PolitickerAZ shows their hand

The relatively new PolitickerAZ is a pretty active site. They specialize in posting press releases and such. At first it appeared that they were neutral but the other day the site showed its colors. In a story about CD 1 they used the media template phrase “ultraconservative” as a label for Sydney Hay. The article was about Ken Bennett’s plans for the district. Given Bennett’s record we challenge Politicker to point out a substantive difference on issues between Bennett and Hay. We are waiting for Politicker to label Congressman Grijalva an “ultraliberal” or the Governor Napolitano a “Culture of Death” Democrat.

Speaking of CD 1 Ann Kirkpatrick has been endorsed by Feminist Majority PAC. Does that make her an “ultrafeminist?” The president of Feminist Majority is Eleanor Smeal, probably a mainstream policy advocate in Politicker’s book.

For the record we are not objecting to a blog being opinionated. We certainly are but our viewpoint is clearly disclosed in the right column of the site.


  1. Is anyone really surprised? This is a website owned – to use PolitickerAZ’s favored term- the “ultra” liberal New York Observer.

  2. AModerateVoice says

    I have been on this site quite often and must say that despite one use of the dreaded “ultra” prefix I have not seen much biased reporting – certainly not the way the Arizona Democrat does it. Could it be Sonoranistas are just jealous that Politiker has started scooping you after only being here a few months?

  3. Jealous because of scoops? Somehow I doubt that. You do realize that PolitickerAZ is theoretically a for-profit entity with paid reporters? Just curious Shane, how much do the Sonoranalliance posters get paid? Finally, let’s see what the respective traffic rankings are for each site. Sonoranalliance looks like they are over 700,000 places higher in traffic ranking than politickeraz.

  4. Sonoran Alliance says


    You raise a good point. At first we were a little worried but each blog and web site occupies a slightly different space. They do get there first with several stories but we are quite comfortable with our contacts and the stories that we do cover.

    What does make us jealous is the boys over at Seeing Red getting a link on Michelle Malkin. And from a story on LD 11. That used to be our beat.

  5. I read politickeraz for its neutral reporting. It is a fact that Bennett is an ultraconservative, and he would probably take it as a compliment, especially at this time, when it seems like only ultraconservatives can get elected. Anyone who is a regular conservative, like John McCain used to be pre-presidential run, cannot get the support of the Republican party like an ultraconservative like Mike Huckabee might have been able to.

    P.S. There is no such thing as an ultraliberal anymore since the term liberal is so looked down upon. Anyone who thinks there should be a seperation of church and state nowadays is looked at as a liberal.

  6. Huckabee, with his tax hikes and big-government views, is an “ultraconservative”? I think I finally figured it out, thanks to Jessica’s post. I think it has something to do with religion. McCain doesn’t talk about it, so he’s a conservative. Huckabee is more liberal than McCain on a number of issues, but he talks about religion, so now he’s an “ultraconservative”.

    That connection makes even more sense when you consider that no Democrats get the “ultra” tag versus regular liberal. Then again, outside of Hillary and Barack currently faking it, liberals don’t talk about religion (except to bash it), so the ultra tag would not be needed.

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