Political War in LD-18

(Thanks to EspressoPundit for breaking this)

This is the latest mail piece put out by an Independent Expenditure Committee seeking to defeat Representative Russell Pearce in his bid for the Senate seat in District 18 against Kevin Gibbons, an illegal alien lawyer.

The Independent Expenditure Committee is called Mesa Deserves Better. The Chairman of the Committee is none other than Nathan Sproul.

The piece is the equivalent of dropping a political atomic bomb.

There has been plenty of speculation that these tactics are being used as political payback for when Russell Pearce was considering a challenge against Congressman Jeff Flake two year ago. Kevin Gibbons is the brother-in-law of Jeff Flake.

I think that it’s fair to say that this tactic will further escalate the political war within the party and that Mesa Deserves Better a.k.a. Nathan Sproul, will go down in Arizona Political history as being the one responsible for pulling the trigger.

With tactics like this, anything goes. Time to take the gloves off.


  1. Nate’s a scumbag, and we won’t forget Flake’s role in all of this.

  2. To help Russell Pearce, call Maricopa County Chairman Tom Husband at (602) 300-5651 and he can tell you where to send your contribution. The Maricopa County Republican Committee has endorsed Russell Pearce and is doing what they can to elect him. I’m sure your contributions will be appreciated!

  3. It would also be interesting to see who is behind Sproul and Flake in this endeavor!

  4. just curious says

    Just so i’m clear, DiSimone did this and many contributors on this site villified him (and rightfully so). Pearce is accused in public court documents of having a violent temper and beating his wife, and many of the same people who attacked DiSimone don’t criticize Pearce. In fact, those same people defend him. Huh? Am i missing something?

  5. The Pre-Primary Campaign Finance Reports are due between August 14 and 21st. At that time we will find out who contributed to this despicable committee.

  6. This is amazing. The latest post attacks Bouie and supports Seel, eventhough he just lost his house, and has the nerve to call people who print legitimate facts traitors. Get a grip, and at least try to be cosistent you hypocrites.

  7. John Doe, your claim that Seel has “just lost his house” is also false. Why are your making false claims against Seel? You hot tub with Horst?

  8. Who is behind Sproul and Flake in this? I’d swear Sonoran Alliance already covered this:

    Now if you look up the “Stop Illegal Hiring” committee, you’re going to see a lot of “Wake Up Arizona!” in the contributions section, and a lot of “Sproul & Associates” and “Lincoln Strategy Group” in the expenditures. I have this weird feeling that their brand of stopping “Illegal Hiring” will be to make it perfectly legal to hire undocumented immigrants.


  1. […] ads about what a great job the incumbent has done. But no. The Arizona Republican Party had to channel Nathan Sproul and run a despicable hit piece on Dan Saban. Even if the ad against Saban is factual it is so far […]

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