Planned Parenthood’s Lawsuit Endangers the Health & Safety of Arizona Women

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit yesterday against two Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) supported bills – House Bill 2416 and Senate Bill 1030 in superior court. This suit is an outrageous affront to the women of Arizona. The nation’s largest abortion provider is proving once again that they are more concerned with selling abortions than protecting vulnerable women with crisis pregnancies.

Medication abortions are not a safer alternative to surgical abortions, and clinics dispensing abortion medication should be properly licensed and equipped to handle complications. Planned Parenthood is challenging these basic provisions of HB 2416.

The Arizona Legislature considered the many medical risks of medication abortion in passing HB 2416 and SB 1030.Dr. Allen Sawyer, an experienced and respected Arizona ob-gyn, submitted written testimony that women are at a ten times greater risk of death from infection from medication abortions than surgical abortions.

The pill’s own FDA label states that nearly all women who take the medication will experience an adverse reaction, and at least eight women have died from complications of medication abortion. Based on all of the medical evidence, the Legislature acted within its constitutional authority to protect the health and safety of Arizonans.

In their lawsuit, Planned Parenthood also says it is “medically inappropriate” to provide women with a physical examination before an abortion, keep intravenous drugs available in case of an emergency, and give women a follow up phone call twenty-four hours after taking the abortion pill. Planned Parenthood claims that they will have to shut down rather than offer women the same standard of care that they receive for every other medical procedure. These are unconscionable examples of their “quantity over quality” business model.

Arizona women deserve better, and Center for Arizona Policy is committed to seeing these important health and safety standards enforced.

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  1. It’s targeted poison. The trick is to kill the baby before doing in the mother. “Safe” is NOT the word.

  2. AllUsBadGuys says

    Does anyone else find it eery that the Zyklon-B Nazi extermination gas stabilizer and Plan-B (RU-486) were made by the same company under different names?

  3. Gah. But then again, most other drug companies as a rule are in the express business of making people’s lives BETTER, not worse.

  4. @ AllUsBadGuys,
    I can’t figure out what you think you know that I don’t know?
    Zyklon B (German spelling) a derivative of HYDROGEN CYANIDE was developed by DEGESCH, a subsidiary of DEGUSSA in Frankfurt Germany as early as 1919 as a fumigate. Its use was vermin control and parasite control. During WW II it was widely used to de-lice and de-flea the undergarments of inmates of resettlement camps as well as German Soldiers on fur-low from the Eastern front.
    Note: Human lice and fleas had been successfully eradicated in Western European States as early as the beginning of the 20th century but were still prevalent in Slavic Countries by the mid 1900th.

    RU 486 was developed by ROUSSEL UCLAF a French Chemical Concern under the name of MIFE PREX and is now distributed by DANCO LABORATORIES LLC in New York under exclusive license.

    Please point out the connection between DANCO and DEGUSSA. I am always eager to learn something new.

    For what it is worth, the need for the availability of PLAN B, or “The morning after pill” as Mife-Plex is known has been amply demonstrated by the currently ongoing trial of Casey Anthony.

    Planned Parenthood is doing an outstanding service to women who face unwanted pregnancies.

  5. Horst,
    Killing isn’t the ONLY solution to life’s problems. It’s considered an epic moral and personal FAIL to resort to killing, instead of searching for OTHER resolutions. People do not solve their bad choices at work by killing their co-workers, their bosses for being inconvenient. Planned Parenthood is NOT doing an outstanding sevice to women. It hires doctors who are shunned by the rest of the healing profession, lies to women, tells girls to lie and cover from their parents who love them way more than PP does, punctures their internal organs, lobbies for laws to be able to hide their gruesome stats, and gives counseling to tell women to dismiss their feelings of guilt and despair. There’s a reason so many women are on anti-depressives, so many literally carry internal scars At over 1 million abortions a year, these effects are not random happenstance. Actions have consequences.

    Why are people encouraged to suspend the normal expectations of human self-control and duty when it comes to babies?

    Sex is meant to procreate, not as just another option to a movie or other entertainment to relieve boredom. Why else all the gizmos and gadgets and contraptions and systems and pills to block a system that is totally engineered to produce babies? Everybody knows it.

    It’s also a travesty for a culture to shift from understanding babies as “blessings” and “wealth” to considering babies as “burdens.” This is a vey bad sign. The first time in human history humans have rejected their own flesh and blood for vapidities like an extra tv, a bigger house, a more expensive car. The Western culture has produced on a mass scale, the best fed, best dressed, best medically-supported, best housed, best employed people in history, and instead of making us free to be generous, we’ve become stingy, selfish, covetous, greedy and cheap, to the point of killing off children.

    The traditional marriage is meant to direct normal drives to family and children, with a blessing to be “fruitful” That means a lot of kids, which means a lot of practice, and ALL totally OKAY. No! Not selfish enough! It’s a dead marriage if a man and woman come together expressly for nothing more than themselves, nothing else, yet many chose just that, unable to even conceive of any concept of sharing with one’s own offspring, much less conceive an actual flesh and blood kid.

    Don’t defend it, run from it.

  6. Jessica C. says

    Did you know that between 1977 and 1986, more than 300 parents were murdered each year by their own children? (Citation: Furthermore, more than 400 women in the U.S. will die each year from pregnancy or birth-related causes. So, what exactly puts more women at risk? Taking a pill (only 8 documented total deaths) or popping out a kid (700+ deaths per year)?

  7. What’s worse? 300 men women and children buried in a mudslide or one woman murdered by another woman?

    The 300 deaths by mud are a tragedy. No one was at fault, it happens. The one murder is an atrocity, and it really doesn’t matter WHO did it, gender-wise, apart from being necessary to correctly identify the guilty person to bring them to justice. This is universal human deep core understanding, from Stockholm sophisticates to the Yanamamo warriors in the Amazon. There is something more at stake than just numbers when one man or one woman schemes and raises a hand to unjustly take the life of another.

    8 documented deaths by pill does not include the hundreds of baby deaths it was targeted to achieve per maternal death, does it? The mother is only partially poisoned in order to mortally poison the baby. Might as well play Russian Roulette. But the poison pill isn’t being sold that way to suckers is it? More like “Harmless?” “Easy?” “Do it at home?”

    If women think they are too important to put themselves at risk to have babies, then what the hell are they doing having sex at all? Abortion or birth are the only options, and on what level of dishonest reasoning does poisoning, scraping, cutting, vacuuming inside a woman’s body be somehow safer and better than just popping out the baby and giving the chld to someone who couldn’t have one?

    Planned Parenthood doesn’t tell teens to go get a hobby that doesn’t get them pregnant, they sell sex-related products and services, and they’ve been caught not reporting blatent cases of statutory rape. PP is more interested in selling the abortion than protecting teens from continued abuse.

  8. The “documented” is a favorite dodge. There are very few “documented” deaths of people being eaten by killer whales or wolves, too. The way it works is, the person paddles out, or hikes into the woods, everyone waving, “See you tonight” but he never comes back. It’s “documented” as “vanished.” The animals know what really happened, *urp* but they don’t “document” anything.

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