PolitickerAZ shutting down – because it’s just another liberal media outlet

The liberal blog Rum, Romanism, Rebellion is reporting that PolitickerAZ is shutting down, its parent company is closing up shop in the various states it operates in. Even though PolitickerAZ had only two paid employees. When they first arrived on the scene, we were pleased to see a local newspaper type of publication debut only on the web. We were not pleased to see that PolitickerAZ had a decidedly left-wing bent. This came as no surprise, since it is run by the far left New York Observer. A model like this cannot survive, because there are already two liberal newspapers in the Valley that are migrating to the web, the Republic (with its 1000+ employees) and the Tribune. They have disproportionately provided the mainstream news to the Valley for years; trying to add yet another so-called mainstream news outlet with a liberal bias is just too much saturation for conservative Arizona. With the advent of online news from talk radio stations like KTAR and KFYI, which are less biased, as well as this blog, there are fewer people likely to go to a small biased online news outlet like PolitickerAZ.


  1. Pat, just an FYI, I am not allowed to reveal my identity, but I was Wally. And guess what I was never told one time what to write by the main office and i am FAR from a liberal.. I did everything I could to stay even handed and I think I did so. We were really not linked to the observer at all as far as ever being told what to report or how, and I can assure you not one of my friends has ever called me a liberal. Also I was not allowed to give opinions so I never gave conservative ones either.

    If you wonder why I did so many pieces on democrats it is because they actually talked to me and fed me stories… if the republican state committee had any clue they would have done the same and used it to their advantage, i would have gladly helped.

  2. And you can ask the Republican operatives who actually fed me stuff and they will tell you i was very fair and even handed.. i think it was obvious who those were

  3. Your co-worker cozying up to and partying with Democrat political operatives in public while shunning Republicans kinda gave it away…

  4. In other news, Sororan Alliance was rumored to also be looking into options regarding journalist cutbacks, until they realized they didn’t have any journalists to begin with.

  5. “With the advent of online news from talk radio stations like KTAR and KFYI, which are less biased, as well as this blog, there are fewer people likely to go to a small biased online news outlet like PolitickerAZ.”

    Nothing like the Pravda of AZ blogging to call other sites “small” and “biased”

  6. I cannot speak to his political views as i never actually met him but to say we were a liberal rag is way off base.

    Conservatives need to stop thinking that every news service in the world is liberal. We keep doing that and we will keep getting our ass kicked in the media.

    I was a big supporter of Pullen until I took this job, I know the results we had, but we owe that a lot more to CQ than we do Pullen. He didnt raise money and his team had no idea how to deal with the press. NONE. If we had better leadership that had a clue we would have won another couple of seats.

    If we just had any fund raising operation at all… If Pullen survives he owes it ALL to CQ, CQ saved his ass bu winning seats without state committee money.

  7. This is hilarious. Pat cleary has no idea what bias looks like. Pat does reveal what is viewed as bias amongst the know-nothing right – lack a 100 percent ideological purity. Wally is clearly no liberal and certainly featured columnist Len Munsil isn’t either.

  8. Sonoran Alliance says

    Any of the conservative PolitickerAZ writers are welcome to contact Sonoran Alliance if they are interested in writing for SA.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    It just cracks me up when conservative call the Arizona Republican a far left rag. You guys are comedy gold!

    Don’t feel bad, Wally. These guys probably think the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal is too liberal. Whining is what they do best.

  10. Politicker was a shill for the Dem party.

    They’d still be around if they did a decent job. But they didn’t, so they’re not.

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