Pol-parazzi is back!

After quite a long hiatus, Sonoran Alliance’s Pol-parazzi is back!

Tonight a new group called Republicans Professionals – “Politics on the Rocks” – met at the W Hotel in Scottsdale. Here are a few photos courtesy of Arizona Intellectual Conservative:

Charles Jensen greets Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas who spoke to the gathering.Republican professionals get snapped by Pol-parazzi at the

Charles Jensen and Intellectual Conservative’s Rachel Alexander share a moment for the camera.

Charles Jensen and speaker, attorney and pro-life activist, John Jakubczyk.








Please send your favorite pol-parazzi photos to Sonoran Alliance.


  1. You know full well that this isn’t really the “new group”. Dial and Ducharme are really the new group.

  2. Move over Brett says

    Hahaha from the sounds of it, they tanked last night. Adios, losers!!

  3. It didn’t tank. It had about as many people as it usually does.

  4. Your Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mechum says

    Here are some picures of Brett partying. Is this appropriate behavior for the executive director of the Republican party? http://www.flickr.com/photos/38420324@N03/3533609357/in/set-72157618202322488/

  5. Lovin' Politics on the Rocks says

    I thought this event was awesome! Being a female…it was so nice to go and not get totally harrased by two overweight guys that yell even though they are hovering over you!(Will someone please tell them that they don’t need to scream when you’re standing right there?) Great job to whoever got rid of them! I had a blast and picked up a few business cards, too!

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