“The ‘Big Tent’ analogy isn’t the correct one…the correct one is a MAGNET…we need to be a MAGNET that draws these independents in who are sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington.”

Former Senator and Presidential Candidate, Fred Thompson

Our Five Statements of Principle:

1) We believe in the conservative principles embodied within the Republican Party Platform.

2) We believe all levels of government can balance their budgets without raising taxes.  Our current fiscal problems are the result of too much spending, not too little taxing.

3) We believe all levels of public education must reestablish teaching the doctrine of American Exceptionalism.  America is a shining city on a hill, and we aim to keep it that way!

4) We believe in and support the mission of our armed forces to keep America safe by proactively attacking terrorism at its roots, rather than waiting for terrorists to attack America again.

5) We believe in returning to an originalist interpretation of our Constitution, including reaffirming States’ 10th Amendment rights in defense against ALL Federal mandates.


SandyDotySandy Doty

Sandy has been a part of the Executive Governing Committee for the past 3-1/2 years. Even before she became a PC, she worked tirelessly to get candidates elected in 2000. She then was elected Chairperson of the Sun Lakes Republican Club and also served as Secretary of LD 21 for 4 years. She has been leading the county efforts at voter registration for the past year. She received the Lincoln Award in 2006. Give her a job and you can count on her completing it in a timely fashion. Her personal maxim is: “to see our party members unified in strongly supporting candidates who exemplify our party principles: smaller government, lower taxes, the rule of law, right to life, school choice, and national security.”

DanGrimmDan Grimm

Dan Grimm is currently a precinct committeeman, a State Party Committeeman, and 2nd Vice Chair for LD19, and a Member-at-Large on the Maricopa County EGC. Dan began his Republican activism in College (Penn State) in 1980 on the Students for Bush Campaign. Inspired by 9-11, Dan became active again in politics and was a founding member and past Chairman of the Valley Conservative League (VoCaL), and he currently blogs at Dan campaigned for Republican candidates in the 2004, 2006, and 2008 elections, and engaged in grass roots activities collecting signatures for Prop. 200 and the Arizona Tax Revolt. Dan works with the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers (Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity), traveling to Washington, D.C. for the past three years for advanced training in grassroots organization using New Media. As a Member-at-Large, Dan has worked in planning the 2009 and 2010 County Annual Meetings and the 2009 and 2010 Lincoln Day Luncheons. In Dan’s words, “Our Party is at a crossroads. We can either return to our conservative roots, embrace the Tea Party Movement, and restore the Republican Brand as defenders of our Founding Fathers’ view of the Constitution, or acquiesce to becoming ‘Democrat-lite’ and go the way of the Whigs. Count me among those working from within the Republican Party to promote Liberty!”

JoeHobbsJoseph Hobbs

Joe Hobbs is a Precinct Committeeman in District 12. In 2008, he ran a statewide campaign as a conservative candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, garnering 90,000 votes in an 8-way, statewide primary. Joe believes we need more conservative candidates who will champion a smaller, limited Federal bureaucracy, greater State sovereignty, and less dependence on foreign oil. Joe stands behind candidates who oppose the proposed take-over of our healthcare, and oppose the implementation of Cap and Tax predicated upon the hoax of man-made Global Warming. Joe extends his hand to fellow Republicans, “We need a new CONSERVATIVE revolt, with Reagan Principles as our standard – and protection of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as our objectives. Join us.”

WaltOpaskaWalt P. Opaska

Walt Opaska, a PC since 2001 and currently a PC in District 4, is a leader in the conservative movement in Arizona. In addition to serving as a member-at-large, Walt is chair of the Arizona Right to Life PAC and co-founded Arizona Republican Attorney Association, a group which has grown to over 125 active attorney members in less than a year. He has also helped to organize Arizona Republican ballot security and voter security measure in 2006 and 2008 and served as Navajo County Vote Security Chairman these years. In 2007, Walter chaired the “No New Sales Tax for Glendale” Campaign, a grassroots effort to oppose Glendale’s ballot initiative to raise the City’s sales tax. Before moving to Arizona, Walt worked in the President Bush’s Austin campaign headquarters in 2000 in the campaign’s press office. Walt is an intellectual property attorney, with one of the thirty largest law firms in the world. He believes that the Republican Party has lost the last couple of elections because we stopped standing for strong fiscal and social conservative values; the Republican Party needs to get back to these traditional conservative values.

DanSchultzDaniel J. Schultz

Dan Schultz, a veteran, a Precinct Committeeman in District 17, and a graduate of West Point, has actively campaigned for conservative Republican Party candidates in CA and AZ. He has served as an official Republican poll watcher and co-founded, the Lawyer’s Second Amendment Society (LSAS) to fight for repeal of the unconstitutional assault weapons ban and to educate attorneys about their duty to fight for the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The LSAS filed briefs and petitioned the Supreme Court in support of the right to keep and bear arms. Dan has recovered well in excess of $135 million for insurance policyholders working as a trial attorney. Dan is an unabashed conservative, believing in the strong Reagan principles – especially when Reagan suggested raising a banner of bold colors—no pale pastels. Dan believes the heart and soul of the Republican Party reside within the grassroots precinct committeemen and has given much time and talent towards recruiting conservative PCs.


“…of course the Pachyderm Coalition is proud to support the Conservative slate of Hobbs, Grimm, Doty, Opaska and Schultz!”

Don Goldwater, President Pachyderm Coalition

Russell Pearce, Arizona State Senate, LD18

Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff

Today, Monday December 28, 2009, we of the Arizona 2010 Project voted to endorse the 5-person slate of conservative candidates – Dan Grimm, Walt Opaska, Dan Schultz, Sandy Doty, and Joe Hobbs – at the Arizona Republican Party’s January state conference.”

Ronald Ludders, Chairman Arizona 2010 Project


  1. Arizona Ranger says

    Friends, these candidates are EXACTLY the type of conservative Republicans that our party desparately needs!! We simply do not have the capacity to simply sit back and have a laissez faire type of attitude. Each of these fine people, known in depth to many of us, will contribute to restoring sanity and good sense to the Maricopa Republican Party. They are willing to spend their good time on our behalfs, we need to give them our vote and our support.

    NO MORE RINOS! Some people find this term inappropriate, but I am fond of calling things/people exactly as I see them: FAKES! The Fakes are the Republicans-in-name Only and we all know who they are!! We need to remove the “non-conservative” Republicans and replace them with real, fire-breathing, and committed Conservative Republicans!

    Give your support and vote for SANDY DOTY, DAN GRIMM, JOSEPH HOBBS, WALT OPASKA, and DANIEL SCHULTZ!

    We need people with ethics and commitment to the original, conservative values which made up the Republican Party. These candidates exemplify exactly these qualities. Let us band together and put the right people back in charge or our Republican Party. Let’s CLEAN HOUSE!

  2. I’d like to hear more about the “doctrine of American Exceptionalism” as I have never heard that term before.

  3. This is all fine, but have they proven themselves to be true conservatives by swearing allegiance to Haney, Pearce, and Arpaio?

  4. Bravo!! Thank you for banding together to help save the republican party. These are good solid conservatives willing to put themselves out there for us. It’s not a easy task entered into lightly. They will have to face the megalomaniac McCain and stand against his wrath. He is the most divisive force in the Party. The healing will not begin until his reign of terror ends. These people will help keep his minions at bay and understand the Platform. Why is it that McCain is best known for his legislation crafted with democrats? Because he is one. Next time he “reaches across the aisle,” let hope the yank him over where he should be. Then dump him in the upcoming election.

    I will wholeheartedly support these TRUE conservatives. We must restore the Party.

  5. These 5 PCs are thoughtful, principled, hard working, conservative Republicans. They are the kind of people we Republicans need in leadership positions.

    Their allegiance, to refer to “Joe” above, is to the Creator of the Universe, the US and Arizona constitutions, the Republican Party platform, and to freedom. To the extent that other Republican leaders share that allegiance, they support them.

  6. Snickers, American Exceptionalism is the idea that America has a special purpose on Earth and is not just a standardized political subdivision in the world. It means, for example, that America is a beacon of liberty and demonstrates how a free people can live successfully in a free society for all of the world to see and emulate.

    In simpler terms, it means not accepting moral equivalence between our form of government and those that are dictatorships, for example. It acknowledges the concept of good and evil with respect to governments and says that ours is good and that we strive to improve it (recognizing that no government or human entity can be perfect regardless of how much better it may be than most others).

  7. nightcrawler says

    Hey, if you have the votes, go for it. The MCRC has never been a “RINO” stronghold in the first place. That victory will be just more window dressing.

  8. Snickers – actually Hunter isn’t quite accurate or at least not wholly. There are several definitions and in fact one is as a term used by communists to refer to the lack of success of socialism in the US. The way the term American Exceptionalism is being used above refers to an idea espoused by the fundamentalist right which mixes in certainly poorly understood historical notions with the idea that America, at least when led by someone they approve of, is in fact divinely chosen by God to have a special place in history and to be specifically blessed by God. This view leads to all sorts of jingoism and nonsensical relativism like when the US starts unprovoked wars (above called ‘proactively attacking’) it is not just acceptable but actually desirable and noble while if done by any other country it must be due to base motives.

    The idea turns into the thought that because the US is divinely chosen by the Christian God that to continue to be in his good graces the US must ‘return’ (not that it ever was, but so it is said) to a nation ruled by Christian principles. This is commonly called ‘dominionism’ and in some form or another is advanced by many on the right – basically wanting the US to be governed by biblical law.

    Of course few will come out and say that directly as their goal is to be elected and work towards this and a blatant statement of dominionism would alienate many voters. So, this can be seen as a wink and a nod to those who are sympathetic to the general viewpoint.


  9. Todd, I think my definition is more accurate than yours. Just do a Google search and see what different people have to say.

  10. As a present EGC member who is leaving his post after 4 years It gives me pleasure in supporitn the 5 members who are part of the Sandy Doty groupl I personally had the chance to work with Sandy Doty, Walt Opaska and Dan Grim m. I also support Dan Schultz, and a fellow PC in LD 12 whom I had the pleasure to work for in 2007, and who is very Conservative and my type of leader, Joe Hobbs.
    I thank the MCRC members for welcoming me as I came in and to thank me as I exit.
    Ken Going EGC LD 12

  11. @3 Joe –

    I was wondering the same thing. I can’t support this slate until I’m sure that they are totally devoted to Arpaio, Pearce and Haney.

    I suggest they give each a sponge bath to demonstrate their loyalty.

    Did you read the resolution on illegal immigration, #5 in the call letter? (Of course we can’t have an MCRC get-together without a resolution on illegals.) It reads like the equivalent of EGC porn.

  12. Blue Meanie says

    I’m what you might call a blue-dog democrat. Not by choice, I was run out of the republican party by people like McCain. Get rid of him and some of us WILL be back. His fiscal policies and stance on immigration are disgraceful! I have been away too long to know most of these people, but I do remember Sandy. Everyone should get behind her and people like her if you want your brand name to survive.

  13. I’d be interested in these candidates’ views on divisiveness in the Republican Party, their adherence to Reagan’s 11th commandment, and their willingness to name-call and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

    In other words, are these candidates willing to work to make the Party better and bigger as Reagan did, or are they dependent on people who are mean, myopic and spiteful to the detriment of the Party.

  14. Please vote for candidates that offer ideas and service to the party and the platform and not commitment to their personal agenda! Candidates who are solidly conservative but will not be blind loyalists to the purist, elite, power hungry crowd who call themselves conservatives and “own” that ability.

    When was the last time an EGC meeting was used to actually build the strength of the county party? Not this year. When was the last time an EGC meeting was used to develop a plan for strength in this cycle? Not this year.

    When was the last time a meeting was halted outside of the rules when the chair didn’t like what was being said? Oh yea, that happened. When was the last time PC apps were mysteriously lost? Lots of times! When was the last time names were illegally removed from the PC list and replaced with others? Yep, that has happened.

    WAKE UP FOLKS! It is time for fresh blood that will work for the future of the party, build the conservative brand, expand the number of voters who understand what it means and why it will best serve them, and STOP this self-serving crowd.

  15. CanWeDoIt? says

    The MCRC needs to be COMPLETELY swept clean and replaced.

    There is such a true groundswell of patriots out there that they can easily accomplish this IF they put it on their objectives list. It is too bad however, that many of them get caught up in the various causes and groups they participate in to the extent that they disregard or do not pay enough attention to things like this and PC’s etc. If they want to REALLY take things back and get rid of some of the SCUM and of course folks that are drones of Dandy and Slo-Joe they have to participate at all levels.

    All in all much of this is a joke however

  16. I just read the blurbs. I find it fascinating none of them mentioned immigration at all… Opaska uses the dog-whistle of “ballot security”, but other than that, nary a peep

  17. I’m not interested in a slate. I’m interested in each individual and will evaluate them before I vote.

    Show me the ways in which the candidates have done the physical, on-the-ground campaign work themselves and that is what will impress me. The type of work that directly wins votes for office seekers.

    That’s what this party should be about.

  18. I know that Sandy Doty is a very principled person. I already know how she will vote and what she will do. My problem with McCain is that I DON’T know what he will do. To often when he ‘reaches across the isle’ he leaves the principles I believe in behind. We need people in all levels of government to be willing to stand alone if necessary in defense of truth and freedom. Because I know the type of person Sandy is I will vote for the rest of this slate.

  19. While we’re on the subject of loyalties it seems that the opposition posters have their own loyalties, to John McCain, the B.O.S. and of course, that local Deity, the CofC!

    Let’s hope the Elephants stomp the RINOs!

  20. If the “EGC” mattered, these comments would matter.

  21. Carol. if you hae been at all active in grass roots politics you’ll know that Sandy Doty is the premier boots-on-the-ground organizer.Every rally, protest, organizational meeting in the Valley she is there, petitions in hand doing the endless, unglamorous, fundamental footwork that you claim to want to see. She represents the kind of energy and dedication to principle it takes to win this fight of ideals.

  22. Travis (#13), based on what you are writing, we should be throwing John McCain out of the Republican Party. I have never seen a more vicious, dishonest, unprincipled, divisive Republican politician. On the other hand, the people on this slate are all decent, hardworking, reasonable people that benefit the Republican Party.

    Ann (#14), you must be referring to McCain supporting LD chairs. I have heard from several people that they have “lost” PC applications, but I have never heard of the County Chairman doing that (except for your claim). At the state party level, McCain supporters try to get the state party to violate campaign finance laws to McCain can control all of the RNC money sent to the state party. How ironic that McCain, who championed campaign finance “reform,” was, through his representatives, trying to break the laws he helped write.

  23. Hunter,

    I personally know a long time PC who was removed and replaced without his knowledge or that of the LD chair. Another case of over 20 PC apps being turned in, only to find an unprovable “glitch” prevented them from being processed in time. At least 2 other LD’s have similar stories.

    I personally don’t care who it is, McCain or Haney/Husband, that is wrong.

  24. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    Perhaps each respondent on this blog turning a blind eye toward Randy pullen should read the Arizona Guardian article that was just published today 1/5/2010. It builds a very strong foundation for the Arizona Delegation, as the article articulates how Pullen and his treasurer, Mr. Timothy Lee, broke the law in false FEC reports. Pullen, a CPA, National RNC treasurer and State Chairman certainly must know this is a tremendous violation of trust for the State of Arizona as well as his relationship with fellow members on the RNC. I would like to see a full fraud audit of the entire Arizona Republican Party acounting immediately undertaken to see just what type of games Pullen has been up to. I have a very strong suspicion there are sound reasons why others have not trusted Mr. Pullen to manage the money, sign the checks or decide the players of the Victory account.

  25. Clear Day Fog = McCainiac

  26. Did not Pullen resolve the tax problems that the previous McCainiac party administrators burdened the state party with? And he did so with grace, none of it ending up on the front page.

    Unlike what the McCainiac lovers do to Pullen, trying to get everything critical of Pullen and the state party on the front page.

  27. George and Laura says

    We don’t know much about the others, but as for Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce their track record speaks for them as true blue “red” conservatives. However if these other candidates are cast from the same mold as Arpaio and Pearce, then they’ve got our votes.

    Hopefully, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will run for AZ Attorney General and give the liberal Terry Goddard the boot. Additionally, if JD Hayworth should decide to run for AZ Senator, he’ll put the hurt’n on McCain’s attempt for another term of stabbing the AZ citizens in the back.

    Thomas and Hayworth are two more conservatives who have earned our votes as die hard conservatives, they take seriously the oath of office they swore to uphold.

  28. Any honest investigation will hurt McCain and Kyl more than it will hurt Pullen or Lee.

  29. Ann, PCs are elrcted. How can anyone just “replace” them with someone else? I don’t think you are accurately conveying what happened. Do you mean that a PC was appointed without the knowledge of another person trying to get appointed as a PC or the LD chairman? If that happened, then the PC who got appointed must have gotten his forms in first.

    If the person is a long-time PC who has lived in the same precinct for the last 2 years, then the person had only himself to blame for not going to the trouble of getting elected as a PC.

  30. Tom Husband says

    Ann, since you mentioned my name in connection with your comment #23, I challenge you to produce credible evidence to support your claims. You are either lying or willfully ignorant.

  31. I’m gonna have to go with “lying” for the win Tom. Final answer.

  32. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    I don’t recall mentioning I was a McCain supporter. I simply dislike Randy Pullen. It is for that reason, and that alone, why I suggest you look more closely at Pullen & Lee. I believe the single most fundemental problem, with our AzGOP, is Randy Pullen. This article will make front page news if there is more to it than what has been published in the Guardian. At that point I expect to see Lee turn on Pullen and the Party will be over. No Pun…

  33. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    How an investigation into Pullen committing crimes in tandem with Lee with respect to reporting false documents is beyond my scope of thinking.

  34. I like it is a very diverse slate.

  35. alicia gegner says

    it is about time that some folks wore their conservatism on their sleeves. Even Michael Steele says taht the GOP has made big time mistakes by trying to be Dems minus 10%. It does not work. Let us return to the Consitutional Center. That will be a long ride from both where the Dems and RINOs are – somewhat less from where traditional elephants live.

  36. Clear Fog, there are a lot of people I don’t like, but, without evidence, I don’t accuse them of committing crimes. There is no substance to this Guardian story. It has all the markings of a standard McCain smear tactic in retaliation for not getting his way on the Victory Committee organization. I’ve seen this done to other people in the past. I’ll bet the source for the story is a McCain person – a staffer or prominent volunteer.

  37. Don’t know this folks, but I’m willing to look at them. I will not be supporting any “slate”, each candidate will have to earn my support. I will wait and see the other candidates to make a decision and vote accordingly.

  38. clear day fog says

    Hunter, My initial post refers to the Guardian article. How you extrapolate from my post that I am accusing Pullen and Lee of crimes without evidence, demonstrates to me your inability to comprehend. The author of the article clearly states that the reporter contacted the RNC and Mechum. The Yellow Sheets , along with the New Times reporters, are engaged in their own investigative leads on this developing story as well. There is foundation that a crime has occurred, purely on the remarks Mechum recited to reporters from the Yellow Sheets and the Guardian.

    The fact that repeated calls were made to Randy to no avail sings it’s own song to me. Failure to disclose an accurate accounting of the AZ GOP’S financial condition on an FEC report is in fact a crime if intentional.

    What remains to be determined, is if there’s a pattern from the past reports that have been filed with evidence emerging to demonstrate a willingness to mislead and misrepresent the factual financial entries.

    Frankly, I could care less how this story was developed in the first place, the fact that Randy Pullen through all his misguided conduct, is involved, lends credibility to the story. I read the blogs occasionally and rarely comment on them. However, with elections quickly emerging, if there is any credibility to this story , I would like to see it resolved prudently before we hurt any more Republicans who are actively engaged in a race.

  39. Kevinator, In other words…your agenda is to see to it we do not elect the Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce endorsed slate. That’s a good RINO ploy–I’ll have to give you credit.
    Do what you can to try to take support away from dependable conservatives. Juke right and run left, huh?

    I’m not taking the fake anymore.

  40. Clear Fog, I don’t subscribe to the Guardian, so I don’t have access to the “evidence.” As you said, it is a crime only if it was intentional. It is hardly likely that, even if the money transfer was not properly reported, that it was intentional.

    In contrast, Shiree Verdone and Mike Hellon, representing John McCain, tried to get the state party to agree to an illegal campaign finance scheme for the 2010 elections. They were told it is illegal and persisted in pushing their plan anyway. Fortunately, the state party executive committee refused to even consider it.

    It is McCain and his representatives who can’t be trusted to follow campaign finance laws – not the AZ GOP. It’s ironic that John McCain probably wrote the laws his representatives were trying to break.

    We’ll see how it turns out.

  41. clear day fog says

    Hunter, Hopefully, the executive board will insist on a ” Fraud ” audit, bring the issue to a vote, allowing all the facts to be revealed, either clearing Randy or condemning him. As for the Victory plan the McCain people were accused of drafting, I was told by someone who was listening on the call that Pullen & Mechum were the actual authors of the plan, that they requested the GOP lawyer to render a legal opinon during the call in the hope of blasting McCain and his staff. Since that call took place, I have heard this from many of the listeners. I would not defend McCain however, I would believe Pullen, Lee and Miller acted together to create much of what has been written in the past day in the press .I also think there is a much larger story about Victory which has yet to be revealed. I guess we will have to wait to see if anything further develops before I offer any apologies.

  42. clear day fog says

    By Dennis Welch
    The Arizona Guardian

    The Arizona Republican Party recently got $50,000 from the National Republican Committee but didn’t disclose the transaction as required by law, according the latest spending reports.

    The RNC transferred the money into the state party’s coffers in November to help with local grassroots activities such as voter registration and get out the vote efforts, according to GOP officials in Washington, D.C.

    But as of the close of business Monday, nearly six weeks after getting the money, the transfer was not listed on the Arizona Republican Party’s financial documents that are filed every month with the Federal Election Commission.

    Randy Pullen, chairman of the state GOP, and Timothy Lee, the party’s treasurer, did not return repeated phone calls. Brett Mecum, the executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, said he didn’t know why the money wasn’t reported.

    Mecum said the money is listed on the party’s internal accounting records and said he plans to file an amended financial report as soon as possible. The party records were not immediately available for inspection.

    “I am very concerned about this,” Mecum told the Guardian. “We’re all accounted for over here. It’s all good.”

    Federal election laws require that political parties report contributions and expenditures. The rules were put in place so the public would have a better understanding of how money was being spent and influencing politics.

    The RNC transferred $50,000 into the state party’s bank account on Nov. 24, according to the Federal Election Commission, which regulates campaign finance reporting.

    That money does not show up in records submitted by the Arizona Republican Party, according to FEC records. The FEC published the party’s November reports on its website in mid-December.

    Had the money been reported, the financial picture of the party would have been significantly altered from the one currently offered.

    The records show the party took in about $24,000 in individual contributions. Most of the individual donations ranged between $50 and $200, according to the documents that were signed by the party’s treasurer. There was one contribution Nov. 11 of $10,000.

    After paying about $21,000 in salaries and other operating costs, the state GOP was left with about $50,000 cash on hand. The records also show the party holds no debt.

    Officials with the RNC in Washington, D.C., told the Guardian the money was put in a so-called “Victory Fund” that pays for efforts to turn out voters on Election Day. Contributions can’t be earmarked, but it’s standard practice, according to RNC officials, that state parties use the money as intended.

    Republican blogs in recent days have been buzzing about an apparent power struggle within the party over who should control that pool of cash. Pullen, who is also serves as treasurer for the RNC, wants to oversee the money. But there are others who would prefer someone else control it.

    A spending plan for the Victory Fund was put to party officials for a vote but was unanimously rejected over concerns that certain elements were illegal.

    Pullen, who was first elected chairman in 2007, is serving his second term as head of the state party. Pullen was elected treasurer of the RNC in February and is also a certified public accountant.

  43. Clear Fog, the Treasurer, Timothy Lee, did not receive any phone messages from any reporters about this. That part of the news report is inaccurate. The $50K was received after the financial report was filed. An amended report will show the money. There is no legal problem.

    The power struggle over the Victory Fund money from the RNC is fairly basic. The Congressional Delegation (with the exception of Trent Franks) wants John McCain’s and John Kyl’s representatives to control the money. The article could have been specific about this point, but just said “someone else.” The AZ GOP Executive Committee wants the party to control the money through normal, legal channels consistent with the party by-laws and campaign finance laws. That means the state party Chairman and Treasurer who were elected by the GOP state committeemen signing the checks instead of people appointed by McCain and/or Kyl signing the checks.

    The plan was mostly written by Pullen and Mecum. It is a good plan. The financial controls were forced on them by Shiree Verdone and Mike Hellon who were representing John McCain. Even after being told their financial control proposals are illegal, they insisted that they be kept in the plan for presentation to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee rejected the illegal financial controls and insisted that legal financial controls be implemented in the plan. Did Verdone and Hellon think the Executive Committee would break the law just because that’s what they and McCain wanted or that the party’s legal counsel would risk being disbarred for failing to provide accurate legal advice?

    This article is clearly just a hit piece planted by McCain people who want to try to discredit the state party. The only real story here is how nasty McCain and his people are when they don’t get their way. The real question is who planted this non-story with Dennis Welch and why he published it.

    I’m glad that I’m NOT paying for a subscription to the Guradian.

  44. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    Hunter, As I read your remarks in disbelief, I understand who you are.Let’s wait and see if there is more to this story, as I suspect there will be. I will be the first to apologize about Pullen if I am wrong.

  45. CLEAR DAY FOG says

    Hunter, You may very well want to subscribe to the Guardian. I just read today, Pullen has violated more FEC guidelines by withholding reporting any debt on his monthly reports….This has all the characteristics of a major coverup at the party run by Pullen.I suspect now, as I have in the past, something “BIG” is about to be discovered. We’ll see..

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