Planned Parenthood Cronies Hosts Brewer Holiday Event

Event InvitationI was reading the comments on an earlier posts and just so happened to stumble upon a shocking discovery.

Tomorrow night, Governor Jan Brewer will be the guest of Jason and Paulina Morris at their home for a holiday event to raise money for the Governor’s campaign.

When I first saw the invitation, the name of Paulina Morris stuck out as someone who had been a threat to cultural conservatives in the past. Then I remembered that she had served on the Maricopa County Special Heath District Board.

Doing a quick search online for her name and Planned Parenthood, I recalled the following information. (I posted these in the comments of the earlier post but I think it’s important to give them front page exposure at this time.)

Paulina is an employee of the Department of Administration. Anyone can read her online bio here.

Her husband, Jason, is a member of the “Planned Parenthood of Arizona, Action Fund Board Member”. For those who do not know, this arm of Planned Parenthood specifically raises money to fund PRO-ABORTION candidates.

This appeared in the Arizona Republic on November 14, 2007

Janet’s man revving up . . . Gov. Janet Napolitano’s chief of staff and long-time right hand man Dennis Burke appears to be staging the launch of his solo career.

Speculation about Burke’s possible bid for attorney general in 2010 has been rampant for months, fueled even more by his month-long absence from the governor’s office.

It was the first vacation in many years, apparently. But it’s clear that Burke also had to take some serious thinking time about his next step as Napolitano approaches the final three years of her term.

Well, Burke was back in Arizona last week, reaching out to potential constituents from NASCAR dads to pro-choice moms.

Last week, Burke was the grand marshal at the Arizona.Travel 200 race at Phoenix International Raceway and was one of three speakers at Planned Parenthood’s Celebracion de Noche Latina on Friday (along with Paulina Vazquez Morris of the board of Maricopa County Integrated Health System and Carlos Galindo-Elvira of Valle del Sol).

Frankly, I’m fairly disappointed that the current Governor would want to do a fundraising event during the holidays with people who believe that its morally, legally and scientifically appropriate to kill unborn babies. I can only hope that they may have converted to the pro-life position and we need not worry about this event.


  1. I still cannot fathom why this web site favors choice in health care…

  2. I am so confused by Brewer. She signed some good pro-life laws, has always voted pro-life, but is this one of those cases where the offer of money takes precedence over principle?

  3. Now I don’t like brewer but the comment above about her being very prolife in votes and in bills supported. So is it possible that the morriss are not single issue voters andf holding this for brewer because they like her other policies and not that she is secretly pro choice… Just a thought…

    Not saying I believe it and brewer should be forced to explain it but things are not always black and white…

  4. johnny,

    I do have to applaud Governor Brewer for signing several pro-life bills this session. But this is causing deep suspicion about who may potentially influence her. As they say, “Money Talks…” I am also very concerned about RINO Grant Woods becoming involved with her campaign. It gives the impression that she is running out of conservative friends and now has to turn to RINO’s.

  5. So let us all just pretend she “did it for the money.” Really, we think that for 50 or so $5 bills she all of a sudden is going to throw her life’s body of work out the window?

    Johnny, her campaign shouldn’t have to say a damn thing. They should say, she’s pro-life and her voting record shows it. It is that black and white.

    This is a perfect example I can use to describe to my non-political friends how the AZ Republican Party is on the verge of implosion.

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