ? In Proxy says

    I can’t make it. Will someone please ask him to explain how and why he was such a huge supporter of Nappy’s?


    Mole-are you seriously looking to Dean Martin for smaller government?

  4. Jeffrey Lee says

    Wow. I was a Dean Martin supporter until today. I don’t see what you can possibly say to justify sponsoring her runaway spending.

  5. The Mole says

    Yep! You can nit pick all the out of context pieces you want, but I remember him getting in nappy’s face while most people were afraid. He has done a great job in the Treasurer’s office and knows how to work with the legislature. Brewer is a monumental disappointment.

  6. Why are the comments turned off on the post below this? Is JD afraid of something?

  7. Jonathan:

    How could Martin vote for Napolitano’s budgets when he occupies the office of State Treasurer?

  8. ? In Proxy says

    Carlist he was a State Senator before. Didn’t you watch the video?

    Mole a voting record tells me how a politician is going to act. Treasurer is an administrative job and requires no real leadership.

  9. The Mole says

    And yet he was still able to lead. Something brewer has never done.

  10. ? In Proxy says

    Lead? To what? What did he change?
    Better yet what did he do to justify or make up for being in bed with Napolitano all of those years?

  11. Disappointed. I had just started my research and was even going to go to this event. I have seen what I need to know though. We all see where politicians get us when they are “for it” before they are “against it.”
    Pass on Dean Martin.

  12. Arizona Ranger says

    Dean Martin is exactly the kind of solid, conservative Repblican that our state needs now, more than ever! He was extremely vocal when the legislators and our previous governor (of whom we will not speak her name) were refusing to be responsible for the tsunami of spending that came out of the Capitol! Yes, he DID speak up and try to warn our elected officials, but it fell on deaf ears.
    Dean is an extremely conscientious and dedicated public servant who has been one of the few lone wolfs barking about our spending and the unavoidable deficits it would produce. He KNEW that our state income was going down and asked that changes be made three years ago! Did whats her name do anytinhg? NO she did not and look at what our current legislators have to face: REAL hard decisions!
    We need someone in the Governors seat who wants to balance our spending with our income-not raise taxes to meet the spending.
    Come out and meet Dean Martin-our next Governor!

  13. ? In Proxy says

    Arizona Ranger we have all seen the video you must have missed. You can’t claim to be a conservative republican when you sponsored the very bills you then turn around and criticize.

  14. You can’t claim to be a conservative when you want to increase taxes. Brewer never was a leader, she just parrots back what he shills tell her. Most are posting here I see. Martin warned Napolitano the State was overspending. He worked with the legislature to keep the State solvent. He actually did something about transparency.

    Brewer never even got out of college. She is our unelected accident we all thought would help lead us out of the mess Janet left. Jan, Janet almost the same.

  15. If these budgets that Martin voted for were so bad WHERE WAS JAN BREWER?! I don’t remember her taking a high profile in opposing them, in fact these budgets were supported by nearly all legislative Republicans

  16. ? In Proxy says

    Roger that doesn’t answer for what Dean did. At least Brewer has a response and reason for her actions. I may disagree with her but I’ll give her credit and possibly my vote for being honest about it.

    Sarah Jan was on the Board of Supes or Secretary of State. Lots of Repubs voted for them but none of them are running for Governor on the “I’m the one that told you so” platform.

  17. And while on the B.O.S. Jan backed the Jim Bruner plan to create a special district to dump the cost of then, Bank One Ballpark on the back of the taxpayers!

    I see where she’s picked up the McCain habit of accusing opponents of her peccadillos!

    But the Woods-Coughlin teams will bite the dust in August!

  18. Joe Says:
    March 2nd, 2010 at 6:44 pm
    Why are the comments turned off on the post below this? Is JD afraid of something

    Uh, because it’s a boilerplate press release to advertize a function?

    What’s to comment on – the grammar, the venue … you prefer a merot instead of a zinfandel for cocktails?

  19. ? In Proxy says

    Carlist I don’t really see how the two are even comparable but this isn’t about Brewer. My question lies with Martin-and remains unanswered.

  20. Jan Brewer is the incumbent here…the questions should be directed at her.

    On a daily basis she offers proof of fiscal performance and frankly its shameful. Not only that, the progressive math in that Jan Brewer video is especially noteworthy. Dean Martin’s term as a Senator and Napolitano’s term as Governor overlapped a mere 3 fiscal years–not four! And how does one state senator vote 70 times in three years for one governor’s budget bills? Jan needs to retire Grant Woods and hire one of Obama’s Olympic number crunchers like the one who counted 30 jobs saved in AZ-CD15. Now there’s a champion.

    Jan Brewer and John McCain both have a penchant for throwing rocks from their glass houses. Their campaign claims amount to lunacy along with the fact that they don’t have a clue that people actually know the truth about their records.

  21. ? In Proxy says

    Jane are you really saying Martin shouldn’t be responsible for addressing why he voted for all of these budgets?

    Brewer is at least cutting government spending-not adding to it by leaps and bounds like Dean did here.

    The votes are for four fiscal year budgets. Are you trying to say he didn’t take those votes?

    The most telling thing about all of this is the fact that Martins only response is deflection. If that’s how this is going to go-old Deano will have flame out of this race before the Summer heat rolls in.

  22. Proxy, I’m saying Jan Brewer’s video claims are b-o-g-u-s. Boy, you’re the one skilled in the art of deflection–not Martin. One glaring yellow flag from that video: Martin was not in the Senate for four fiscal years while Nappy was governor. Jan Brewer is a sitting governor making the sort of fiscal history that defies logic. She! needs to defend her! performance. Instead, she’s cruising the low-road authoring erroneous propaganda. Brewer is still fighting for sustained funding for Arizona’s sham of an education budget, the same bloated, corrupt, and out-of-touch budget Napolitano installed. Brewer is still pressing for more taxes and fees from people who are out of jobs. Brewer is still criticizing the people trying to reduce spending. The concept that cuts were achieve overall hardly go to her credit. By my calculations, Dean Martin has spent more years challenging spending than voting for it. Compared to Brewer, Martin passes the smell test by a yard.

  23. Politics on the Rocks with Dean Martin…comments on.

    Republican Professionals with JD Hayworth…comments off.


  24. VoiceInTheWild says

    Reasons not to go to Politics on the Rocks – Young Republicans drinking, Young Republicans carousing … sets the wrong image of the party – it makes Republicans and Martini seem linked.

    As for Dean Martin, the personal tragedy in his life last year – I can’t imagine how one picks up and runs for the top state office right after that. I could see him turn around and easily have run for re-election as State Treasurer, but not for Governor.

    Plus, I’ve seen a young LD house candidate following him around. Is there love on the campaign trail?

  25. Voice in the wild:
    You are sick. Let’s see, Dean’s wife and son die and he can’t run for governor? What? I would say it takes a strong man to keep going after that. I admire him for that very reason. Would there be anything wrong with love on the campaign trail? If you don’t know that for a fact, doesn’t it make you look like a jerk for your statement?

  26. Are you kidding? says

    VoiceInTheWild, I totally agree with your reasoning not to go to Politics on the Rocks, “wrong image of the party”. And then you continued with your voyeuristic, reality tv sounding, stupid comments about Dean Martin’s tragedy and potential love life. Pot, are you calling the kettle black?

  27. The real issue is Brewer and her failure of leadership. In over a year of being Governor her only “achievement” is getting a massive tax hike on Arizonans placed on the ballot

  28. ? In Proxy says

    Jane Jane you must be new to the game. The votes are there. It’s actually quite easy to look up. There were 4 budget votes when Dean was in the Legislature. This isn’t just thrown out there-there are bills with his name plastered right on there. Do you notice how his camp has not denied it? What does THAT say?

    I’m not here to argue Brewer. She’s made the cuts she’s made and signed very Republican bills that never passed Napolitano. Her budget last year if you recall was signed off on by Norquist but torpedoed by a couple of crazies down there.

    But okay-if Dean is such a “leader”, why hast he cone out with a plan yet. Where is his budget?

  29. Alicia Gegner says

    Arizonans – it is morning. Coffee is brewing and you just elected Brewer (no pun intended). And what is she brewing for you? an 18% rise in your sales tax.

    She sells it as one cent, but when you do the math, it is 18% !!

    Dean Martin is against this tax. He has been telling us to fix the underlying problems – the excesive spending set in place by Janet Napolitano.

    When Brewer was Secretary of State, she was offered a chance to directly challenge Obama’s eligibility, but turned it down flat. She refused to even examine the issue despite the evidence that there may be a serious problem. That is not leadership. It is cowardice.

    I have talked to Martin in person and heard him speak on these issues several times. His logic is sound, and his policies would be clear headed. No human is perfect, but this man would make an ideal governor. He will get my vote.

  30. Anyone who knows Dean Martin knows not to trust him, Dino only cares about Dino.

    Dean Martin, a name we know too well to trust.

  31. ? In Proxy says

    Alice no offense but your birther argument is a loser. I hate Obama like the rest of us but that’s a waste of time.

    Your point was okay but you missed a key part-excessive spending set in place by Janet Napolitano AIDED BY DEAN MARTIN. Martin SPONSORED her most egregious budget bills.

  32. Blue Meanie says

    so ? In Proxy, I’ll tell you what I remember. I remember Brewer raised my property tax and now wants to raise my sales tax. Since I just re registered so I could vote against McCain, I’ll take the opportunity to vote against Brewer too. Don’t worry though, if john boy wins the primary, I’ll switch back to independent.

  33. Antifederalist says

    To the jerk who suggested that Dean is already moving on after Kerry just passed away in May, you’re scum and I’ll verify right now that Dean has NO romantic interests.

    On the issue of Dean staying in the Treasurer’s office, first, if Kerry were still with us, she’d be the one lighting a fire under Dean’s rear to run. Not only does Dean believe that, but Kerry was a personal friend of mine, I named my daughter after her, and I 100% agree. Pretty frikken self-serving of you to suggest Dean run for re-election. You just want Jan to have no opposition in the primary. Well, let me tell you something. While Jan may want no opposition, she’s not going to have a full term elected as governor. Terry Goddard will beat her to a pulp and the polls have been consistent in stating this. Granted, it’s early yet, but her performance this last year has been lackluster at best. That tells me she won’t do any better than the polls have indicated. If you want a Republican to hold the Governor’s office, you better vote for Dean. Otherwise it’s gonna be Gov. Goddard.

    As for Dean on voting for/sponsoring these budget bills, I’m not sure of the legislative history. Yet I vaguely remember that Janet vetoed more conservative Republican budgets, right? So to get a budget, the Republican-controlled lege had to compromise. In addition, I’ve heard legislators state that they sometimes have to vote for crappy budgets to prevent even worse budgets from being enacted. My guess it that this is the case for these votes.

    Dean has received Hero of the Taxpayer awards, warned of the impending red ink 7 mos ahead of time, and has earned about $1B investing taxpayer funds. Without Dean, the lege and Brewer would be an additional $1B in the hole and Brewer would be proposing even more hideous tax increases because she hasn’t got any better ideas than to raise taxes.

    Let’s talk about Jan on spending. Jan’s line item vetoes INCREASED spending. The state had to have THREE special sessions to undo her ham-handed vetoes. She’s also had a YEAR to deal with the budget and hasn’t done a darned thing except INCREASE spending, then realize what a fool she’d been and scramble to undo her foolishness.

    If this woman hadn’t inherited the office in the middle of a budget crisis, I KNOW she wouldn’t be cutting government. All this tripe about her rolling back goverment was FORCED on her by economic circumstances. What a poser she is.

    Jan Brewer conservative? What a joke! Is that why she endorsed McCain? Is raising taxes? Buys into the global warming junk science with her initial support of the WSI? She flip-flopped on that BTW…some strong leader she is!

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